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    Rowan Tests Some Wine (Solo Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan Tests Some Wine (Solo Job) Empty Rowan Tests Some Wine (Solo Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan 23rd April 2016, 2:32 pm

    With a deep breath, Rowan took in the glorious smells of the Rose Garden. The plasma mage found himself in the Magical City once more, on a job. Of course this job mixed both business and pleasure, and since he was there, Rowan so no reason not to enjoy himself. Apparently some high class restaurant owner needed someone to test out his wine, and who wouldn’t want a not-so-prominent mage to be the one to judge the beverage? To be completely honest, however, Rowan wasn’t too big of a fan of wine but it was a simple job request, and the plasma mage had to upkeep Infinity Hydra’s name, even if it was by doing the little things. Besides, the owner had also promised that during Rowan’s next visit to the restaurant, everything would be on the house. With that spurring him on, Rowan quickened his pace through the streets of the Rose Garden, the night was young, but the plasma mage was eager to taste the wine, then head home.

    A few minutes later, Rowan pushed through the crystal clear glass doors of incredibly large building. The plasma mage had expected a much smaller establishment, and the multistory restaurant took him completely surprised. Already there were people dining and enjoying themselves within the restaurant, and Rowan noticed that all their beverages seemed to be brands from other companies and businesses. Among all these rich and prominent people, Rowan’s casual and crude attire stuck out like a sore thumb, and it was clear that many people went out of their way to avoid the mage. Through all this, Rowan looked about like a lost child, hoping to spot someone that appeared to be the owner.

    Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait very long before a mustachioed man pushed through the people simply to get at the mage. Rowan was bit surprised when the man quickly pulled him along, leading him to a stage that sat at back of the restaurant, open for everyone to see. The owner pulled on Rowan shoulder once they were on stage to whisper into his ear, “Monsieur mage, I would like for you to taste ze wine before revealing to all my customers how sensual, how tasteful, how magnificent it is to your palate!” Before Rowan could object, the owner beckoned for one of the waiters to bring out the wine, and before he knew it, the plasma mage was holding a delicate glass full of the crimson red drink. The lights in the restaurant dimmed and spotlights were shined into Rowan’s eyes, causing him to squint in retaliation. A mic was quickly brought up to Rowan’s eyes, and he felt the entire restaurant staring at him. Hesitantly Rowan brought the drink up to his nose for a sniff, and deeming it safe, the plasma mage took a sip. It was actually much sweeter than the average wine, and throwing his head back, Rowan downed the rest. Setting the glass off to the side, Rowan approached the mic, his eyes scanning the crowd. “Uh… it’s very good, I’d recommend everyone buy some.” The restaurant was quiet for a brief moment, then suddenly, everyone was up on their feet, beckoning for waiters to bring them glasses of the new wine. With a hearty pat on the back, the owner thanked Rowan for his services, and with a shrug, the plasma mage quickly left the restaurant to go home.


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