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    Rowan Picks Up an iLac (Solo Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan Picks Up an iLac (Solo Job) Empty Rowan Picks Up an iLac (Solo Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan on 23rd April 2016, 12:35 pm

    Rowan strolled through the busy streets of the Neutral grounds, his eyes wandering about to take in all the amazing sights. The plasma mage had initially been skeptical about entering a city where absolutely no magic was permitted, but now he was amazed. He had expected a primitive place where people resorted to all sorts of manual labor to get things done, but instead he was greeted with incredibly advanced technology. Still despite all the amazing wonders of modern science, Rowan wasn’t here for that, instead, the plasma mage was here to pick up his very own iLac. Apparently the device was good for all sorts of things, communication, entertainment, and so on. Rowan had to admit, however, he was skeptical of this “iLac” as well. With a grunt, he fished around in his pockets until he managed to find what he was looking for, a crinkled up poster. The plasma mage smoothed out the colorful paper and scanned the sheet, looking for the exact location of the factory where the iLac devices were being handed out. It took not more than a moment, and with a nod, Rowan continued on his way with the poster in hand, his eyes scanning the streets once more.

    A few minutes later, Rowan found himself in the presence of a modern looking factory, and looking back to the poster, the plasma mage was able to confirm he was in the right place. Folding the paper up neatly before aggressively stuffing it back into his pocket, Rowan steadily made his way to the factory doors. The first thing that came to mind when he opened the door was the significant lack of people. Granted, there was a small line that inched forward every few moments as the iLac’s were handed out, but Rowan had expected a much bigger crowd. He supposed it had to do with the fact that he had come relatively late, and most of the crowds had probably already claimed their free iLac weeks ago. Still, this was no time to be pondering such trivial matters, and so Rowan quickly took his place at the back of the line. Folding his arms, Rowan caught small snippets of conversation among the people in front of him, most of which were just the excited ramblings of technology fans.

    “I hear that there’s an application for everything!”

    “I wonder if it’ll give me some magic powers?”

    “Hey, you gotta give me your number like, right now, right now!”

    The plasma mage shook his head mentally at their overexcitement before taking a step forward as the line grew shorter. It wasn’t too long before Rowan found himself at the front of the line, facing an eccentric looking fellow who seemed to wear a painful smile on his face. Rowan figured the guy was probably just tired of his job, but that was of no concern to him. “Hello Sir! Are you ready to claim your free iLac? It contains many amazing features su-“ Rowan raised his hand apologetically before pointing a blue colored Lacrima device. “Yea yea, I’ll figure it out, just hand it over.” With some relief, the worker handed Rowan the blue iLac before adorning his painful smile once more to help the next customer. The plasma mage quickly left the line, and the factory as he began experimenting with the iLac. At a glance, it seemed to only have recreational and communication features, but with some button pressing, Rowan seemed to have found the meter that displayed his vitals and Magic Power. Arching an eyebrow, Rowan nodded his head before putting the iLac into his pocket, he’d do more experimenting at home.


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