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    Apollo's secondary W.I.P

    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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    Private Apollo's secondary W.I.P

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 21st April 2016, 4:45 pm

    Username: Nadarr
    Secondary Magic Name: Archive Magic
    Evidence of Accomplishment: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t21164-apollo-s-secondary-training-solo
    Description: A magic that is used to compile and compress information into magical information and vis versa. Meaning that known magical abilities and it's powers are located within the archive somewhere. But even if it can read through all mages it comes in contact with and there abilities, magic, and power that doesn't mean you can use those abilities, not at all without the required skill it can’t be used efficiently.   It can even send information other mages and other guild members. Even talking to them through them in a mental link if they are will.  It can also translate object and languages and solve complex magical formula’s,  Along with the abilty to form a key board and screen at will
    • Great for spreading information around friends and allies
    • Can make your allies or yourself way more powerful
    • Non offensive Archive magic it’s self can’t really hurt anyone
    • Provides vary little protection physically
    • Must Be linked to a person to use this magic

    • Link-Any mage baring the Fairy Tail or once baring the symbol can be tracked and talked and shared information with in real time,  If not in Fairy Tail they need to be put into Apollo’s system manually , Along with this anyone he is linked to he can see in battle and analize
    • Analyze- Give basic information about, people, mages, place’s, and things to himself and whomever he is linked to information is not limited to condition emotion and status. (PvP wise allows to see HP, MP and there intentions), Along with this all data he records he can reference at any time even out of the thread.

    D-Rank Spell Name: Analyzes
    Rank: D
    Duration: 1-3 posts
    Cooldown: 2-4posts
    Type: supportive
    Description: Apollo can study his foe carefully and learn about him or make great guess's.  Apollo can do a a quick scan to learn the spells in each category up to his rank,  however if he doesn't move and scans an opponent for an extra round he can see a full list of there magic and he can also pinpoint a weakness Apollo may also do this through a link he has but this will take three rounds rather then two and the link person must have full contact as well.  When weak point is raveled the target takes 50% more damage when they are hit there.
    Makes enemies take extra damage
    gains spell knowledge
    Weak spot may be guarded
    Apollo can't move if he is doing the Depp analyses
    Apollo or linked target has to be able to see target

    C-Rank Spell Name:  OverClocking
    Rank: C
    Duration: 2
    Cooldown: 5
    Type: Supportive
    Description:  Using his Archiving Magic he pulls up a list of spell that he has or someone he is linked to has.  He then hacks into the spell and it's user,  By doing this he then raise's the spell power and reduce the cooldown of it by two post. The spell will be raised by a c rank of damage.  This ability can't be stored for long however so he needs someway of knowing what the linked member is going to do Via talking or communicating in the link,  A spell can only be overclocked for 2 posts however the cooldown reduction will last till the spell is up again.
    Can potentially double a spells power
    Reduced cooldown
    lessen effect if spell is already maxed
    The spell it's self does no damage
    Can only effect one person at a time
    B-Rank Spell Name: ReBoot
    Rank: B
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Type: Supportive
    Description: Apollo pulls up a lists of spells from him or his linked target.  Using his Archiving magic he can tell which spell would be more probable to come up and be ready on time.  What this ability will do is allow either one off Apollo's abiltes or some he is linked to ability to instantly come off of cooldown immediately and be ready however the catch with doing this is now the spell that has be effect by this ability has a double cooldown rate ( co if there cooldown was 4 posts it is now 8 posts) Apollo can only ReBoot one person and one spell at a time requiring him to choose wisely and save it for when it counts.
    A good counter to a situation
    instantly gets a spell back
    Good counter to a dire situation
    instantly gets a spell back
    Doubles the spells cooldown rate
    This spell can't hurt anyone
    Still expends mana to cast the spell
    Optimal Link:
    A-Rank Spell Name: Optimal Link
    Rank: A Rank
    Duration: 5
    Cooldown: 7
    Type: Supportive
    Description: Apollo chose's one person he is linked to or himself to become the optimal link when activated The person he chooses spells only cost half there mp and half of Apollo's mp if Apollo chose's himself it will take half mp and a portion of his life equal to the mp that should be lost plus the MP cost to cast the spell
    Makes spells for linked cheaper
    can be used on himself
    If used on self it hurts him
    Takes a lot of MP from him
    not an offesive abilty
    Spell Transfer:
    S-Rank Spell Name: Spell transfer
    Rank: S Rank
    Duration: 1 posts
    Cooldown: 10 posts
    Type: supportive
    Description:  Apollo pulls up the enemies or an allies he is linked to’s data and scans there  magic and selects one spell or ability.  When chosen he can transfer the spell to himself or some he is linked to.  Once the spell has been chosen and the spell’s location has been determined that player will gain the spell for the rest of the thread or until they are knocked out.   The download and selection process’s happens in real time (instant speed) so it is a very hard ability to be countered.  They get on free use of the spell since the MP for this spell does expend however an S rank of MP is still wasted if they take a lower ability or spell, it but beyond that if they want to use the spell again it will cost MP furthermore the spell can’t be taken if Apollo or the linked party member(s) isn’t the required level to use this skill.
    Can gain new albites for the thread
    Lasts the entire thread
    Extremely long cooldown
    If knocked out or Apollo is knocked out they lose the spell
    The spell it’s self-cause’s no damage
    Fairy Code:
    S-Rank Signature Spell Name:  Fairy Code
    Rank: S Rank
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    Type: Offesive/Supportive
    Description: Fairy Code send out mental coding to one to three enemies that he knows are in the battle or if someone he is linked to are fighting he can do it through them. What this Ability does is makes the targets loss touch with themselves and the world around them.  The people the opponent deems and enemy disappears and to them they reappear near them.  This will make all allies to the affected people look like the enemy or one of the enemy’s appear.  If they are alone it will make a clone of their enemy that runs away towards the nearest ally.  If it is one on one combat and Apollo is the only one the effect will still work just it will look like he disappears and reappears behind them and they will fight a phantom controlled by Apollo from his key board though he can’t move while this is happening.  This spell can be blocked if the targets have some sort of mental defense above S rank or the Spell can be nuterlized if either the user or any one of his allies takes a total of two S ranks of damage.
    Can effect multiple opponents
    Can get the stronger enemies off your back
    Only can affect three people
    If used one on one Apollo can’t move
    The spell it’s self does no damage


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    Private Re: Apollo's secondary W.I.P

    Post by Cr1tikal on 26th April 2016, 12:57 am

    With the edits made, approved!


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