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    The beggining of the end(open)

    Jay Silentmark
    Jay Silentmark

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    The beggining of the end(open) Empty The beggining of the end(open)

    Post by Jay Silentmark on 20th April 2016, 11:08 am

    Takumi was sitting alone at his customary back table, looking at a picture of him with his sisters. In the picture, kyoko, as always, was emotionless and stiff looking, and ryoko had wrapped her arms around Takumi's neck. Takumi shoved the picture back in his bag angrily, summoning Wist using the amulet around his neck with an angry shout. "Come on, Wist! We need to track Kyoko down!" He yelled as he began walking towards the doors to the guild hall.


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