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    Post by Raven 17th April 2016, 11:24 pm

    Lucie • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of Legal Guilds, we request that a few mages come down to Rose Garden's Blood Drive to assist in helping out patients feel more at ease. You will be serving food and drinks, keeping an eye on children, and helping out with any problems that may arise. Thank you."

    "Seems simple enough, doesn't it, Lucie?"

    The small child could only nod as Ren asked her question. Not that he was an outside party that could see her nod, but he was inside of her, and fully aware of her actions. The malevolent spirit inside had been with her since she had come to life, and she knew no different. Still, human instinct and reason, or something or other, inside her body made her know that a lot of what he did was wrong. It did not feel right, and most of the time, she did not want to hurt others. She could never quite understand Ren. She knew him better than anyone, but at the same time, hardly knew him at all.

    "It gives no jewels though... just voluntary work. How annoying. But yeah, whatever, we need something to do today, and no there are no other job fliers...""

    Really? Ren was alright with volunteering and helping out others, with no pay? He would allow her to do that? Well, he had seemed quite calm lately. Perhaps he was changing! She only could hope that that was the case. Smiling a little, Lucie made her way to the train station in Magnolia and allowed the time to reach the place. It seemed quite busy upon arrival- Rose Garden certainly was full of good people, who did not mind donating their own blood. Walking inside, Lucie held a small, warm smile as she looked around. The attendees spoke of how cute she was, and how she could cheer up adults quite easily or play with children as one of them. For once, the girl felt needed, and happy, even if she could not speak to them. She was glad that Ren had allowed them on this job.

    "R-Ren... thanks..." she tried to form the words in her head, even though she was often uneasy when doing so. Being mute, conversation was not something she practiced, and really only the basics of being social or saying anything were a thing she knew of.

    "Ha, what are you thanking me for? We haven't done anything yet."

    Wait... he did not mean... no... he did. He most certainly did.

    "You have Crepundia with you, right? Do it. You know what I mean. Today is boring. I want a show, and you'd better give it to me."

    Lucie's once-smiling face instantly reverted to a frown. Really? He wanted her to slaughter them all? What kind of monster would do that? There was absolutely no reason- they were innocent.

    "Do it."


    She always had the small knife on her, but surprisingly, she had never even used it. Not once. It was always him, Ren. He used the knife. He killed people... and she refused to be like him.

    "No.... I thought you would say that. One last time- kill one, or I take them all," Ren continued with a chuckle, his words and the tone of his voice being like torture inside her mind.


    Before she could even complete the simple, one-syllable word. She felt herself slipping once again. Her left red eye turned to a shade of silvery blue, and a delicate hand reached down to unsheathe her knife, Crepundia.

    "I thought you knew better than to deny me, Lucie. Oh well, this will be interesting... plenty of children and adults around... I'll kill them all, and you can stand back and watch, knowing it is all your fault. One, or all. And you chose not to kill one, but to allow me to kill them all- you lazy little thing. Or maybe, you wanted the show? Well, here it is!"

    Blood. Death. Darkness. That was all that was left after Ren and Lucie's drive for blood.

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