Despair Reborn [Private/Kyoden]

    Lance Knighthunter

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    Despair Reborn [Private/Kyoden]

    Post by Lance Knighthunter on 16th April 2016, 3:00 pm

    It was a dark and rainy day as the young girl known as Despair walked through the spooky forest. The girl wore her hood on and dismissed her mask as she was not up to no good. She was walking silently as she did not have any company when her foot hit a shiny object that was on the floor. She stopped walking in order to look at the object before she bent down to pick the object up. It looked like a rock and it was hard and pointy. It was clear and had no magic in it yet. She wondered what a object like this was doing laying in the middle of the forest and she placed it into her cloak for safe keeping. The girl kept walking deeper into the forest.

    As she walked she thought about how her dad had left her, how her mom hated her. Then she remembered how Heero had been there for her when no one else was. She hated herself because she was weak and soft around other people but she didn't want people to see her weakness so she put on a front that she was evil and strong in order to make her mother proud.

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