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    Baby Steps [Job/Solo]


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    Baby Steps [Job/Solo] Empty Baby Steps [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote 16th April 2016, 2:21 pm


    "So the Adams family has tried everything to teach their baby how to walk, from support, to even magic. None have worked. This is where you come in. They need you to make their baby walk, no matter what you need to do, just get it done. They will be leaving at the crack of dawn, so you have until they come back at noon!"

    Ahote spoke aloud to himself as he strolled down the sidewalks of Magnolia Town, excited for this task he had taken the liberty to complete. He had hardly ever gotten the opportunity to do much of anything requiring anything dangerous, so even simple tasks seemed like jobs only he could complete. Even something as simple as this task was everything to him. It was truly an exciting process he was about to go through. Or so it seemed, teaching a child how to walk wasn't exactly the excitement he thought he'd get but he was excited anyway. He could hardly remember how his mother taught him how to walk. Maybe she guided him or left him to figure it out on his own? He didn't know, really. But he felt some odd sense of happiness from the memory that was never there. It was an odd sense of nostalgia and deja vu.

    But, thoughts aside, Ahote arrived to the scene. Or, the door, rather. He was actually quite nervous, he was never given such a task before. But, he was still excited. He never really got a chance to have spent time with kids his age. They were always... younger or older. So it was hard to 'chit chat' and make friends. In this, he was communicating with a mere infant, so it really did not meet his personal expectations, per say. But he found himself looking at the positive side of things.

    One one large inhale and one large exhale, Ahote smoothly placed his hand onto the door knob and twisted it carefully, but with small haste, pushing the white door open, only to be greeted with foreign scents, sights, and temperatures.

    It seemed odorous to him, but he eventually adapted to it.

    "Excuse me..." He spoke lightly, though, no one but the child was there. But then he heard constantly cracking sounds from some large object. He peered around the corners of the house after he shut the door behind him, eventually catching sight of the crib the child was in. It looked excited and eager. Taking the hint, Ahote lifted the child out of the crib with much struggle, not being able to lift children as high as other people could, and let it crawl about.

    He only had a few hours, and it took a hell's worth of pain to get it to walk. He tried putting the child on his feet, letting it use walking sticks, calling it's name. But nothing worked! And soon, Ahote just gave up and started roaming the house. But, it was then that the child started walking after following Ahote around. It was a miracle! Or.. was it? He supposed visual aids did help infants learn a lot. So watching Ahote walked put some influence on the child. Well, it was a job well done!

    Ahote placed the child back into it's crib, smiled, and walked off back to Magnolia.


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