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    Of Earth And Beyond That || Solo Job


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    Of Earth And Beyond That || Solo Job Empty Of Earth And Beyond That || Solo Job

    Post by Ravana 15th April 2016, 10:06 pm

    Of Earth And Beyond That || Solo Job 7c42b32

    The sound of metal rustling against one another echoed as Ravana quickly bounded down the marble steps within Hargeon. She was making her way to the train station, where a front booth was put together to issue passports to those all willing to pay. The woman felt that this was a crucial step to finding the slayer she was to serve. There was no guarantee that he, or she, would be located within Fiore; with that she needed to be able to freely travel between the vast countries that covered the earth.

    Her pace hastened and as the knight rounded a corner she had slid to a quick stop. Her eyes grew wide at the sight and her mouth went agape as Ravana scoured the large crowd that gathered. She knew she should have left earlier! Her expression change'd back to it's melancholy state as she looked for the shortest of three lines. Finally making her choice she nonchalantly stepped in and sighed heavily. The pace of the lines moved slowly as the young aspiring knight waited patiently. Surely this was a test from her gods, as the longer she waited, the more impatient she got.

    4 Hours had passed and the sun began it's great decent into the sky, marking that it would be night within an hour and a half. Surely they wouldn't close the booths with someone still waiting? Right?... Ravana bit her bottom lip and tapped her foot gently against the cobblestone before it finally came to be her turn. After presenting her official paperwork issued by the magic council, and given to her by her master, she bowed respectfully as the rune knight nonchalantly passed her the booklet that she worked so hard to achieve. How was it that she waited nearly 5 hours for one booklet? But to Ravana, it was not an object so simple, it was the passage to grant her access to her fate that was bestowed to her by the gods.

    Her happiness was soon spoiled though, by the distressing sounds of a woman nearby. Glancing to her left, crimson eyes focused on a group of thugs that surrounded a young woman, a few years younger than she was. Yet the girl struggled against their influence due to her small stature. She looked frail, like a librarian... Or a shopkeeper; none the less she required assistance, and while she had one task in life, there was no reason to not use her power to save those that needed it, no one else was standing up to them as is. Ravana even noticed that they seemed to purposely look away... Who were those thugs?

    Running over quickly, Ravana pushed her way into the group and placed herself between the thugs and the woman, covering her with her reach, she unsheathed the large blade that once rested on her back and glared at each face that threatened her.

    "I suggest you leave." She demanded, her voice bellowing into their ears forcefully. Apparently the command was not enough as one stepped forward to strike her with his fist, his aim right in the knights jaw.

    "Eat this!" he cried out in his swing. He made contact, mostly cause Ravana allowed him to, something he would later regret. Leaning into the swing she heard his entirety of his hand crunch on her jawbone. His screams of pain were shrill like a woman as the group ran off. They were certainly no match for the knight, her years of training honed her to protect those that did not need saving. Of course something like this was feeble in comparison.

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