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    Hired Muscle!!! [job~Eevee&Ivy]

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    Hired Muscle!!! [job~Eevee&Ivy]

    Post by Shipping Goddess on Wed 13 Apr - 14:09

    Ivy sat down in a dark alley on a dumpster, remembering how she even ended up taking this job.

    A knock sounded throughout her house, and the maid Nunzia opened the door.

    “Are you Nunzia, caregiver to Ivy?” The teen boy said.

    “Yes that's me, who're you?” Nunzia retorted.

    “A servant of Ivy's guild. I must already tell you that you can't tell anyone of my existance, or you'll be killed.” The servant said.

    Nunzia's face shattered. “I-I-Ivy... A guildmate is here...”

    The child ran down the hall and greeted the servant with a hello. Next she went over to the sofa, and invited the boy to sit and explain why he's here. The boy in turn told Nunzia that she wasn't allowed to listen in on this part, and so Nunzia left the house entirely to sit on the porch.

    “Ivy, you've been away from the guild for quite some time. So, to prove that you're still loyal to us you have a job to do. It's a local request from Motor City, and you'll take this job with a newer guildmate. Most of the older guild members have out classed you in terms of strength, so you'll have to do with someone weaker.” The servant explained.

    “Uh-huh. Do a job with a weak poop. Got it.” Ivy summed up the whole thing.

    “In basic terms... yes. Anyways the guild member has already been informed as to your name, age, and the situation. We couldn't give a description, because we didn't know how to accurately describe you.”

    ”I have pink... Hair... How many people have that!?” Ivy yelled.

    “Here is the flier. You'll be helping out a local gangster collect some money from a few stores, and he'll give you and the other member a cut. There's a meeting place in an alley, he says to come alone, at different times, and both be together at noon sharp. Also, make sure you're not followed. Also, someone at the guild said that you'd initially decline, so here is some... incentive.” The servant held out a cookie, and Ivy's eyes glowed.

    And now Ivy was sitting here, 11:30 am. Different times, the child thought. She also thought about the partner. She sensed a lower magic presence rapidly approaching her, so she could only assume it was him/her. Whoever they were, they better not make fun of her because of her age... or else they might get quite a bit of wind to blast them through the buildings. But that didn't matter, the job did. Bust up a building, bust up some people. She could have did that herself!!! Why would the guild master... whoever it was as Ivy wasn't at the guild to know who it currently was... tell her to do a job she could clearly do alone with someone else. Plus it wasn't even a hard job, and it didn't pay well! This better be worth it...

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