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    Watch The World Burn [Solo/Job]


    Watch The World Burn [Solo/Job] Empty Watch The World Burn [Solo/Job]

    Post by Guest on 11th April 2016, 12:00 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Watch the World Burn
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1-2 D Raked mages.
    Job Requirements: Burn the entire farm: Barn, Crops, and Farmhouse. 5 posts, 100 words minimum each
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: Soon it will be harvest season for all the crops, though one man, Mr.Jekis will have the most produce by the end of the season. He always does, and the rest of the farmers are fed up. They want you to go to Mr.Jekis's land and burn it all to the ground. They don't care how, just get the job done.

    Mr.Jekis doesn't like people tampering with his field and will do anything to stop you. He comes complete with a gardening hoe. A few melee attacks should take care of him.
    Reward: 1,000 Jewels

    Serena walked into the neutral ground with a small smirk on her face. It was a late starry night in the land free of magic. And it was about to be set ablaze in an inferno that would satisfy her quench for wanting to kill something let alone pay her a sum of jewel. She carried an unlit torch in her hand just so she would have an easier time lighting the entire land on fire. At first she didn't know what to start burning, but once she got there she realized that she could easily make a killing off of burning the barn first.

    She snuck her way towards the building with torch in hand and a match in the other. Her grin now reaching ear to ear as the match was lit against the torch. The fire caught her eye well as she placed the torch to the wood and dragged it along the side of the barn. She laughed a little as she moved outside of the barn, torch still in hand. After that she looked at the field and started to prance around it lighting figures of fire into the ground. She may not be energetic normally but she just loves the smell of burning anything, be it flesh or wood or even just plants.

    Shortly after she took a deep whiff of the flames and noticed the smell of the farmer heading out to investigate what the heck was going on in his farm. She then turned her head towards the smell to see him charging at her with a garden hoe yelling some form of insult that she couldn't make out, though she assumed it was derogatory in all sense of the matter. She dropped the torch and opened her arms wide with a grin welcoming the man.

    Once he reached her he swung the hoe at her face. She did nothing to react other than get thrown to the side as well as get a large cut on her face. She slowly turned back laughing at the pain and licked the blood off of her chin as it rolled onto her clothing. Quickly she pounced on the farmer without any warning. She pressed the hoes wooden pole of a handle against the mans throat with a laugh, choking him with it before she moved up to press her knees against it, almost crushing his throat under the weight.

    After he was unconscious from lack of oxygen, she noticed the fire was almost upon them. She stood up and started to drag the unconscious man towards his house with the torch in hand again. Once there she placed the man in the center of the front room of the house and placed the still lit torch next to him and left. The house catching fire as she walked out into the now lit up sky. Now it was time for her to find the people who hired her and take the money for herself.

    Word count: 500 exactly (Actually very satisfying knowing that I hit the exact word count without checking.)

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