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    Snowy Cottage


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    In Progress Snowy Cottage

    Post by Dubhlainn 5th April 2016, 8:27 pm

    Once again back on his post, he was docile and utterly apathetic of almost everything around him, guarding the walls up high as the icy winds strike the sentinels to the bone throughout the entire compound, as he looked down on the Courtyard, he could see that many mages had abused their magic over the most simple and trivial of things. It upsets him to see such energy wasted and who knows when the Ethernano in the atmosphere will stop generating.
    Neutral Grounds were already a zone of mystery at that and if he were to ask Degardo about it, he knows not the reason why. It’s probably best to leave the Neutral Grounds be but Dubhlainn hopes the entire world would not turn into the same page as the region itself. Though he loathes the idea of its usage, magic was an essential resource even for him, even for a man who never considered himself a mage as he preferred to be more of a knight. It was only recently he accepted a job that specifically instructs that no magic would be allowed. It was a fitting job for Dubhlainn, to live a simple life using humanly methods to build a simple home for a daughter and a sister. He wore clothes like that of a commoner along with an overcoat and told the guards that he will be out doing a job, and as usual he require no weapons for this mission, as he tends to be weaponless on most of his missions.

    Usually in combat missions, he can always find a weapon lying down somewhere; he could either acquire a new one from a fell foe or improvise. Dexterity, probably the strongest non magical asset Dubhlainn has as a soldier. The journey was long as it took him 2 days to reach the base of the mountains. The air was cold and it started snowing that time, he was to meet his clients here as he was informed they’d be making camp somewhere. Ninko was already waiting for him and greeted him upon his approach. Ninko led Dubhlainn up higher to the mountains, it wasn’t as snowy as Dubhlainn would have thought the grass remained green, not a single blanket of snow was in place and yet its still cold from where he stands.

    They reached the site, where a huge amount of lumber can be found lying in different areas. Barte was standing by a table with a schematic. Introductions were taken place, hands were shook and thus the question comes, can Dubhlainn work on this cottage with them without magic? He simply nodded and the three began working on the cottage together.


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