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    Blood Drive [Solo, Almy]

    Almyra Bys
    Almyra Bys

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    Blood Drive [Solo, Almy] Empty Blood Drive [Solo, Almy]

    Post by Almyra Bys 4th April 2016, 8:58 pm


    Almyra, still recovering from her fight with the Red Sands bandits had caught word of a blood drive occurring in the Rose Garden. She decided to go and help out, since she couldn't actually donate on her own for multiple reasons. First off, her magic would cause any needles piercing her to fall apart, second, she was rather low on blood herself. In fact, she had been given a transfusion of someone's blood while in the hospital in the Neutral Grounds. The girl was let into the blood drive to help out, despite not being in an guild. She was a legal mage after all, having never done anything illegal, or at least never been caught doing something illegal. If she had broken the law, it definitely wasn't from doing anything magic-related, though she may have done what some would have considered loitering, and who knows, there may have been some silly rules against scavenging, hunting, and trespassing that she broke while out in the wilds or living on the streets of a city. But those weren't really important.

    After she entered, they asked where she would prefer to help out. "Well... I can't do much for serving food or drinks." She said, gesturing to her missing left hand. "But I could help take people to the cafeteria or take care of the children." She smiled sweetly. "I really like kids." The man taking care of setting up the various jobs for the mages smiled back. "I'm sure you'll do a great job at taking care of them. The kiddie area is right over there." He said pointing off to the kids' waiting section. "Go on, I'm sure they'll love you."

    Almyra didn't need any further instruction as she went over to the area where kids were to wait for their parents to be done giving blood. They all greeted her with smiles, eager to meet who they think might be a mage. "Hello everyone! My name is Almyra, but you can just call me Almy." A few responded with hellos. Almy spoke a little bit to them about how important it was that their parents came here, and how good they were for waiting for them so nicely. "But now I have something more important to ask you." She said "Who wants to hear some stories? I'm a wizard, and have been on a lot of adventures, so I have plenty to tell you!" All the kids started to grow quite excited at the idea of a real mage telling them about her real adventures. She had everyone gather around in a circle as she sat on the floor and began to tell her stories, stories of far off and beautiful lands, from the red sun on the hot sands of Desierto to the freezing winds and sparkling snow of Iceberg. They sat, transfixed as her words wove tales of climbing, hiking, hunting, and trapping. The children would come and go as parents came in to donate blood and left after recovering. Eventually, as thing started to slow down and the blood drive came to an end, there was but one sleepy little one who sat on Almy's lap. She allowed him to stay and wrapped him up in her cloak. Thankfully, none of the kids seemed to notice her missing hand, as she had kept it hidden by her cloak the whole time. At last, the boy's parents came to pick him up, but not without taking (with Almy's permission of course) a picture of the two together before Almyra handed the child off to them. He woke up a bit, and she waved good-bye to him. He returned the gesture.

    After the drive, Almy helped as best she could with cleanup and was on her way, happy to have spent the day entertaining children that she loved so much. She always found herself able to relate to them quite well, and was nearly always liked by them. She decided that it would be nice to raise a child one day, whether her own or one she adopted.

    Job complete!


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