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    Selah Bell in: Memory of Far off Lands! (Solo Job for Selah Bell [Aceflux])


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    Selah Bell in: Memory of Far off Lands! (Solo Job for Selah Bell [Aceflux]) Empty Selah Bell in: Memory of Far off Lands! (Solo Job for Selah Bell [Aceflux])

    Post by Aceflux 3rd April 2016, 7:03 pm

    To Earthland and Beyond!:

    Rose Garden. The bustling mega center of tourism and magical wonder. It was here that Sabertooth's local Memory Maker, Selah Bell, would finally get her passport. The majority of the jobs she had found had to deal with some things outside of Fiore, which Selah wouldn't be able to get to without her passport. The purple haired woman had just arrived in Rose city, wearing her usual black cloak. There were a few scars on her arm from her last job, three to be specific, that moved up from her wrist to her elbow in a spiraling pattern. Those had healed pretty well, but the other wound that was left over still hadnt healed completely- despite it having been a week after that whole incident. To compensate, Selah had bandaged up the majority of her lower torso in case the wound opened up anywhere while she was out and about.

    Selah followed the direction she had gotten to the docks where the passports were being issued- encountering a total wall of people on the way there. She asked what everyone was standing around for, and the answer she got shocked her. This was the line for the passports?! There was no way on earth that Selah was going to wonder wait in that mess, and she wouldn't be rude and cut in line and risk getting decked in the face by some cranky dude in line. She did however have a solution, one of the first spells she had ever learned to copy was clone magic. Sure Clone magic didn't really make very good clones, all they could do was follow a basic task and then send a signal to the original copy when said task is complete- but that was all that Selah needed for this! She placed her finger on her temple and summoned up a clone of herself, telling it to wait in line until it wasn't far from where the passports were being issued.

    Now Selah was free to do as she pleased and explore the extravagant and vast city of Rose garden, bustling streets and mega centers covering the town like a industrial blanket. Towering buildings with intricate design, the golden glow that wrapped over the streets, the chatter of everyone around her- this was the kind of place that Selah loved to be. Shop after shop lined the rows and rows of the street, one eventually catching her eye- A game shop. Selah knew something that every game shop carried- Guild Quest card packs. Those cards made a fun way to pass the time with a friend, and Selah even had her own card, after all she was the granddaughter of the game's creator. Selah headed in and bought around ten packs, noting that there was a new expansion coming out soon. She would have to come back when it did. After exploring the town for a while, Selah returned to her place in line just as her copy had gotten to the front. Her copy faded, and Selah entered the building infront of to get her passport.

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    Selah Bell in: Memory of Far off Lands! (Solo Job for Selah Bell [Aceflux]) Tumblr_p7x3qdQtuE1xrdymao2_540
    Selah Bell in: Memory of Far off Lands! (Solo Job for Selah Bell [Aceflux]) Tumblr_p7x3qdQtuE1xrdymao1_540
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