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    Be a model!

    Post by Elaine West on 3rd April 2016, 9:22 am

    Elaine walked through the forest of Fiore, she had to admit it was very pretty. She decided that even though her and Azurius were taking a break from doing jobs, she decided to try one out on her own. She decided on an easy modelling job, something that had brought her out into the middle of the woods in the first place.

    She came across a large set with lights, cameras, wardrobes and many bustling people. She smiled and introduced herself to the photographer. "Ah! So your are the Lamia Scale girl! Yes yes, you will do nicely for the shoot. Thank you for coming!" The photographer greeted her, a small accent on his voice as he spoke rapidly; while still directing the people around him. " Ah, um, you are do I-" She began before getting brushed off to wardrobe and makeup. She came out wearing something that mad her look moderately like a fairy. A thin white cotton skirt that touched her ankles and fell behind her, a thin cotton top, exposing her stomach and sides. She was also barefoot, which was strange against her feet. Apperently this was advertising a woman's fashion by the name of Chanelle. It was a spring collection apperently.

    They had left her hair down, curling at the bottom, they had wanted to paint swirls on her but when she brought up that she already had a large tattoo on her back and arms, they agreed to leave it like that. They had taken all sorts of pictures; her in meadows, near small rivers, a few of her within the cover of trees. " You look very nice! You are made for this job! Now go an use some of your magic!" Elaine looked startled then nodded, summoning her Javlin that created lightening, shooting it up in the sky creating dozens of tiny sparks and stars, disappearing before they hit anyone or anything.

    Once they were finished. She changed back into her normal clothing; was thanked by the photographer and payed she was on her way back home. A week later she had found a copy of Sorcery Weekly, she was on the cover, the title embarrassingly said; Lamia Scale's own Little Mermaid models Chanelle. She wouldn't hear the end of this one....


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