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    Despise Not Death, But Welcome It [Marceline&Tenchi]


    Despise Not Death, But Welcome It [Marceline&Tenchi] Empty Despise Not Death, But Welcome It [Marceline&Tenchi]

    Post by Guest Sat 2 Apr 2016 - 5:11

    the destroyer of worlds
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    Marceline rested in one of the chairs at the event, right leg crossed over the left, baring a little of the ashen-gray skin. Her red eyes darted around, taking note of people who were just now arriving at the announcement, mostly to see the Knight Commander. She hummed a little and rocked her crossed leg, lightly bumping the chair in front of her and annoying the person sitting in it. A wide, Joker-like grin was on her face, merely observing the crowd as it roamed in from the village homes and stores. Death was rambling off in her head, but she was managing to ignore his words while she listened to the bustle of life. Life. . . it was no stranger to see it, than to see her aura eating away at the chairs, the ground, and the people. No one was able to sit next to her without feeling the pain of decay, and thus, there was a large emptiness where she was.

    Of course, there was the occasional person who dared to sit in the rotting chairs, only to have the chair crumble beneath them. She giggled at their misfortune, stopping her leg from bouncing up and down, then giving out a yawn as everyone began to settle down. An emptiness was still around her, but it wasn't something that she minded, since she enjoyed being by herself. However, someone had dared to sit next to her, as well as someone behind her, though it was just another Savage Skull member behind her. Marcy didn't mind that as much, as she knew they were only there to make sure that she knew what she was doing. You see. . . she was here to slaughter the Knight Commander, knowing full well that he was nuisance to the Azeron Alliance. This was unacceptable, on the Azeron Alliance's terms, that is, so she had been sent out here by Death's and their orders.
    credit goes to Lunar of GS & THQ

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