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    Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe! [Job/Solo]


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    Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe! [Job/Solo] Empty Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe! [Job/Solo]

    Post by DOPPO on 30th March 2016, 1:48 pm

    "Chef William Dorvald would like a wizard to steal his rival's secret fudge recipe while he is away for the week and is willing to pay top dollar for silence on the subject and a speedy delivery." Aizenagi read aloud to himself, the fine writing on the paper he had so efficiently taken on this fruitful task at hand. Stealing was not an issue for him, seeing as he did it all the time with little failure and even fewer sightings of his crimes. How nice was this? Very nice indeed. He had been assigned tasks like such so frequently, he expected something so simple as this every morning. It was practically part of his routine now!  It would be such an interesting day for the wandering outlaw, aligned with the graciously infamous Savage Skull, a status of one of Gods. Or, so he was told.

    Though his alignment wasn't a complete facade, he chose to stand with Savage Skull for a field that bared plenty reasons. When he first arrived to this plane of existence, he had lost sight in his right eye, as well as a strange marking stroking across his back. It was truly unsettling and distasteful. Having to deal with these abnormalities and oddities. Unsure of how to deal with this issue, he simply covered up the eye with an eye patch, and ensconced himself in a shawl of which he never discards. Though the occurrence had sprouted seeds of questioning and wonder, a sense of paranoia had overwhelmed him at times, wondering if this physical form was prone to these disabilities? He didn't know, but would rather be safe than sorry, treating this vassal with great care and delicacy. When he first arrived to this plane of being, it was a matter of moments of which his essence would disperse elsewhere, unless he had claimed the vassal of another dweller. He did as accordingly, claiming a young man's body, messy black hair and crimson eyes. It went as planned, and he had successfully claimed the young man's physical body, it's appearance adapting to Aizen's former. In addition the strange markings and lost of eyesight, he surely was not willing to put himself at risk for another disability. It was truly shocking to have on partial use for an eye, seeing as it was so unexpected and had no recollection of it. He thought that if he had some memory of the event of which he gained the oddities, he'd fine some comfort in it's spontaneous appearance.

    He had dull memories of his recent past, originally being the youthful god of the Moon, driven out of his realm by some other destructive force. He had no memory beyond that, and it was not a lot to work with. Beyond that? Nothing. No memory of his birth or death, his origin unknown to he and others. But those mysteries were likely questions never to be answered. If anything, he was unsure of his godly status to begin with. All he knew, is that he was of greater power than these human beings. His restrictive body holding him back from unleashing that destructive energy. There was not much he could do besides collecting clues to lead him down a path for answers, but he had very little guidance of where to start. To Aizen, the realizations that particular people could not complete these tasks themselves was an oddity to him. Back in his realm, submerging his essence in water was a natural thing to do. - Ensconced between that purity and lunar energy, combined to make a force that could both heal and destroy a soul. That is what he thought, anyway. This particular task was pitiful, but Aizenagi was genuinely determined to do it anyway. It was shocking enough that people could not swim.

    As Aizenagi shook his head, as if brushing away the thoughts that clogged in his mind, he continued venturing down the cobblestone pathway he had so eagerly wished to reach end to reach his destination. "Hopefully after a few more of this child's work, I can do more befitting errands. I'm almost breaking a cold sweat from running around Fiore so damn much picking up recipes and knockin' some sense into filthy animals. How truly irksome." He grunted as he approached the opposing restaurants. He truly did not see how the two businesses could rival one another when business seemed to be so low. If anything, they seemed to be competing for how long each business can stay open. And with that, he sneaked into the opposing restaurant via window, scavenging through it's various items and snatching the oh-so-famous recipe. How daring. And before they could come to investigate the crime scene, Aizenagi dashed out of the scene and to his client for an exchange of jewels and delicacy.


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