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    Connections [Kanix Laspor]


    Connections [Kanix Laspor] Empty Connections [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 28th March 2016, 9:03 pm

    Connections [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    Kanix stroked the back of Ancalagon lovingly with her hand, humming softly to him above the thunderous roar of his wing-beats. While the item would be of hardly any use to the woman, the iLac had just recently come out in Neutral Grounds and she saw it as a great way for communication. The only thing she hoped for was that they had one designed for someone with an impairment like hers or would be willing to customize one. She felt that need to have one, and it was mostly to keep better communication between her friends and family. Things were just starting to get better for her, and with the recent coming of a child, she felt this was also highly necessary. In the sense that this communication device could be used as a means for Jaeger to keep tabs on her and her on him. Besides, it was the only way they could really keep in contact with each other when both mages were quite busy.

    However, this new device had been set out for sale in Neutral Grounds, a city where everything magical didn't work. They were nearing close to their destination anyway, as she could feel her magic slowly being sipped away from her. On top of that Ancalagon was starting to slow down and the sparks of electricity off him were dying out as they flew closer. Before long, Ancalagon was making a crash landing at the borderline of the city, creating a large gauge in the ground. Kanix went wide-eyed and after the stumbling halt, she reached out to stroke the neck feathers of her pet. She muttered a few calming words to him before sliding off him and helping him get back to his feet, then wandering into the city. Their next stop was to find the store in which the item was being sold in, which wasn't too hard with the crowd of people.

    With a large pet like hers, it was easy to clear out the place in order for the woman to walk without struggling miserably. Not to mention, but Ancalagon also snipped and snapped at passing humans, as if trying to get a little snack out of them. Kanix had to scold him from time to time, but she eventually reached the shop and had to maneuver inside, leaving Ancalagon alone outside. She wandered around the area for a little bit before a worker came up to her asked what she was looking for there. The woman responded to them and the led her to the area of the store where the item was at, explaining the new device. Yet, she could only nod and make small replies to the man as they walked, only bringing up the necessary question when it was needed. After a while of chattering, the woman bought the iLac she needed and headed out the store, encountering Ancalagon once more.

    Kanix scolded him again when he snapped at passersby, then hopped onto his back and patted him on the neck, telling him to go. Her new item in hand, the woman headed out of Neutral Grounds as quickly as her pet was allowed to in the mass of humans.

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