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    [Solo | Job] Wanted: Jacob Goodnight


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    [Solo | Job] Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty [Solo | Job] Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by flowercat87 Sun 20 Mar 2016 - 17:07

    Night had began to approach, the setting of the sun resulting in a multi-colored and dark haze to be painted across the sky. Lanterns shone from within the town guard building, plain white candles lit within them to illuminate the interior of the establishment. Ivana sat inside the building, low whispers and muffled discussion took place between her and the burly guardsman that sat across from her.

    "So, where do you think he'll be?" Ivana asked the guardsman in a low tone, cautious of any outsiders listening in. She sat comfortably in the wooden chair, her elbows perched on top of the desk. Periodically, she would run her leather-gloved fingers across the rays and lines of the wooden desk.

    "Down by the lower docks, maybe hiding, maybe lurking around for a new victim. Be careful, we're sure he knows that we know of his crimes after our... failed operation," The guardsman responded in a gruff voice, then sliding a wanted poster over to Ivana. "Are you all ready? You should probably get 'im before he strikes down another innocent."

    Ivana nodded, briefly scanning over the poster before folding it into a little square and pocketing it. "Mhm, I'll try to return him alive but no promises," she added before she stood, the robe-like structure of the cloak becoming more apparent, Ivana had found it easy to move in. With a deep breath to soothe any wavering fears, she was out the door, a high-pitched creak following the sluggish closing of the door.

    Her leather-bound boots emitted tiny stepping noises as she creeped throughout the town, arriving at the lower docks after a short trek. Creaking noises hissed from the wooden plank stairs as she descended, her hands held closely to her side in preparation of any sneak attacks. "Where is this guy?" Ivana whispered to herself as she began to slither into a shadow-ridden corner, utilizing the veil of shade to hide and watch for Jacob.

    Moments, seconds, and minutes passed as she remained in a crouching position in the shady corner of the lower docks, yet still, no sign of the miner-gone-murderer nearby. Thoughts of possible traps and schemes rushed to her head while she lie in wait for Jacob to make his grand appearance. 

    It felt like hours had passed, her ankles began to ache and her back slouched over, reminiscent of a hunchback. Speaking of hunchbacks, heavy steps pounded against the flooring of the lower docks, it was him. Ivana's face contorted in disgust upon looking over his behemoth appearance. Wow, those scars and that hunchback really compliment his eyes. Ivana thought before she rose, momentarily stretching before making a clicking noise with her tongue to draw his attention.

    "What's that noise?" A slow, deep voice bellowed out, Jacob's massive figure turning to face the black-coated corner where Ivana hid, like a snake waiting for its prey. The sound of his neck bones cracking sent chills crawling down her back, heavy breaths and occasional grunts grew in volume to her as he approached. Though, before he was within a ten foot radius of Ivana, a silver flame ignited. The growing flames of metallic hue illuminated Ivana, revealing her presence to him. Moments before he could understand what he was up against, a smoldering sphere of silvery fire launched toward his features, particularly his eyes. 

    Spell Used: Fireball (Flames of the Witcher)
    Ivana's MP: 90/100

    Contact was made within seconds, burning ensued and his face charred. His eyes were rendered almost useless with the direct hit being made, Jacob's vision began to blur intensely, his gargantuan hands instinctively covering them. Ivana sprung from the corner as Jacob flailed around, she took notice of clinking noises his three weapons made when hitting each other, Ivana finding them all to be latched to his leather belt. Ivana inched closer, hoping to avoid being struck by Jacob while he was in a state of rage, induced by the searing pain. Her fingers reached out to grip the chain that bound each weapon to his belt until...

    SMACK! Jacob whacked her hand away, letting out a beastly growl in a desperate attempt to intimidate Ivana. Jacob peeled a finger back, getting a quick look of his surrounding before returning it to its position, reapplying a heavy pressure to negate the intense pain of the burns afflicted to his face. Kicking and swinging his elbows around him kept Ivana a few feet away, preventing her getting close without a bit of swift maneuvers. 

    Ivana stood at a safe distance, simply watching Jacob's ballistic fit unfold before her. Rapid thoughts came to her, How can I put him down and bring him back so the guards can deal with him? Should I burn his weapons? Sear his limbs? Her brows furrowed when she decided on an action, taking in a deep breath to maintain focus on channeling magical energy. A series of particles began to engulf her left foot, a silver color quickly materializes into the embers.

    Spells Used: Enchantment of Embers (Flames of the Witcher)
    Ivana's MP: 80/100

    Ivana lowered her fit figure close to the floor, stretching out her left leg while balancing herself with her right foot and hand. She continued to scoot forward with this odd position held tight. She swings her left foot toward the back of Jacob's knees, forcing him to fall into a kneeling position. Ivana leaped onto her feet, regaining balance with extreme ease, attempting to place her fiery foot onto the hunchback murderer's spine, if successful, she would press it deeply into his back.

    Jacob's snarls and roars echoed throughout the lower docks of Hargeon, the searing effect persisting around his eyes, keeping the palms of his hands pressed onto his face. He continued to stomp around until he'd feel a similar scorching pain press into the cloth-covered flesh of the back of his knees. "AAAGH, WITCH!" he bellowed as he fell onto his giant legs, forced to kneel with the flame-imbued foot being pressed into his back. "No more..." he'd snarl, removing a hand from his face to take hold of his carver's knife,  he reared back his hand and went to plunge it into his attacker's left side, just beneath her rib cage. 

    "Shut it, monster!" she verbally retaliated, seconds before the sharp metal of the carver's knife dove into the gray cloth of her robe, then her flesh, and just beneath her bone. Ivana let out a roar of pain, her amber-hued eyes flashing wide-open in reaction. "I... won't put up for this..." she muttered as her wide-eyed stare briefly looked down to the knife embedded in her side. Seconds later, she swung her right arm around Jacob's neck, her strength seeming to have increased immensely within seconds, her right eye developing an inverted color in comparison to her typical yellow orange. Her fingernails dug into the rough skin of his coal dust-coated neck, her arm wrapped around his neck, strangling him violently. Now, she would seem to ignore the pain of her wound, the carving knife rendered ineffective during her fit. 

    Spells used: Other Half (Lineage)
    Ivana's HP: 85/100

    Jacob desperately clinged to her forearm, attempting to pry her from his neck before he could resist no longer, strangled into unconsciousness by her. Ivana huffed angrily, dropping his body onto the wooden dock's flooring. She stood, tearing the knife from her side in a quick motion, tossing it into the murky waters beside the dock. She then unbuttoned her robe, tightly wrapping it around the stab wound like a makeshift bandage, despite not feeling the pain of it. Ivana clenched Jacob's shoulders, utilizing her boost in strength to drag him back to the guard's barracks. Particles of ash and soot trailed behind the two, only her illuminated right eye could be seen in the pitch-black guise of night. 

    As Ivana approached the guard's building, her eyes returned to their normal hue, her face contorting as she realized the pain of her injury. Knock knock, she knocked violently against the door, the knob turned within seconds to allow her and the unconscious man dragged behind her entry. She gave Jacob over to the guardsmen without a word, taking a prepackaged sack of jewels that were the bountiful reward for Jacob to be turned in. The guardsman nodded to her before she left with her reward, hobbling off to find a spot to rest and tend to her wound.


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