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    `` • ABEO


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    Star `` • ABEO

    Post by Izayuki on 20th March 2016, 12:39 pm



    Shapeshifting Weapon

    Having a mind and will of its own, Abeo can transform its shape into anything it wants to be. However, it is utterly powerless and weak, and cannot use any abilities, unless it is in the form of a weapon or item and equipped by its chosen wielder.

    • Abeo is an extremely versatile spirit, with many unique abilities to use for a number of circumstances.

    • Abeo MUST be in a weapon/usable form in order to use it's abilities. When its abilities are used, it must be the will of the wielder and equipped.
    • If Abeo is unequipped or dislodged at any time, its abilities cease to have any effect and cannot be used.


    D Rank - Ianuae Magicae:

    Name: Ianuae Magicae
    Rank: D
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2
    When in a bind, the wielder of Abeo can teleport up to twenty five meters away.
    • The user of this mythical weapon is able to teleport to escape danger.
    • The user cannot teleport away from the scene- only up to twenty five meters away.
    • The user is unable to teleport anybody else with them.

    C Rank - Benedictio:

    Name: Benedictio
    The spirit of Abeo is a unique and interesting one, who seeks to bless the person wielding it. The user of this magical and mythical weapon gains 5% HP and MP per post, so long as Abeo is equipped.
    • The user gets an increase in health and magic power per post.
    • If for any reason Abeo is dislodged or unequipped, the gain does not apply.
    • The increase to health and magic only applies to the one Abeo chose to use it, and cannot assist allies.

    B Rank - Luteus:

    Name: Luteus
    Rank: B
    With Abeo in hand, the user gains a 40% boost to strength and speed, yet if the weapon is dislodged at any time, the buff instantly fades.
    • The user of Abeo receives a basic boost to power.
    • The buffs to power instantly cease as soon as Abeo is unequipped or dislodged, such as by an enemy.
    • The boost only applies when Abeo is touching its chosen wielder, and cannot assist allies or friends.

    A Rank - Dicio:

    Name: Dicio
    Rank: A
    Duration: 5
    Cooldown: 7
    When this ability is used, anyone in a 70 meter radius around her (decreased by ten meters per rank the user is lower) cannot use any effect limitations/control or powers that would stop the wielder's debuffs or own magic. At the same time, any debuffs or side-effects of magics like poison, freezing, burning, etc, fired her way are half as effective.
    • The ability makes it so people around the wielder cannot resist debuffs, magic effects, the user's magic, etc. Effects such as burning, poison, freezing, or anything is half as effective against the wielder.
    • The ability does not distinguish friend or foe- allies also are subject to this.
    • If Abeo is unequipped at any time, the ability ceases to be effective.
    • The ability is only effective in a certain radius around the wielder, and the range is even lower if the user is not A-rank.

    S Rank - Euismod:

    Name: Gridlock
    Rank: S
    Duration: 10
    Cooldown: 12
    Using Abeo, the chosen wielder may fire an orb at an enemy, designating the radius they are standing in as a grid and trap trapping them in a 'gridlock'. In this designated grid, which can only be a minimum of 2 meters to a max of 11 meters, if anything leaves the grid, they reappear and continue on from the opposite side. Think Pacman-  leave the screen, come out through the other side.
    • The gridlock is extremely versatile, and can be used in a number of strategies while fighting.
    • The opponent can dodge the orb, which travels at S rank speed.
    • The grid that can be created is only 2 to 11 meters in radius from the designated area. Of course, it can be made smaller, but nevertheless, if Abeo is unequipped at any time, the grid is lost.

    H Rank - Strike:

    Name: Forum
    Rank: H
    Duration: 20
    Cooldown: 30
    At H rank, Abeo is able to drain the health of those around them by 20%. Insane, right? However, per each rank lower than H that the wielder is at, the drain is 5% less. So, at B rank, for example, the health drain is only 5% to those around in a 100 meter radius (decreased by 15 meters per rank).
    • The health of anyone is drained when in range of the spirit of Abeo.
    • Abeo does not distinguish friend or foe- all are effected evenly.
    • At lower ranks, this ability loses its full effect quite drastically.


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    Star Re: `` • ABEO

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:52 pm


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