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    One of Many [Private: Leo and Alye]

    Sir Leonard
    Sir Leonard

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    One of Many [Private: Leo and Alye] Empty One of Many [Private: Leo and Alye]

    Post by Sir Leonard 19th March 2016, 11:51 pm

    It was one of those days once more when Leonard found himself travelling towards a guild he has been visiting for days. It almost felt like it was his second guild. But of course that won't be the case. The guild's name was Infinity Hydra, home to a very special girl that held a very special place in Leonard's heart. And on this clear cloudy day, with the sun shinning bright, and the wind whispering softly with a gentle breeze, kissing surfaces gently. It was similar to the previous days when he paid the guild a visit. And as he opened the left guild door slowly, entering the hall, marveling at the sight of a very peaceful guild. That even after being here for a couple of days, he can't help but feel culture shock, as he was used to the rowdy guild he grew up on which was Fairy Tail.

    As Leonard stood by the door, one of the mages approached him cheerfuly asking what he needed. Leonard slowly looked at the man with a smile on his face, wearing a more friendly attire with his blue tight pants, maroon shoes, and white shirt under his open black coat. "Ah, hello there. I'm looking for Master Ard. There is something I wish to ask his permission for." he happily replied, with small hand gestures befitting a gentleman-knight.

    With a laugh and a smile, the mage agreed to his request, turning around and walking towards where Ardere was. Leonard followed him with his eyes, until he can no longer see him. And as he stood waiting there, he couldn't help but feel tense and nervous. Checking himself for any flaws and making sure that he has all the items necessary for today's event. One such item were two tickets to Cresent Island, the most sensible vacation destination, that he kept in a pocket behind his coat, separate from the others for it was the most important item of all. It was reather a funny sight if anyone from the guild would look at him. He has been doing this for days and yet he acts as if it was first time going out of his way for such an occasion he does on certain days where the weather is clear and the news only reported minor accidents or cute stuff like a panda-wolf having a baby. Then again, if you were going to ask one of the most beautiful mages in all of Fiore for a date, you'd want every moment to be perfect.


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