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    ¿Donde está mi carta? || Job, solo

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    ¿Donde está mi carta? || Job, solo Empty ¿Donde está mi carta? || Job, solo

    Post by Karin Sørensen 19th March 2016, 8:46 am

    Kistiñe looked at the letter in her hands, quietly wondering what was written inside; having been hired to deliver it to her client's friend and/or sweetheart, however, she refrained from opening it, instead stuffing it inside her jacket's inner pocket. The job should have been relatively simple; hand the letter to the woman and walk away. No muss, no fuss, and it got her some extra pocket change to go shopping with or save up for a personal trip. However, what the man didn't tell her was that the recipient of the letter was, apparently, one of the most popular celebrities in this part of Fiore--Kistiñe had seen her name mentioned in several fashion magazines, but gave it hardly a second thought until now. As she walked down the sidewalk in Magnolia, it became evident that she was going to have to get creative with how she was going to get into the backstage area. Firstly, there were swarms of fans and paparazzi surrounding the front door to the venue, meaning that she would have to push and shove her way through the crowd to even have a chance at getting in; secondly, venue security seemed to be quite uptight today, having at least one guy station at every door. For the Latina, the choice between the two scenarios was fairly obvious; she hated the madness and chaos that came with events like this, so she decided to try one of the guards. She walked down an alley to one side of the building and stopped in front of the side door, a security guard giving her a scrutinizing look.

    The guard was actually fairly good looking: tall, with black hair and grey eyes; he probably was quite built underneath the uniform, too. However, Kistiñe did not idle too long taking in his looks. "Señor, can I please get backstage," she asked. Instead of trying to come up with some excuse of being part of the staff or one of the celebrity's personal assistants, she unzipped her jacket a bit, showing off a little bit more than a peek at her cleavage. "I would be extremely grateful," she added, pulling out a card with the inn and room number she was staying at and slipping it in his hand.

    The guard gave a smirk, undoubtedly enjoying what he was seeing, pocketed the card and said, "I suppose I could look the other way."

    As he opened the door, Kistiñe gave a wink, a kiss on the cheek, and said, "Gracias."

    From there on in, it was a matter of getting around to finding where it would be best to leave the letter. Thankfully, the door had led directly backstage, with the dressing and powder rooms sitting on the right. She eventually found the one the letter's recipient would be using and taped the letter to the mirror before walking out back out the door she came in. A cheeky grin came on her face as she walked back out towards the street to do something else with the rest of her day: not only had she finished the job, but she also had some fun in store later that night.

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