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    [Solo | Job] To Earthland...And Beyond!


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    [Solo | Job] To Earthland...And Beyond! Empty [Solo | Job] To Earthland...And Beyond!

    Post by flowercat87 17th March 2016, 10:26 pm

    The sunlight beat down upon the seemingly endless line of people, all varied in physical attributes, from old women to young men, it seemed like the entire population had chosen this sunny day as the day to obtain their passports. Ivana stood in the line, she adorned a plain green t-shirt and high-waisted denim shorts, in hopes that she could avoid the heat. A black shade hovered over her head, an umbrella gripped tightly within her hand, her grip tigtened in frustration as she felt the presence of little children that were trying to escape the sun's rays beneath her umbrella. She stood idle with a calm expression present across her features though it quickly contorted as she felt the rowdy kids bump into her.

    "Do you mind?" Ivana sneered and turned her head, her gaze fixed itself down onto the trio of troublemakers that occupied the space behind her.

    The oldest child's lips parted for speech to escape before a nasally voice interrupted. The voice evoking imagery of a stuck-up mother to Ivana's mind before her annoyed glare sluggishly rose to adjust to the newcomer's height. Before Ivana stood a long-nosed, chubby woman with the look of an enraged bull smeared across her face.

    "Don't talk to my children like that, you old coot!" The bovine-esque woman exclaimed, her voice piercing Ivana's hearing well enough to make her shudder.

    Ivana's eyelids fluttered numerous times, comparable to the rapid flapping of a hummingbird's wings, almost forcing Ivana to appear shocked. "Excuse you?" Ivana questioned before she whipped her head to her left, her stare passing the railing that contained them in the slowly moving line and to the guardsman standing by the passport-issuing stand. Ivana signalled him over with the delicate wave of her hand.

    "Hello, is it possible that you could move me ahead? This woman's begun to harass me and I don't think my old legs can take it much longer!" Ivana spoke to the guardsman with a dramatically dire tone, almost comical, Ivana hoped that her tone could help persuade the guard into letting her skip ahead. After the guardsman heard Ivana's request, silence had befallen him, an empty stare and a head tilted much like a confused dog told Ivana he was a little less than intelligent.

    "Uh... do you have your uh... papers?" The guardsman's deep voice bellowed, thankfully drowning out the wailing of the cow woman beside her. He itched his head absentmindedly before returning his open-mouthed, empty-eyed stare back to Ivana. Ivana hurriedly withdrew a sloppily organized set of identification papers, her answers to each question on the form scribbled onto the printed line. 

    "Oh, of course!" Ivana replied with a cheery, somewhat sardonic ring to her voice. Ivana stuffed the guardsman's hands full with papers in the blink of an eye. The mindless guardsman took them, briefly scanning over them with his absent, half-shut eyes.

    "Alrigh', come with me, you can skip 'cause of yeh seniority," he muttered while he grabbed her hand, leading her to the very front of the line. The guardsman submitted her papers to the sanctioned reviewer who sat alone in the wooden shack with a snake-like line of people before it.

    Seniority? I don't look that old, do I? I look nice for a woman of my age! Ivana thought to herself for a moment before shifting her attention to the four-eyed, grey-haired old man who sat in front of her, his eyes glazing over the papers at what seemed to be the speed of a dying snail. 

    "Infinity Hydra, huh? Prove it to me, lass." The old man requested, with a monotone voice that could bore an entire group of children within one word. He pulled his glasses down to rest on the bulbous bridge of his nose, impatiently waiting to see Ivana's guild marking.

    Ivana lifted her long, locks of hair to reveal the nape of her neck. She ran a finger lightly over the night-black ink of the Infinity Hydra's marking to prove the legitimacy of it. "I'll assume you need proof of magical prowess, yes?" Ivana beat the man to the question, she raised her spindly index finger, flexing it. Shortly after, a poof of silver-hued fire would flash a few inches above the tip of her finger.

    "Checks out, lass, good luck with whatever yuh do." The grey-haired man said before handing Ivana a tiny booklet, indicated to be a passport due to the large font scrawled across the cover "PASSPORT".

    With that, Ivana wandered off, further into Hargeon with her newly obtained passport in-hand. A smile stretched across her features, clearly glad to have escaped that with such little difficulty.


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