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    Hired Muscle: Fortune doesn't favor fools


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    Completed Hired Muscle: Fortune doesn't favor fools

    Post by Dubhlainn 16th March 2016, 8:15 am

    A day after burning down one of the Neutral Grounds agricultural farms, Dubhlainn travels back to the guild on foot, night was about to fall and Dubhlainn has no choice but to make a stop to an  Inn. As soon as he checked in, his communication device rang, alerting him that Degardo is calling him. "This is Dubhlainn."

    "Why hello there Dubhlainn, do you have time to chat?" Degardo asked.

    "So what are we gonna talk about?" Dubhlainn asked in response as he starts checking into the inn and booking a room for tonight.

    "I do believe you're responsible for burning the Jekis farm correct?"
    "I was answering a request by people who's names I cannot reveal." Dubhlainn gave him a straight answer.

    "I see, let me be clear, I won't blame you for doing this since this was requested nor will I ask you of your employers but I am predicting a decrease of economic value in the Neutral Grounds all thanks to your arson."

    "I apologize for the inconvience, if I may I shall spend my time contributing to the Neutral Grounds as well."

    "No need for that Dubhlainn, you've already helped me more than enough to get to where I am, this thing is just one of the most common concerns I'll have to face eventually in the office but if you wanna make up for the damage, I might just have a job for you."

    Dubhlainn takes the keys from the man on the lobby and proceeds up to the second floor of the Inn with one hand holding the key and the other on the communication device.

    "I want you to head over to Motor City, find my dear friend Theobold Thawn. Tell him I sent you, do whatever he says and rest assured, I'll cover any leads that may leave you to being responsible of a decrease in economic rate." Degardo cuts the conversation at the same time Dubhlainn were to put away his communication device, unlocking the door to his rented room, a suitable quarters for him to spend the night. He sat down on the bed, removing his suit, everything as they wreak the stench of ash and smoke and lied down on the bed.

    Dubhlainn think back at what he did, he couldn't believe he done such deed, burning a hardworking man's property down to the ground, thinking if he did deserved it? At least he didn't get to kill the man this time, most jobs for dark mages these days would require one to take another life, like the time when he killed Ms. Cooper, well not directly but her lifespan expired right when he came, or the time he eviscerated a bunch of thieves using the Savage Skull name. Destroying everything he had, taking everything he had and should have, he was starting to regret it now.

    Morning comes, little did he knew how much time would have passed as he makes the journey towards Motor City which is a destination almost farther than his guild. He was to return to the guild soon but not answering Degardo’s request is unethical. Dubhlainn had no choice but to do as he was requested and made way towards Motor City. Motor city was just as similar as that of Neutral Grounds, say it would be like an extension of it. If anyone were to look for a magical vehicle then this is the place for you. This is the twon of grease monkeys, gear heads, tinkerers and those of that ilk. It did took him another day for him to reach the place, a message on his communication device says that he must meet Theobold  in an apartment building not far from the central plaza. Rain began to fall as a scene played out much like years ago when Dubhlainn’s military division has been disavowed due to the loss of leaders, one day she showed up… the captain.

    The Captain was an old friend, a good one, she always knows what to say and whenever Dubhlainn needs someone to talk to, she was always there and they’d talk like there’s no tomorrow, of course everyday of their lives were spent in blood.

    Dubhlainn walked up to the apartment only to find Theobold himself on a desk and he introduced himself. Theobold find it a bit hard to believe that such man would earn the title of the “Loan Bouncer” of the Neutral Grounds and so he wanted to see if Degardo was telling the truth. To put it simply Theobold was curious so he watched from a distance as Dubhlainn proceeds to do the work.

    “So you’re.. that Loan Bouncer ya? You don’t look like one of my boys who developed the biceps for the job, there’s are.. bigger than yours no?” Theobold walked around Dubhlainn inspecting him like some kind of detective.

    “If you’re that curious to see how I perform then I suggest you come with me to see for yourself.”

    “Tempting… very well let’s see how good you are.” Theobold decided to accompany Dubhlainn and walk a few street corners here and there. It was just like how he performed his job with Degardo, although he’s not used to have someone going with him and observe the way he works.

    The first few rackets went well as they offered no resistance, the next shop they were gonna hit belonged to a young man. Both Theobold and Dubhlainn entered the store, the merchandise was nothing more than simple gears, cogwheels, gasoline containers and the like, as well as spare tires for vehicles, they were all here.

    Theobold decided to stay out of sight and watch from afar while Dubhlainn comes up to the front desk in order to speak to the shopkeeper. “Greetings, may I have a word with the owner of this establishment.”

    “And what business do you have with him?” Says the man upfront on the desk.

    “I’m here to collect the protection money under Theobold’s request, do you have it?” And from a decent shopkeeper, he turned into a violent and angry man.

    “THAT THEOBOLD! YOU THINK YOU THUGS CAN PUSH AWAY AND AROUND WITH MY BUSINESS!? HUH!?” The Shopkeeper grabbed Dubhlainn’s suit collar.

    One of the customers he has actually recognized Dubhlainn and started to tremble in fear. Dubhlainn took a blow to the face and met with the shopkeeper’s fist. This was done repeatedly.

    The customer shouted: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? DUDE STOP IT RIGHT NOW!”

    “WHY SHOULD I!?” Says the shopkeeper as he keeps punching Dubhlainn left and right as Dubhlainn would take those blows.

    As Theobold was watching Dubhlainn, receiving each blow to the head, he received a text message from Degardo telling him to come outside at once.  Theobold did as instructed and found Degardo sitting on the bench, across the street and holding up a newspaper.

    “Your Loan collector is all talk and no bite… he’s not even fighting back!” Theobold complained as Degardo dropped the newspaper.

    “Its his way Theobold, you must be patient, that’s his method , you’ll see what happened next, just sit down beside me.” Degardo invited Theobold over to sit down beside him as Theobold hung his arms all over.

    “Where’d you find this guy then?” Theobold asked in a sarcastic tone.

    He was… eager to look for a job, looked strong and an honest man who isn’t afraid to express himself, he practices patience when it comes to dealing in matters such as this. Usually his stare is enough to force some of his targets to pay the protection money right?” Degardo asked as he flips another page of the newspaper.

    “You picked a goody two shoes? Are you dumb, I mean what do you take me for, some kind of charity?” Theobold’s tone is that of a man that had received an insult.

    “Oh believe me you would be surprised, if Dubhlainn runs into a client who doesn’t follow the terms of agreement then-“

    “N-no! Stop it right now! HE’S THE LOAN SHARK OF THE NEUTRAL GROUNDS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES HE’S GONNA KILL US ALL!” The customer ran outside, almost as he’s trying to escape from a ticking timebomb.


    “Really… so do you mind if I ask you the same question…” Dubhlainn’s tone had hints of anger.


    Outside Theobold was getting bored while Degardo folded the newspaper and looked at his watch.
    “Ugh.. That’s it I’m coming in!” Theobold stood up from the bench only for Degardo to stop him.


    And with that the building exploded as the shopkeeper was sent flying. Theobold’s jaw dropped down, his eyes grew bigger as he looked up at the flying man which was his client.  As Dubhlainn were to come out from the ashes,  he presented the sum of money that he was supposed to collect.

    “… Sir Theobold? I have brought you the protection money, are you satisfied with my performance?”

    Theobold was frozen, trying to process what just happened as Degardo did nothing but chuckle.


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