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    Coming from deserito

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    Coming from deserito Empty Coming from deserito

    Post by Ember Wolf on 15th March 2016, 6:59 pm


    Job: Archaeological Excavation!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 - 3 Mages. 10 post minimum. 160 words min per post.
    Job Requirements: You have to be at least a D rank mage. Find the remains of the ancient creature and bring them to the professor.
    Job Location: Forgotten Desert.
    Job Description: An archaeological professor has stumbled on a dig site in the Forgotten Desert. Somewhere burried in the sand are the remains of an ancient creature. The professor asked for capable mages who can help him excavate the creature.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each.

    "Mmm?" Ember shook from her slumber, the early desert dawn was coming over her and her makeshift tent. She yawned and checked her bag, not liking how she was running low on food and water. She grumbled as she had the last of the food and water as breakfast, before starting up her speeder bike dusty and drove off in an eternal search for her attackers. The attackers she was referring to were the ones that attacked her tribe. In the dead of night, they came in and attacked the tents, setting them on fire while killing those who were trying to escape the flames. Ember knew this because she and a few others were coming back from a late night trip, and saw the flames. They had turned the tables on the attackers killing them all, but by then very few including herself were left of the tribe. With this, she had vowed to find the ones responsible for attacking the tribe, though all she found was a scrap of paper that bore an odd mark. With this she had drove out ward into the dunes, determined to find the reason behind her tribes attack.

    The sun rose high in the sky as she traveled across the desert landscape. Under these conditions, most people would find the heat unbearable along with how hot her speeder dusty was running. But she merely hummed along as she rode through, and began to notice odd ruins sticking out of the sands. By now she would had crossed from deserito into the forgotten desert, though as far as she was concerened she now had a little time for fun. She started to zoom through the collapsing arc ways of the ruins, the force of her speeder bike passing by caused some of the ruins to collapse, but it was fun for her to avoid the danger just in time. Well...not quite. As she drove past the arc of one she decided to skid, making it easier for her to launch herself out again, but the crumbling ruins fell backwards, crashing onto the front of ember's speeder. She had little time to react as she was forced to take a tumble onto the sand, her speeder crashed into a nearby sand dune. She shook her head, she had managed to land gracefully and avoided to get to hurt from the hit. However the same could not be said for the speeder bike. Ember went over and dug it out of the sand dune and examined it. Sure enough, she found one of the parts had been torn. She sat their with a sorrowful look on her face. "If only I had enough jewels for that hose component...*sigh*." She said to herself, then she looked at the damage and had to find parts to repair it. So she dragged the damaged speeder bike to a nearby ruin to hide the speeder in it. With some piles of sand no one would think of spotting it, of course it would be a ordeal to get the sand out when she was ready to use it again but she would worry about it later. She then set off away from the ruins on foot to find something to help her out.

    An hour passed along as ember made her way past the sand dunes, actually keeping a nice pace. The reason why was because she was not bothered at all by the heat. In fact she would not have searched urgently if not for the fact she had no more food or water. She kept on her walk until she saw something in the distance, something large and white...like a tent? She did not know, and curiosity demanded her to go find out what it was. She came closer to the location until she was able to crawl up a sand dune to get a closer look at what she saw in the distance. It looked to her like a excavation zone, she knew what one looked like because her tribe use to offer protection when someone wanted something excavated. So she figured she could perhaps offer her services to them if they needed it, or at least ask for some spare tubing. So she hoped over the sand dune and proceeded to slide down it toward the zone. She then saw flashes of light from the camp come closer until she realized they were arcane bolts. Instantly she zoomed forward with a sand twister and was able to get into the camp quickly to where she would have landed on another man, she assume he was the one firing bolts. She slammed into the man to the ground releasing a burst of sand. She looked at the knocked out man and saw tell-tale signs of bandits, they seemed to have raided the zone. She looked up and noticed that his friends came out with blades wondering where she came from. Of course she was not going to wait for them to react to her as she blasted the both of them with her sand blast, knocking them both down. She looked at the three men she just defeated, they were not the source of the magic attacks but she still had to make sure they did not come back up. So she created a massive hole in the ground big enough for the three of them. She then dragged each one into it, having it so only their heads would stick out when she buried them.

    "That will do but..." she stared saying to herself, and decided she needed to cover the heads up just in case their friends decided to show up if their were any. So with a tarp over their unconscious heads, they were made to look like a random pile of junk covered up. With that she moved off deeper into the camp now, to check for any others. She crept along to cover to avoid drawing attention, and through this she noticed the white bones sticking out of the ground. After looking around and making sure no one was watching, she crept over to the white bones and examined them. They were old, and as she looked further ahead she noticed a lot of them sticking out of the ground. She then began to noticed excavation tools; shovels, picks, troughs, brushes, and realized that this was a archaeological dig. So now the question was where were the excavators? She crept around the camp to made sure no one else was around, and after doing do she realized those three bandits were the only one's left here. So she decided to ask them on what happened to the original people that were here, and as she made her way to where she buried them she noticed movement,  meaning they were conscious again. So she uncovered the tarp with the three heads staring up at her with utter disbelief. "Don't look so surprised at-" ember started, then one of the heads interrupted "Bitch! Let us out of here!"  Ember looked unamused at the speaker and manipulated the sand to gather around the head, burying it completely. "Now unless you want find out if you can breath in sand, I suggest you answer my questions." She told the two other heads. The two heads watched the buried one shift and move trying to shake the sand off, then stop slowly. They only looked up at her nodding their heads eagerly at ember. "All right, so I doubt you two are interested in buried bones, so I imagine this camp is not yours. Where are the people who started this dig?" "Uh..." "Their dead aren't they?" "Don't kill us please!" one of the bandits cried out in tears, sobbing as he did not want to die. Ember only looked unamused at him too, "Well, did they have some machinery around the dig?" "Uh yeah! It's over by some weird runes! You can't miss it!" The non-sobbing head said eagerly to try to gain favor with ember. Ember shrugged and left the two heads to comfort each other while sh searched for the drilling equipment. Really she did not care to much if the people in charge were dead, as long as she got what she needed she would be fine in the end. Eventually she did find it, and scavenged the parts from it for dusty. When she did, she looked around for anything else, and found a couple lunch boxes sprayed with blood, but the food and water in it were left untouched. She added this to the pile, and even found a nice amount of jewels along the way. She chuckled to herself happily at her score she was able to get, and would have left there if not for the rune door.

    The stone door itself had runes inscribed on it of a by-gone age. Ember couldn't read it, but she was drawn to it by curiosity. She ran her hand across the door, enjoying how hot it was even compared to the desert heat, however she ran her hand over a depressed circle and it stuck. She was confused and on edge, trying to rip her hand away from the door. It was to no avail, and what was worse, the door started to glow. What she could have not known was the door held a ancient and powerful weapon that once caused violent revolutions across many centuries and civilizations before being sealed away here. In fact the door would react by adsorbing the mana or life from anyone trying to get to the blade, and this was enough to kill someone as it took the equivalent to a hundred mages mana in order to open the door. However, ember had just enough to spare, as her blood carried enough for the door to be open. And in fact it did, all the runes glowed with a blue, then orange light as she could free her hand and landed on the sand with a soft thud. She had no idea what had happened, and she felt like she was drained even though she only had a quarter of her mana absorbed along with the rest of it drawn from a massive reservoir that she had no idea about. But once the door slid open with the sand being shook, the blade layed before her, resting on a ancient weapon rack. She blinked, then got up and cautiously inspected the room for any booby traps. When she was sure she was not going to get skewed, she entered and took the blade from the rack. It was long and dark, with a odd red eye as if it was once part of a creature. A part of ember was a bit unnerved by it, but another liked what she saw. So with this new weapon and the salvage she gathered, she started the long process of getting parts to dusty, then buzzing by the camp again to gather the food, water, jewels, and the weapon since she felt the two bandits were not going anywhere.

    Tragedy would have struck though, after repairing dusty from where she left it and coming back to collect the rest of her loot, she noticed that the heads were gone. Upon further inspection, she realized they took what was of worth; food, water, and the blade. She was fortunate to have hid the jewels out of habit, but was angered and dismayed at the loss of her new weapon and her valuable food and water. With a heavy heart, she collected the jewels and started up dusty, continuing her journey along to find her tribe's attackers, not aware of the talisman in the jewels with her.

    WC: 1963/1600...all done in one post!


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