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    The Slaying of Jacob Goodnight


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    The Slaying of Jacob Goodnight Empty The Slaying of Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Mossino 13th March 2016, 9:53 pm

    It would be smack dab in the middle of the night, around midnight to be specific. The moon would be full, casting gray light onto everything in sight. This light would shine off the water near the streets of Hargeon, casting enough photons to see the area. This would honestly be useful for Nothel as he is on guard duty. Guard duty isn’t the specific word for it actually. Nothel is here to assassinate someone. Specifcally, he is here to kill a man by the name Jacob Goodnight. While he could capture this man and get a better jewel reward, he wants the thrill of the kill…Ever since he murdered that child, all he could remember how satisfactory it was, and that was murder. This person actually deserves to die, and will put up a decent fight. What did he specifcally do again? Oh yeah, dismember people and rip them to shreds at night. Break down a door and bam; rip a family apart, literally. That is pretty brutal to be honest and Nothel has to respect that. But, Nothel is going to be paid a good amount to kill this man. And killing this man is what Nothel shall do, and that is why he is out here tonight, waiting. His full set of clothes would be on. Leather clothing with chainmail on top of it, with a black cloak around him. A small cloth covers his mouth and a hoodie covers his eyes. All this clothing makes him invisible in the shadows, making it easy for people to not notice him waiting, lurking. There had been a string of attacks around this small neighborhood, and a lot of people had left, except a few houses. Why Jacob was attacking this area in general? No idea, but it has a pretty good chance of being the area of the neck attack. All Nothel had to do was find the guy and impale him, easy as pie. Though, one thing Nothel didn’t expect was for this Jacob man to sneak up on him. The alleyway connected two streets and well, Nothel wasn’t looking behind him. Nothel only heard two things before an attack came. He heard the footsteps of a heavier built man and the rattle of metal. Nothel only barely dodged before a meat cleaver got lodged inside the brick of the wall. This is when Nothel would get a good look at this ‘Jacob’ man. He was…visually impressive to be honest. He was huge, taller than Nothel, at least six foot six, and muscle, oh god the muscle. He was a beast, strong as hell and bulky. This poses a problem; he could probably beat Nothel in the strength apartment. But, Nothel had speed and the shadows on his side here.

    The Jacob man would grin menacingly and step forward, brandishing his meat hook and cleaver. Nothel quickly draws his sword, going into a defensive position. He waits for the brute to make the first move. With amazing speed the man would sling his meat hook at Nothel and it barely misses him as he steps back. This man was faster than he should have been, and way too strong. Nothel may have a hard time beating him. Nothel attempts to charge forward and get a quick hit off on the man. This wouldn’t go extremely well as they clash blades. The man blocked the attack with his meat cleaver, making sparks fly as the two metal blades meat each other, illuminating their faces for a second. They lock eyes with each other for a second before Nothel jumps back before the man gets a cheap shot off on him.

    Suddenly, a cloud would go in front of the moon, darkening the entire area to pitch blackness, making it impossible for them to see each other. Though, Nothel has worked a lot in the dark, and can make out the figure that is the man. Using this to his advantage he backs off a bit, using the darkness as cover for his next attack. Nothel lunges forward at a random interval, clashing blades with the man, the sparkes illuminating the battle field for a moment. When Nothel fails the attack he jumps back into the darkness, attacking again at another time. Suddenly, as Nothel lunges again, the battlefield would get illuminated again. The cloud moved on and allowed light right as Nothel went to attack. This caught him offguard and the man countered perfectly, dodging Nothel’s attack. This went horribly because the man immediately stabbed forward with his cleaver, burying it into Nothel’s left arm. Nothel cries out in pain and jumps back, shivering from the attack. While he may be a brutish fighter, he has a low tolerance for pain, and that hurt badly. The adrenaline in his body keeps him from feeling all the pain, and allows him to pull the cleaver out of his body, blood gushing everywhere out of his arm. Though, his cursed blood would already begin to heal him, it would be slow. Nothel has had enough of this guy, and the wound right into his bone really didn’t help. He had to finish this now because he was bleeding badly and could pass out due to his tiredness and pain. Quickly Nothel rushes the man, and pulls a risky move. He reaches out with his weakened left arm and grabs his only weapon left, the meat hook, holding it in place. The man would reach out and grab Nothels right arm stopping him from instantly killing the man. They struggle attempts to break the other one, and Nothel would start to lose pretty fast, being much less strong than him. But, in this moment, Nothel raises his feet off the ground by holding onto the man. Then, he kicks forward, hitting the knees of the man, breaking one and hurting the other badly. This causes the man to fall back, unable to stand on a broken leg. Nothel gets out of his grip and looms over the man, grinning as he flails, trying to hit Nothel. Being cocky, Nothel walks away and grabs the meat cleaver from the ground. Turning back to the man, he would go to decapitate him with the cleaver. There was one thing Nothel did not expect to happen here. The man had one last weapon on him, a butchering knife. As Nothel goes to kill him, the man stabs forward in a last vain attempt to kill Nothel. The attack lands, and pierces Nothel in the stomach, causing severe pain. Before collapsing himself, Nothel pushes the cleaver into the man neck, effectively killing him. Then, Nothel collapses himself, groaning in agony as the pain makes him subside into unconsciousness. While he won’t die from this, his cursed blood will heal a small wound like this, it will be a few hours before he is back up and moving. He can finish the quest tomorrow, after some rest.


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