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    An after job meal

    Casey Nightwind
    Casey Nightwind

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    An after job meal Empty An after job meal

    Post by Casey Nightwind 13th March 2016, 9:43 pm

    Casey sat in a restaurant waiting for his food. After a long morning of traveling and an afternoon of tracking Jacob Casey was starved. The restaurant was dimly lit with light lacrima's placed in chandeliers. The sun had already set and people were starting to flock towards the restaurant.
    Casey was starting to get uncomfortable with so many people siting down to order. "O god what if someone sat down here, please let my food get here so I can eat and leave." He hoped. After a few more minutes his food arrived. He eyed his plate of "baked potato's with side of hamburger" (as he called it) hungrily. He folded his hands and said grace like his mom had taught him all those years ago, one of the things he did to remember her by. He smiled remembering the times his family would eat together laughing and dreaming. "No," He thought. "Those time are over she's long dead they both are. You can't keep clinging to the past cut it out." He reached down and took a hold of his burger taking an inhuman bit out of it before realizing someone was standing at his table.

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