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    Crack in the Ice

    Hana Akki
    Hana Akki

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    Crack in the Ice Empty Crack in the Ice

    Post by Hana Akki on 8th March 2016, 9:27 pm

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    It was morning, and sunlight shun through the open space which those who lived within the dwelling would call a window as a young and rather frail looking girl snuggled close to her twin brother just praying for a few hours of rest. But alas, her prayer has not been reached just like always. It was a dissapointment really, but the young silver headed girl had long ago learned to live with it."Eratheros~"  Cooed the girl as her crimson eyes traveled down to her brother's sleeping face."It's time to get up, c'mon sleepy head." "Hana...lemme sleep..." The young girl now proclaimed Hana giggled at her brother's usual morning behaviour. Waking him up was a morning routine, same as him Fighting back, and although it was the same it was interesting. It always was, and it always stayed that way. The two didn't have last names, but it didn't bother them one bit. Nothing did. Not the rusty moldy cages that they would call room, not the stale bread and dirty water they would consume, not even the scars on their backs that they would receive from their father which had strictly forbid them from calling him that. You see, unlike most people, Hana and Eratheros had grown up inside an underground cave they had called home, the rustic cell they lived in their room. Their father had owned a buisness which apparently required workers, although filled with greed and hatred, he didn't want to pay for workers, so he hired a gang and offered them protection and free supplies in return and he enslaved kids and adults. The two, however, didn't know of it, never having even heard of such a thing. They didn't know good from bad, nor what it even was seeming as how they were born in captivity. Most of the slaves there would look at them with hatred as few would look at them with pity, again they never noticed. They were emotionless rag dolls, and that seemed to be what they would ever be. But that notion was wrong, oh yes very wrong. Although they never showed true emotion on the outside, they were bursting with it on the inside, as if it were a colorful firework display and the colors represented a certain emotion. Although this is just where the interesting part comes in, the emotion they felt, was only ever for eachother.... a show of red blues and greens only to be revealed to eachother as only an empty dark sky unlit by stars or even the moon only to be revealed to the rest...


    The sound was heard over from the bars of their "room" and they quickly shot their heads up to look at the tall figure before them, Eratheros now wide awake. "Come on brats, hurry up and eat. It's your "father's" birthday today and he will be leaving for a little vacation tomorrow. He intends on having a bit of fun before he gets stuck on a train." 'What's a train?'The two mentally inquired in unison to each other, having the gift of speaking to each other within their minds. They had never seen one, nor even heard of one before now."WELL?! WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!" The man, now impatient shouted at the identical beings, which in return they responded with a quick nod and a dash out of their cage towards the dining hall. They didn't know much of the outside world, nor even where the exit of this place was, so the guards trusted they could be on their own having lived here seven years since their birth and knowing the routine. They were wrong to think of this however, for since their sixth birthday, they've hatched a plan to see the outside world. To feel the breeze gently rushing onto their faces as it offered them clean air, to see the bright blue sky with the sun shining bright as they layer in the grass listening to birds and critters run about as they watched the clouds... whatever all those things were. They were sure their father wouldn't mind afterall as long as they came back, because he loved them... or, they thought so. They hadn't killed them yet, them being the longest he ever aloud to live... so, yeah. He must love them... right? They never tried to think too hard about it as they entered the dining hall getting glares and soft looks from the other slaves. Of course though, like always, they've brushed this off, getting their slop of food from the server along with a killer glare, and making their way to the back table to sit alone in peace as they enjoy their meal and intrigue themselves upon the opinions of their fellow peasants who would always whisper either negative or somewhat positive things about them, just like everyday. After they had finished, they made their way to their father's room which he used for "rewarding". "About time you guys got here..." The man scolded to the two, and continued on with the normal birthday routine which meant their "rewarding" would last longer. The sounds of whips snapped within the room as the attached blade ran across each of their back cutting it, but not once would they ever make a sound. They were too use to the pain, which had enraged the abusive man greatly, but he always failed to get a peep out of it, so he would always become bored of it. "*sigh* Go back to your guys' room..." They nodded, patting the dirt off of the rags of clothes they had on, and rushed towards the cold, empty cell. Now that it was nightfall, the two can put their plan into place. The window was far too high for them to reach, all the way up to the cieling. Of course they couldn't reach it, there were under the bloody ground. So instead, they have been working on a tunnel for every night of the past month. Tonight was the night they would reach surface, they just knew it. Pulling out the stone slabs of the wall, they uncovered the dirt tunnel, and climbed their way up desperately grabbing onto the loose walls as they climbed up, Hana first. "Eratheros, we're here. Hand me the spoon please." Ah, yes the plastic spoon. It had been a great help, because although they still had to use their hands, the plastic spoon saved their hands from aching and cramping too much. With a nod, Eratheros handed the circular object to her, and she began shoveling at the dort as she covered her eyes by turning her head away along with Eratheros. Soon, they felt  thin and... rather cold layer... what WAS that? Hana elbowed the ground above her, and almost instantly, a cold type of substance fell down upon them, some of it melting into water from their body heat, but the rest staying frozen solid. "Hana... what is this?" Eratheros questioned. "I'm not sure... it's really cold, but it seems fun to play in..." The two nodded to eachother and climbed out staring at awe at the scene before them. Trees, which they had only ever heard of from the man who would watch and mentor them before he had been layer down, covered the area covered in the white stuff which now seemed to sparkle. The sky, a dark blue held shining objects within it, like millions of tiny little suns, and there, a full moon stood. Shining brightly. A peaceful song filled their ears, and although they had not known where it came from, it soothed them... but then, it stopped. "So I was right..." They heard an amused voice, quickly whirling their heads around to see their dad. "You guys were up to something... WELL, you know the consequences for breaking the rules... now hold still and we'll make this real quick." Their father took out an unseen object, although they clearly knew what it was, for they had overheard stories from the other slaves... it was a gun. Reacting quickly, Eratheros whirled around grubbing Hana's arm and pulling along with him as they ran. He didn't want to lose Hana, and he didn't want to due without her either. The first bullet missed only by a bit, and singed his arms he was using to keep hold of his dear sister who was younger than him only by a few minutes, but he didn't let go, he kept holding and running as their father pursued them, firing shots from time to time which would sometimes miss but then again scrape across their skin drawing a bit of blood, until eventually, they came to a cliff with a waterfall down below. They had lost sight of their father a bit ago since they had ran into the woods through little gaps, but he was sure to catch up, and they had to think fast. But they didn't need to... Eratheros already knew what he was gonna do, and he took off his oversized shirt, hurriedly pulling it onto Hana for extra warmth and grabbing onto her arms. "Hana, I know this is gonna be a bit sad and rough to get through, but just know that I love you and I'm always gonna have your back, okay?" He wore a sad smile, his eyes were mournful and Hana sat in confusion. Finally about to open her mouth to inquire what he could possible mean, she was cut off, their father had caught up to them. Eratheros could only hope that his sister didn't doe of hypothermia, but even then, it was way better than the way he was going to, and he pushed her off the cliff into the icy cold waters. Surprised and out of breath, Hana frantically paddled her way up to the surface of the water gasping for breath. That was wear she saw it. Her brother getting shot off a cliff, straight in the head. Time seemed to have stopped for her as the cruel man she would never call a father again left, and quickly resumed as she was rushed along the icy current. Her lungs felt as if they were collapsing on eachother, and she desperately struggled to keep her head out of the water only to fail as she was hit against rocks, slowly losing her consciousness. Guess she couldn't hold it back anymore, because not soon after, her vision failed on her and everything became black.


    Bright sunlight shone in her eyes, the soft sounds of chirping and a beautiful song playing in her ears as she bounced bit by bjt, feeling as if she was being carried. Was she not dead? She wasn't quite sure, it was hard to say. Maybe it was a dream and she really was in an eternal sleep? But it surely didn't feel that way... Slowly lifting her eyelids, she opened her eyes to see the branches of leaves slowly rushing past her along with a bright sun shining down on her. She shifted slightly, not liking such a bright light greet her eyes which were still too use to the dark. "I see you're awake." Said a soft and smooth voice which sounded very much female. Hana rolled over on the seemingly large creatures back and looked around for a person, most likely the master of this scale blue thing, but nobody was there. "H-hello? Who said that?" The now timid girl asked trying to sound brave. She had never been to the outside world and never came in contact with anybody from it either unless they were new coming slaves. Even then she didn't talk to them! "My name's Yuki. You're on me right now. I can hear the fear in your voice, no need, I'm only here to help." Hana stared in surprise and bewilderment as Yuki turned her head to give Hana a mischievous yet kind smirk to Hana. "Now little one, what's your name?" "Hana... you can talk?! That's so cool! Can all creatures talk?!" Yuki chuckled at Hana's outburst. "Hana... a lovely name for such a cute girl. Yes, I do believe I can talk seeming as how you're understand every word that comes out of my mouth... but no, not every creature can talk..." Yuki trailed of, confused by the girl's inquiry. Wouldn't she know? But then again, once she found her she did look rather beat... not to mention the scars running along her back and her skinny and frail physic. Yuki came to the conclusion she must've been a slaved and listened on to answer the curious girl's questions. "What creature are you???" "You don't know? I'm a Dragon of course... I'm a legendary creature though, so nobody but you knows of my current existence. Let's keep that a secret okay? From now on I'll take care of you and teach you everything you need to know." Hana smiled and nodded at the unempty prmoise, which was to and had been kept. From that day forth for nine years, Yuki fed the child, gave her a last name known as Akki, cleaned her, healed her, guarded her from greedy travelers, taught her to read and write, even how to use a so called "lost magic", Ice Dragon Slayer magic. Hana had learned the spells, but was oddly never able to even put out a single drop of magical energy into ice. It always came out as a shadow. She kept her determination, and awaited the day she would be able to use it... sadly though, Yuki would never get to see her little pupil cast her first ice spell, as she had disappeared into thin air one day, never to be seen by Hana again. Hana became lonely, depressed, and reserved once again. Travelers would always raid the food in her cave, making it unsafe to hide there anymore. She was sixteen and doubted much places would allow her to live there, but she had inherited Yuki's determination at least and went to a town where she was soon to find a guild named Fairy Tail and join it, form a team a powerful bonds of friendship with others, and not to mention, succeed both her and Yuki's life long dream of turning that Shadow magic one into ice. From then on, she would be happy, she just didn't know it yet.


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