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    The Contractor


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    The Contractor Empty The Contractor

    Post by Cr1tikal 5th March 2016, 1:47 am

    Job Title:
    The Contractor

    B Rank

    Player Requirements:
    2x C Rank Mages
    1x B Rank Mage

    Job Requirements:
    12,000 Words Total
    +3,000 Words Per Player beyond the first
    If in a team, word count is divided equally amongst the players
    Roll 15 times

    Job Location:
    Ancient Ruins

    Job Description:
    Inside the ruins lays a massive labyrinth of ungodly size, one by which no one has ever managed to make i to the exit. Supposedly, there lays a man in the middle who's been damned to remain there for his eternity, and only a mage of considerable power can end his suffering. Where these two connect for you is that in your guild hall is a notice for mages to come and challenge him. He'll not simply lay down his life, but rather, he wants a warrior's death and will reward his terminator(s) with a mass of jewel.

    The labyrinth seems to be made of a strange stone that emits natural lighting, similar to those in many modern day homes. The walls are also decorated with thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of rune markings that cannot be dispelled by even the most powerful mages. These walls cannot be broken, moved through, moved under, moved over, or bypassed in any way, shape, or form. The ABSOLUTE only way to make it through the labyrinth is through the long, tedious, and hard way. Teleportation spells will land you in the exact same spot you teleported away from. Any other spell/ability that works similar to teleports will have the same result.

    While traversing the labyrinth, you will encounter quite a number of enemies. Some are garbage, others are... less garbage. After 15 rolls, a Boss enemy will spawn that holds a special item that teleports you all the way to the final boss's chamber. All Boss enemies rolled DO NOT have this item.

    Weak: Mole-Badger
    A strange animal that stands 6 feet tall, it has the nose of a mole, and the body of a badger. It's extremely aggressive and can track your team anywhere within the labyrinth. These creatures go down in 1 hit of C Rank or higher damage, but are so fast and agile landing that attack is seemingly impossible. They have flawless vision, amazing sense of smell, and can literally taste you from fifty feet away. Their hearing is 500x stronger than a human's, but they can control the strength of it so shouting in their ear won't work.

    Normal: 15x Hunters
    More people here for the same reason as you... each of them uses a different melee weapon, your choice which, and each takes 2 hits of B Rank damage to take down. In total, that's 30 hits of B Rank for the whole lot if you take them out 1 at a time.

    Strong: 2x Tentacles
    Tentacles start sprouting from the walls and attacking you. They can sense the presence of all living, and non-living beings within their 100 meter grasp and can appear out of any wall they want. The only way to get past these is to slash them to death as they're immune to all magic. However 5 hits of B Rank damage will be enough to slash them wide open.

    Boss: Dual-Headed Earth Dragon
    The Contractor CycBvCu

    A rather large, 300 foot long creature that has no wings. It's obviously an earth dweller and will attempt to kill you. It uses Earth Dragon magic, the exact spells are your choice, and while it can talk somewhat it would rather pick its teeth with your bones. The dragon can breath flames for up to 50 meters with each head, but normally will combine the flames to make a super powerful blast of heat. It takes 30 hits of B Rank damage to down this monstrosity, and since this is a true dragon and some wimpy dragon slayer, God and Demon Slayers cannot consume its magic. Rolling this enemy multiple times means it wasn't truly dead the last time, and it's going to smash through those rune covered walls to chomp on you... have fun!

    Boss: ???
    The Contractor 1zviY5V
    Your contractor, a man who was bound to this labyrinth for all eternity. He gives you a brief lesson, a very small lecture saying "The walls of this structure... do you not know their purpose? They serve as a space-time distortion method, forcing me in a time loop. It prevents me from leaving, as well as aging. But will not stop me from dying... You have my eternal gratitude for answering my call, and upon me dying, if I do die, you may claim all my riches in this chest." and will gesture to a rather large chest on the far end of the room. The room is very large, and allows a great deal of room to run. But has no formed of cover... it's designed as an arena, except there's no areas to spectate from.

    As for your contractor, he uses metal magic and can cause metal to appear from below the ground, or materialize weapons at will. He's an expert swordsman, and can stop even the fastest of sword strikes. Those who are skilled with blades will find it impossible to land a single cut on him, and he's also immune to Stun, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, and Burn statuses. However, he will take the initial damage from any attack of the above listed nature if it does deal damage. It will take 30 hits of B Rank to defeat and kill this man, but beware... his attack speed is just as impressive, if not more so than his swordsmanship. Once he's dead, a black crystal will appear that will act as a key for the chest. Upon opening the chest, the player and their money will all be teleported to wherever they desire.


    50,000 Jewel
    +12,500 Jewel Reward for each Boss Enemy Defeated
    Maximum +50,000 Jewel to original bonus


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