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    Lass Empty Lass

    Post by BlackxRose on 4th March 2016, 6:12 pm

    Name: Lass
    Sex: Female
    Rank: D
    Species: Cat
    Type: Home Guardian

    Description: Lass was an old stray that Venize found wandering around his home.  She is completely black and has golden eyes that glow in the dark.  Her tail is split at the end and wears a gold bell on her collar.  Ever since Venize first fed her, Lass has grown an undying love for him.

    Personality:  Lass' love for Venize is only rivaled by her temper.  While she is patient while waiting for Venize, she is very hostile to guests.

    Abilities: When Venize travels, she keeps the house by eating spiders (Yes, she does that), mice and protecting it from thieves, which come more often than she likes.  Lass' ability allows her to cast illusions that scare away opponents, but otherwise has no use in professional combat.

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    (Yes that is Blue Exorcist)

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