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    To Earthland and Beyond


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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Nao 3rd March 2016, 5:44 pm

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    Queues were something that Nao was not really used to being in, now that he was nearly onto becoming a b rank mage. Surely this was just something that became so minuscule when you got that far into being a mage, because most people had never gotten up to that far in their career. But Nao was determined to get really far as a mage, and be part of history, as was described in his motivations. But enough of looking at the reason why Nao hated standing in a queue, because he instead would focus on the reason why he was in the queue.

    Nao was actually here to get a passport, with the intention of fooling the people there to think he was a guild member. He had his expertly made, incredibly precise tattoo of an Infinity Hydra tattoo on his eye lid, just like he had planned it, and was now just looking around and sometimes closing his eyes to show off his fancy tattoo. But this was boring, so he instead decided to focus on something.

    To Earthland and Beyond D8u5Rus

    Nao stepped forward in the queue to find himself looking at some of the brickwork of the building ahead. The fine brick laying that was made here, the sheer craftdwarfship of the brick that he was focusing on was so high in detail, and of the highest quality. Its outer layer was made of the greatest obsidian known to man, with a reinforcement of adamantium. He had never known of a brick in the wall to be of such importance, that it was favoured among the rest of the other bricks (also all of which were the highest craftdwarfship in the land). Surely this was an impeccable brick that required such a pretty coating, that not even Cinderella herself would even be able to wish for. Of course, why would Cinderella even ask for a coat of obsidian and adamantium?

    He would continue to look into the details of the brick, of each and every nook, and every bubble, and every chipping that had been made into this brick. He of course must have not been the only one to have thought about the great crafting of this brick that was before him, and was getting closer to him with every person that left the queue. He didn’t really know what to do, would he just stand there and let people pass, so that he could admire this brick? Surely not. Surely after standing here for so long that he would obviously move on, and fake his guild membership.

    He would allow maybe one or two people past as he continued to ogle this brick like it was the finest brick in all the land… That was to say until he realised that about three metres up was an equally beautiful and high craftdwarfship brick. This seemed to have been a pattern in the building this whole time.

    Nao realised how much of a dummy he was, and instead moved forward into the queue, to get his passport. He winked at the man who was doing the passports, only if to show that his tattoo was on his eyelid. But he would have to get it checked a few times, causing him to feel a little embarrassed having to wink constantly. Between the shameful realisation of the brick, and having to wink at the man again and again, he just wanted to get this over with.

    A few minutes later, he was given his passport, and he as able to brick it.



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