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    In Progress Dorian

    Post by Mathias Tremolo on 3rd March 2016, 3:37 pm

    Name: Dorian
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Wolf (+?)
    Type: Combat Pet

    Dorian's Appearance:

    Dorian's Art Storage
    Note: Dorian is my baby. Please play nicely. c:
    Dorian is Mathias' best friend for a reason — they share many similar traits.

    A Paralytic Phenomenon
    Dorian has a mellow personality with a bumbling physique. In his efforts, his actions never wish malintent on others, yet he somehow manages to screw things up time and time again. In all actuality, he is a sassy sweetheart with an intimidating presence; in most cases, he ends up being misunderstood and shunned. He is an optimist with a big heart, and does all he can to be accepted.
    Regardless, do not let this steer you wrong — he will snap your legs off if you catch him in an off mood. His feelings get hurt easily, and will not hesitate if one of his friends is injured to bring the pain to the cause. He is loyal, honest, friendly, earnest, clumsy, and dangerous, all rolled into one conflicted package.

    A Past of Emptiness
    Dorian is a very forward-looking wolf and prefers to not dwell on the past...Probably because he has no recollection of his. We cannot be certain of how old he is, but it is speculated to be between 4 and 5 years. He accepts his status as a freak of nature and wants only to be accepted for the loving, lumbering fool that he is.

    Abilities: His saliva is poisonous. It will paralyze the victim if consumed or injected. (Or inhaled in large quantity.)


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