Sacred Sword Arts

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    Sacred Sword Arts

    Post by 橘ナミネ と 橘楓 on 2nd March 2016, 9:51 pm

    Sacred Sword

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    The Sacred Sword Techniques are a set of highly technical weapon skills that may only be mastered by someone who's very heart has reached the depths of despair. These allow the user to imbue their swords with the elements, and in higher ranks, multiple swords with multiple elements. The learning process begins with insanity, and ends with absolute resolve. The wielder of these spells must be completely broken so that the Spirit of Blades can rebuild them, and implant the knowledge without any resistance. As these are all sword techniques, they all require a sword, or multiple swords. These spells are also Unholy or Corrupting in nature, as the Spirit of Blades is not a holy spirit. As such, these spells can only be consumed by the appropriate element of God Slayer. Dragon Slayers are unable to consume multiple element spells, and Demon Slayers use Holy/Purifying magic, and their systems can't handle Unholy/Corrupting magic.

    Unique Abilities

    Master Caster Miyuki is able to activate multiple Sacred Sword Arts, so long as they're not on cooldown and don't cancel each other out, by saying "Sacred Sword Arts" and listing one of the words of each of the arts that she wants to use. This creates a magic circle below her with the appropriate symbol on it. If 5 of the arts are being used, with "Chaos" being one of those five, then even the ones that cancel the other(S) out will be able to be used. This does not negate or reduce the amount of of MP required to cast the spells, nor does it increase the efficiency of the spell.

    Sacred Sword Art No. 1;Kōri, Shimo, Yuki:
    Sacred Sword Art No. 1;Kōri, Shimo, Yuki
    D Rank
    Sacred Sword Art
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    4 Posts
    Miyuki runs her hand along the broad side of her blade, or crosses her blades to activate this spell while saying "Sacred Sword Art Number 1; Kōri, Shimo, Yuki" and her blades begin glowing white with a snow like powder falling from them. For the duration of this spell, all Miyuki's attacks with her swords will cause her opponents to freeze solid. During PvP, this freeze effect lasts for 1 post, opponents 1 rank above Miyuki or greater will be unaffected by this ability. When fighting Boss rank opponents; this skill requires 10 hits from Miyuki's swords before it will freeze the Boss. If the boss has more than 25% HP left, the freeze effect will last for 1 post before the boss shatters the ice with sheer strength.

    Allows Miyuki to freeze her opponents solid

    Useless against opponents above Miyuki's rank in PvP
    Requires a lot of hits to freeze Boss rank opponents in PvE
    If boss is frozen, it will break free if its HP is above 25%
    Sacred Sword Art No. 2; Honō, Kaen, Mosu:
    Sword Art No. 2; Mosu, Honō, Kaen

    C Rank
    Sacred Sword Art
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    4 Posts
    Miyuki runs her hand across the broad side of her blade, or crosses her blades and says  
    "Sacred Sword Art Number 2; Honō, Kaen, Mosu" causing the blade(s) to light on fire.  
    This spell cannot stack with "Sacred Sword Art No. 1" but it can be used alongside it.  
    Opponents set on fire will be frozen, cancelling the effect of this spell if hit by  
    "Sacred Sword Art No. 1" and vice versa. This enchantment sets all opponents Miyuki cuts with the effected blade(s) on fire, causing them to scream in agony as they're incinerated. If used for PvP, all cuts cause a 4 post burn effect that deals 25% C Rank damage per post. If used for PvP, being hit multiple times doesn't increase the damage, but rather increases the duration of the burn by +1 posts. Against Boss rank monsters, it takes 8 hits of this ability to incinerate the boss.

    Weapon attacks cause a burn/incineration effect depending on what it's used against
    Cannot use Sacred Sword Art No. 1, and then use this spell on the same weapon. Doing so will cancel out the previously used spell.
    In PvP, the blades don't incinerate her enemies; it just causes a burn effect.
    Being hit multiple times by the blades don't make the burn effect worse, just makes it last longer.
    In PvP or PvE; if Miyuki hits an opponent with the effect of "Sacred Sword Art No. 1," and then this enchantment's effect, the former will be canceled out. The same goes vice versa.
    Sacred Sword Art No. 3;Den, Inazuma, Inabikari:
    Sacred Sword Art No. 3; Den, Inazuma, Inabikari
    B Rank
    Sacred Sword Art
    5 Post Duration
    6 Post Duration
    Miyuki runs her hand across the broad side of her blade, or crosses her blades and says  
    "Sacred Sword Art Number 3;Den, Inazuma, Inabikari " causing the blade(s) to begin sparking violently with white lightning. This is caused by massive currents of wind being shrunk down to minuscule size, and being forced to move around the weapon at immense speed. The speed of the wind causes lightning to form, and soon the lightning becomes imbued to the blade(s). The blades are charged with 10,000 volts running at 500 amps, and  will effects each rank of NPC differently, as well as have a different effect on players(PvP). Weak NPC’s will have their blood instantly dried up, as well as their hearts fried. Normal NPC’s will be able to resist a hit or two, but will end the same as weak ones. Strong NPC’s will be paralyzed after 2 hits, and suffer the same effect as weak ones after 5 hits. Boss NPC’s will find it extremely hard to move after being hit 4 times, but will never be paralyzed fully and will never suffer the same fate as their subordinate.

    During PvP, players hit by the enchanted blade(s) will have their mobility cut by 25% every time they’re hit; once the debuff hits 100% (4 hits) the player is paralyzed for 1 post. After that 1 post, the player gains all of their mobility back, and the cycle starts again. This effect does not conduct through anything (except clothes), and requires 100% contact with the player in order to take place. If an opponent is armoured(even metal armour) so long as the armour takes the hit, the player will be safe from this effect. The 25% mobility reduction lasts 1 post. Even if this reduction exceeds 25% it will only last 1 post. However, this 1 post duration will reset if an extra tick of the reduction is added.

    Very powerful paralytic

    Against Boss NPC’s it will never paralyze them.
    Against players it doesn’t paralyze in 1 shot and the speed debuff isn’t permanent.
    Mobility reduction is gone after 1 post, unless another tick of the reduction is added.
    Sacred Sword Art No. 5; Chi, Koudo, A-su:
    Sacred Sword Art No. 4: Chi, Koudo, A-su
    A Rank
    Sacred Sword Art
    5 Posts
    6 Posts
    Miyuki runs her hand across the broad side of her blade, or crosses her blades and says  
    "Sacred Sword Art Number 4: Chi, Koudo, A-su" causing the blade(s) to glow with a green type of aura. This imbues the weapon(s) with the properties of earth, namely weight, and causes all things it hits to triple in weight with each hit. This spell also decreases Miyuki's weight to 0Kg, or she can increase it to her normal weight if desired effectively allowing her to defy gravity itself. During PvP, the weight increase of weapons translates to making it so with every time an imbued weapon makes contact with the enemy's weapon(s) they're limited further as to how many attacks per post can be made with the weapon.
    First - Maximum 5 attacks
    Second - Maximum 4 Attacks
    Third - Maximum 3 Attacks
    Fourth - Maximum 2 Attacks
    Fifth - Maximum 1 attack
    Sixth - Weapon is too heavy, permanently disabled.

    This circumvents any player abilities to lift a blade of any weight, and can only be nullified by a spell that removed debuffs/status effects. Players can negate this spell with magic cancelling effects, or it can be consumed by an Earth God Slayer. This spell cannot be used with "Sacred Sword Art No. 3" as this is an Earth spell, and the aforementioned spell is "Wind/Lightning" element which cancels each other out.

    Ability to disable weapons

    Does immediately disable weapons, but rather does so over time
    Disabled weapons can be enabled again through purifying spells or consumption.
    Sacred Sword Art No. 5; Konton, Ranmyaku, Waizatsu:
    Sacred Sword Art No. 5; Konton, Ranmyaku, Waizatsu
    S Rank
    Sacred Sword Art
    Miyuki runs her hand across the broad side of her blade, or crosses her blades and says  
    "Sacred Sword Art Number 5: Konton, Ranmyaku, Waizatsu" causing the blade(s) to glow with a black and gold type of aura. They are all imbued with the ability to nullify magic by literally ripping the spell apart. During PvP, only 1 spell per post of equal or lesser rank can be nullified. This spell cannot be consumed by slayers due to its chaotic nature, and any slayer who attempts to consume it will take half spell rank in damage on top of failing to consume it. This spell can ONLY be combined with another Sacred Sword Art if all of them are used at the same time. However, Sacred Sword Arts that are otherwise incompatible can be imbued on the same blade if this spell is active.

    Nullifies Magic

    Doesn't increase damage
    Can't be combined with other sacred sword arts unless all are used at the same time
    Sacred Sword Art No. 6:
    Sacred Sword Art: No. 6: Amidasu, Kū, Rei
    Sacred Sword Art
    1 Post
    Miyuki is able to restore either 10MP to herself, or 10MP to one of her allies, or 5MP to all allies within 100 meters of her position. Amidasu means to create, Ku is to imagine, and Rei is tto have soul or passion. With this spell, Miyuki grants herself or others the ability to act based on their passion, imagination, and desire to create by supplying some of the necessary MP.

    Instantly restores some MP

    Cannot restore 10MP to more than 1 target
    Doesn't deal damage to enemies, or do anything over the top...


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