The Flying Scaly Thing's Challenge (Private: Dmitry/Evia/Ni-Ju)

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    The Flying Scaly Thing's Challenge (Private: Dmitry/Evia/Ni-Ju)

    Post by Benjamin on 26th February 2016, 22:31

    Job Description:

    Job Title: 
    The Dragon's Challenge
    (One Time Only)

    B - Rank

    Player Requirements: 
    B Rank or Higher
    3+ C Rank
    1 B + 1 or more C Ranks

    Job Requirements:
    45 Posts
    350 Words Per Post
    Pass All Challenges

    Job Location: 
    Sky Tower

    Job Description: 
    Your group received a letter, telling them to climb to the
    top of the Sky Tower for a meeting; the siblings will
    begin their journey to fulfill their destiny. 

    At the Sky Tower, the group is picked up by a rather
    large beast covered in Black and Blueish crystals. Any
    Dragon Slayers will find that their natural advantage
    over dragons, is somehow nullified against these ones.
    The dragons however proved to have no intention of
    eating the group, as they drop them all off safely on a
    small, floating island high above the clouds. The air is
    frigid, and rather thin. Sky slayers will be fine with the
    altitude, and Ice Slayers will be fine with the cold. 

    A massive Dragon, easily larger than the rest makes
    its entry, telling the group his name is "Xiuhcoatl" and
    he wishes to test the mettle of humanity, starting with
    the group. He tells them that they'll be put through a
    series of 9 challenges, and if the group lives and passes
    them all, he'll give them a special mark as well as give
    them a scroll that allows them to learn a spell. Also, he
    tells you that he won't take you back until either they're
    all dead, or all living members of the group finishes
    the challenges. That said, he stomps his massive foot
    on the ground and a red portal opens beneath your
    group, him making the joke "Have a nice fall." with
    a rather amused tone.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    There are thousands, and thousands of massive holes in 
    the ground. Periodically, a blast of fire will erupts from it.
    For fire slayers, this is a cinch since they can just eat it, but
    for other wizards this will be a challenge. The holes erupt
    flames at random, and seem to erupt faster as someone
    gets closer to the middle of the arena. In the middle of the
    arena is a pillar made of Red Crystal. Touch it and this small
    challenge is complete, the group is teleported to a new arena.
    Also this fire is a bit special... on 100% tried and true Dragon
    Slayers can consume it. Any other kind of slayer, or if a mage
    is able to consume fire as if they were a slayer; is torched.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    This arena is made of nothing but rocks. In your hand is a 
    glass of water, filled to the very top. Every person who fails
    this challenge is teleported to the next arena, and put inside
    a barrier where they wait until the challenge is cleared. If no
    one clears the challenge, all will be teleported back and it
    will restart. Xiuhcoatl's voice is heard throughout the arena
    warning you not to spill a single drop of water. All of a sudden
    the ground begins shaking violently, and large rocks begin
    flying from all directions at the group. An Earth Slayer can
    consume the flying rocks, but there's no way to stop the
    constant shaking beneath their feet. After 5 posts (15 in
    character minutes) the shaking will stop. If so much as 1
    member of the group has their glass 100% full, the challenge
    is passed and all in the arena is teleported to the next.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    An arena with no floor... or seemingly so. The floor is
    actually invisible, and gives you a marvelous view o the
    world over 50,000 feet below you... Your challenge, as
    told by Xiuhcoatl, is to find your way around an invisible
    maze with no walls to prevent you from falling to your
    death, and touch the crystal in the middle. While moving
    about this arena, violent winds will periodically shoot you
    off the arena floor. Quick thinking will be your savior here
    as if you get blown off, you're caught by a smaller crystal 
    dragon and set at the very beginning of the arena. What
    makes this a real challenge is that after someone falls off,
    the entire arena shifts and the paths all change simultaneously.
    The crystal in the middle is clear with white outlines, touching it
    teleports the group to the middle of the next arena.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    This arena is in the middle of an ocean in the sky. The water's
    surprisingly deep, but if you got a good 50 feet down you'll
    fall from the sea to the floor; 50,000 feet. Your challenge is
    pretty straight forward... Get to land before the sharks get
    to you. First person to touch the blue crystal on the island
    that's 3 or so miles away will pass the challenge for the whole
    team. After that you're teleported to the next arena. Oh, quick
    note... the sharks are invincible so all attacks are useless.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    In this arena, it's a massive metallic circular wall with a dusty
    ground. Xiuhcoatl will only tell you one word, Survive. The
    challenge begins and 1x Steel Atronoch emerges for each
    member of the team. Every time it dies it instantly comes
    back to life and continues attacking you. If consumed by a
    metal slayer, a new one will spawn immediately. After 5
    posts (15 minutes in-character) the atronochs all fall apart
    and a shiny, grey crystal appears in the middle of the room.
    Touching the crystal teleports everyone to the next arena.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    Before you is a room and a white line 2 inches from your feet. 
    On the other side of the white line is a massive room filled with
    green gas. A white circle appears, only large enough for 1 person
    to enter. Xiuhcoatl will let you know that you need to stay in the
    circle, or the poison gas will kill you rather quickly even if you
    don't inhale it. Wind will only make the gas move around, but since
    the room is an enclosed space, the gas won't go away. In the gas are
    several creature who will violently attack you if they see you, so
    venom slayers should avoid eating the gas. Also if you step out
    of the circle spears fly up from the ground and impale you. Those
    not in the white circle will see an aerial view of where you are,
    where the enemies are, and where you need to go. It's their
    responsibility to guide you to the end. On the other side is a 
    Green pillar, touch it and the entire group passes. They're all
    sent to the next arena. 

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    This arena is actually a small room with thousands of knobs on
    the walls. This one's a puzzle that requires the players to turn
    the knobs in a specific order to pass. Turning the wrong knob
    will electrocute everyone in the room with a rather painful blast
    of lightning. Naturally, lightning slayers can consume this. The
    Knobs will also reset when 1 is turn out of sequence, fun! Once
    all 2,500 knobs are turned in the proper order the group is sent
    to their next challenge.

    (5 Posts Minimum)
    Another combat challenge will begin as soon as the group enters
    this area. It's filled with shadows, darkness, and smells of death.
    There's not a single spark of light here, all you here is the beings
    charging at you. You can't hear, or see anything here, and the 
    enemies have no scent. Even darkness slayers can't consume this
    much dark energy. For 5 posts (15 in character minutes) you'll
    be obligated to survive the forces of evil using nothing but your
    instincts. Once this is completed, a blast of light will come from
    the sky and teleport the group back to Xiuhcoatl.

    (1 Post Per Player)
    In the room with Xiuhcoatl, a healing energy causes all wounds
    to go away. The massive dragon will glow, and a tattoo appears
    on everyone's body (location is up to the player) the shape can
    vary depending on the person but is always some form of dragon.
    Xiuhcoatl commends the group for passing his challenges, and a
    small crystal dragon approached the group and supplies them with
    1x Scroll of Knowledge. The scroll contains a spell that's in line
    with the magic each individual knows.

    +1x Scroll of Knowledge
    +1x Xuihcoatl's Mark
    Access to "The God's Challenge"

    Xiuhcoatl's Mark - This is a Strong Rank Magic Item that takes up the appropriate Magic Item slot. It cannot be traded between accounts, or any other characters. It cannot be upgraded through any means other than completing the "Dragon Hunter" story-line. The difference between this item and other items is that it may have 1x additional passive slot; this passive ability is a D Rank slot. If the character that completed this is changed this item is removed from that account and this job must be done again.

    Scroll of Knowledge - Provides the player with 1x C Rank spell slot that they may freely create a spell for. It cannot be traded in the Shop to upgrade an existing slot or be redeemed for jewel, if the player is maxed out for C Rank slots, one of their existing ones will be converted into 2x D Rank slots and this will take its place, and cannot be upgraded to a higher rank spell slot through any means other than completing "Dragon Hunter" jobs.

    The guild hall of Lamia Scale.

    In this hallowed building, slightly damaged from a battle between an older generation of members and the forces that coveted the life of their guild master, a certain gray haired mage was lounging about.

    Dmitry Kazakov had just gotten back from a job involving some stupid puppy that managed to get itself lost in the woods, hoping to get some rest for once. However, just as he was about to sit down, settle in, and enjoy a nice, long, peaceful nap, the guild hall's resident cross dressing maid decided to crash that party. 

    "Um, M-Mister Kazakov?" The timid 'maid' inquired. "Th-there's a letter here for the guild members of Lamia Scale...nobody else was around so..." Dmitry turned to the maid-man, utter fury in his eyes at the interruption of what he considered one of life's great pleasures. "So you just had to bother me with this crap, huh Sammy?" The enraged mage said as he snatched the letter out of the frightened cleaner's hand, causing him to run away in a manner that was far more feminine then was at all necessary. Dmitry sighed and opened the letter, ready to see what it was his nap was delayed over.   

    To the members of the magical guild, Lamia Scale.

    Your guild has been chosen to represent your kind in a test of mettle, unlike anything you have seen. You are to send a group of three to the tower that rises through the clouds the day you receive this letter, when the sun is highest in the sky.

    Be prepared for the ultimate trial.

    The letter was strange to say the least, leaving Dmitry to wonder if it was some sort of prank. On the other hand, it may very well have been a threat too, considered some of the things that had happened around town. If someone was hoping to take advantage of his guild, Dmitry would certainly have words with them, among other things.

    "Rises through the clouds..." He muttered to himself as he pondered what his next course of action should be. "Wonder if they're talkin' about the Sky Tower."

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    Re: The Flying Scaly Thing's Challenge (Private: Dmitry/Evia/Ni-Ju)

    Post by Inspirational Quote on 21st March 2016, 20:34

    The steady pitter patter of rain against Ni-Ju's umbrella was quite nearly putting the young mage to sleep. A process that he wouldn't mind at all by this point if it were not for the stack of paperwork that was lying on his desk awaiting his return to the guild hall and the rather over exuberant voice of Hargeon Town's master builder as it seemed to drill into his ears, discussing the building of a large set of underground food storage rooms that he had been planning on constructing to supplement what was already in place should the winter storms this year get out of hand and cause shortages for the town's folk. Reviewing the plans one more time before giving his permission, Ni-Ju gave his assent to the builder in the form of a short nod to begin whenever he wished and began packing up the odds and ends that he had managed to procure from the central marketplace before having run into the enthusiastic fellow.

    Pulling his coat tighter around himself to ward off the sudden chill that had come his way in the form of a rather steady wind from the bay, Ni-Ju began his trek back through the now muddied streets back to his home and place of work, the Lamia Scale guild hall. Avoiding a large puddle that was quickly forming on the steps to the hall, Ni-Ju took the last few strides to the door at a jog and proceeded to wipe his feet before closing his umbrella and opening the doors to get out of the rain. Once out of the cold again, the young mage felt quite a bit better. While he did happen to love thunder storms, his enjoyment was usually far better from the safety and warmth of some form of shelter with a nice big cup of cocoa to accompany him. Noting that Dmitry was lounging around the hall, he gave a short wave of greeting before going to the bar and removing his coat. Placing it atop one of the stools to dry, he plopped down into the seat next to it and promptly signaled the bar tender that he was in need of a little assistance in warding off the weather.


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    Re: The Flying Scaly Thing's Challenge (Private: Dmitry/Evia/Ni-Ju)

    Post by Mysie on 20th April 2016, 22:12

    She lay under the branches that dripped water like diamonds from their leaves. It was like the world was crying around her, mirroring her emotions of the last couple days. She had just arrived back to the construction of their new guild hall from the attack of the giant sea monster. She could remember the tears that she had spilled on that day, pain and hurt and hatred had filled her senses on that day. That monster had taken everything that she loved. chrystline blue orbs closed as a single tear from the leaves landed on her temple and ran down it and to her neck where it slipped off into the grass below her.

    Below these trees and looking up into the tears of the clouds it seemed as though the world around her wasn't gone that her memories hadn't been tarnished. She wished that she could lay there forever in the rain ignoring the world around her, keeping her eyes closed and letting the water that dripped onto her flush away her fears and her tarnished memories. She didn't know why it had to be this way but she knew that she didn't want it to. A sigh slipped from her lips and the girl opened her eyes once again. She needed to wake up and face reality despite how much she really didn't want to.

    He closed were soaked through and through there was not a spot on her body that was not moist with water. She could feel the weight of them as she made her way back to the new guild hall that was still in the process of being rebuilt, just like the rest of the city that she had called her home. The weight that she was now wearing on her shoulders reminded her of the weight that she bore in not being able to help her guild. She couldn't help but blame herself for what was happening. She could have moved faster learned a magic that was more useful for fighting and not just defending. There was always something more that she could have done. Her eyes, they glistening filter over them looked up at the guild and she sighed before entering the dry guild hall water dripping off of her clothing.

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    Re: The Flying Scaly Thing's Challenge (Private: Dmitry/Evia/Ni-Ju)

    Post by Benjamin on 21st April 2016, 07:09

    Dmitry was just wondering what he was gonna do about this letter when the door opened, letting in the smell of rain, a familiar scent to the wild child. As if to answer his dilemma, the guild master of Lamia Scale himself walked through the entrance, waving and removing his coat as he took a seat at the bar. Despite how busy he seemed lately, what with the construction of a new guild hall to replace the one that was destroyed by Dmitry's old friend, news that Dmitry wasn't exactly pleased to hear after the battle of Hargeon, Ni-Ju Hachi seemed to have a bit of down time. Considering that this letter addressed the entire guild, it only made sense to show it to the master of said guild.

    At least, it would make sense if anyone but Dmitry had read this message. Frankly, something so formal and courteous was as alien to the gray-hair as a two-headed chicken with the ability to breathe fire. Shaking off that terrifying thought, Dmitry decided that he certainly was getting anywhere just reading himself and got up out of his seat. However, before he could head to the bar, a familiar figure came through the door as well, drenched from head to toe. Sighing at his friend's state, the spirit mage took off his large trench coat as he walked towards her.

    "Heads up, pinky." He said as he tossed the coat over to her, aiming for it to land squarely on her head. While it was no towel, it had proven to be quite warm in the years since Dmitry found it, so he was certain it would prevent Evia from catching her death. After that, he continued on to the bar where his guild master sat.

    "You oughta see this, shorty." Dmitry said as he sat down, sliding the paper over to the detonation mage he so informally addressed. "Sounds to me like somebody's callin' us out, but I thought you should take a look for yourself before I go stomp their asses." While he wasn't the type who went looking for a fight, the young medium wouldn't tolerate a threat to his guild. That being said, he also didn't have any intention of providing any further headaches to Ni-Ju over a misunderstanding.

    After all, Dmitry was fairly certain those headaches had piled up by now, what with all the maimings.

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