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    GAME OF LIFE • open, intro


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    Public GAME OF LIFE • open, intro

    Post by Raven on 22nd February 2016, 8:30 pm

    Ren • Fairy Tail • D Rank

    The darkness was closing in yet again- what was it this time? Why was it happening again? Ah, right, he remembered now. The attack on Tsubomi, red in tooth and claw, but only to be countered by her monstrous transformation. She planned to spare him despite his instigation of the fight and ill intent on her. Still, all was not well. That demon inside of the young female- Connie, a serpent of darkness, had possessed the female he had been fighting. No longer was she herself, but Tsubomi had undergone a monstrous transformation, shifting into a giant feline beast with scales, wings, fangs, and a long serpentine tail. From there, it was Connie in control, and his body and entrails were horrendously shredded and scattered in a berserk frenzy.

    The darkness was repeated.

    What was the time before that, though? Tsubomi and Connie were not the first, after all. Rika? Viper? Fallen? Leo? Kirika? No, some of those names were not right, but others were. His head swam with confusion again as he recalled a few more less-violent names. Those he trusted were somehow still fresh in his brain... Cierva, Lyre, Nora, Lila...
    Wait, what did it matter now? It was pointless, as those faces were blank. The names remained, but were naught but meaningless words at this point. But why this time? He always remembered... always...

    "But not this time, hm?"

    That taunting voice... so nostalgic, laced with a dark venom and daemonic sneer. How could he forget? What was happening? His goal.... it was coming back to him....


    Chosen as prince and to be her heir, despite being the son of Zacharias and Sora, a dragonslayer and prestigious artist, and mentored by the Adviser, Sacri Felix...
    Ah yes, it was coming back alright. He was Ren, Heir of the Elite... but what did that mean?

    "Nothing anymore, right? You've only just remembered your name... but you remember me, don't you? But my name will not be known to you this time, my dear Ren...
    You feel it now, right? That burning, passionate hate and rage. I killed you, and I have killed you over and over and over... you haven't won against me, not even once...
    And yet you are still determined, even after all of these failures."


    The cry broke out as he attempted to speak again, suddenly satisfied at the sound of his own voice. At least, this time, he had that. As soon as he uttered the command, however, there was a feeling of something wrapping around his neck, beginning to tighten and slowly crush inwards. Panicked, the boy reached his hands to whatever it was coiled around his neck- he could feel nothing, but a shadow of sorts had obviously curled around to strangle him. In the darkness, he could see nothing... but something felt new and different- highly unlike the last few times. He was a master of transformations, but this made no sense... hands? Feet? An upright build? Curious, indeed.

    "No? Oh, how cute, my little Ren... but this time, I'm the one in control. We'll play the game how I wish now... so you just relax. It is strange that you have not realized it yet, my dear... the only reason you've been able to reincarnate and try again so many times is because I have allowed it. Please, did you really think you gained a power like that all by yourself? And what about your other abilities? How foolish can you be? Ah, but you are a child... I suppose I should expect no less..."

    The rage bubbled inside of him as he felt the strangling snare around his neck tighten, despite being unable to feel it. From there he frowned deeply, a look of pure anger and wrath on his face... he had to defeat her. He had to avenge his death and lost life. All his previous attempts at making her feel similar pain resulted in failure. She was truly a monster....

    "Heh, you think I'm the Monster...?"

    The voice seemed closer this time, and he could feel a presence moving closer as a more ominous and eerie feeling filled him, starting from his very core.

    "Well, my dear, you would be right," the voice whispered in his ear, a warm, sweet breath felt on the left side of his face. As he gazed out the corner of his cyan eyes, he saw her.
    Blonde, wavy, gorgeous hair, with eyes as blue as the bright azure sky, with a long black dress with lace sleeves and frills.

    "Who are you?" Ren choked out, suddenly finding himself frozen and unable to move, the rage bubbling at a steady and strangely controlled rate.

    "I guess you will have to find that out as we engage in our game again. But you're not the master anymore- that role has been passed on to me... and the playing field has been set...
    this time, you either win, or the cycle will stop forever... you'll be gone..."

    "Damn you...."

    With those two words, the girl smirked as a huge bolt of searing pain suddenly coursed through him, forcing him to scream out from the agony. It went on for several seconds before it instantly subsided, the blonde now directly in front of him with a devilish grin and a hair on the right side of his face, pressed warmly on his cheek.

    "If you win this game, I'll tell you my name... and I'll engage in a proper fight... the one you have been craving ever since I tore your body to shreds and ripped out your soul to use as my own toy...
    In fact, there is an idea.... in this game you have no freedom. You are nothing but a thing, an item, disposable... you have been my toy for so long, and so fun to play with... how about I pass you on down to the real Heirs? It would only be fair- after all, you have no power to call your own..."

    From there, the girl, appearing to be about his age, seventeen or eighteen physically, took a step forward. The coil around his neck began fading, but Ren was unable to move his body away from her soft hand. He wished he could run away from her right there and then, or somehow muster the power to end her right in her tracks. The thought was unrealistic. The idea of him being a toy, though, sent his rage on end again as he attempted to speak. He was unable to bring the words up and out, however, as the girl brought her face nearer to his and planted a long, deep kiss on his lips, closing her eyes. Ren was unable to resist, but felt his rage suddenly dissipate and evaporate, leaving nothing but an emptiness behind. She was right- he was nothing but a plaything, and always had been. Without his hate, he was nothing but an empty and vacant shell, with nothing to live for. Lila, Cierva, Nora... none of them mattered anymore. Such things and people could only get in his way.

    With the kiss, however, Ren found himself unable to reject it. As he closed his eyes, despite unwilling, he found himself slowly coming to accept something... but what? In place of that boiling rage, something new was being placed down by the Daemon. Replacing the wrath would be power. Raw power, but with a price. A leash. Who was she to allow him use of an ability without limits? He would be eternally bound for this round of the game. As the girl poured magic into him to grow and harness for himself, his acceptance was proof of willingness to be a servant or slave to it.

    Pulling back, but keeping her hand on his cheek, the girl gazed deeply into Ren's cyan eyes with her own brilliant blue ones. "From this point in the game, you don't belong to me... you belong to 'her', my child... that is the price for this magic and the right to take a place in 'this' new world..." the girl said, retaining a cruel smile. Ren remembered her power quite well, and one way or another, he had fallen for it again; the power of promise. Deals, contracts, prices, seals, and above all, acceptance.
    "Say her name... accept your fate..."

    No! He could not... he did not want this at all. To be owned be someone else and to have his will restricted and bound by that of another...
    Yet despite all of this, he was unable to stop his words. The contract would be fulfilled, whether he liked it or not, and Ren would take his place as a chained soul and spirit.
    "Jackie Scevidinia..."

    There, he said it, and as soon as the last syllable had been pronounced, the darkness closed in on his consciousness. He was far from what he used to be, and this would be his last run.
    "Ah, but I will give you one hint...
    .... Alice."

    The darkness was repeated.


    Turquoise eyes blinked open to see blue skies and sunlight, with a touch of warmth on the lovely breeze. He was right next to the shade of a tree, but not quite in the cool relaxing shadow of the large magnolia. Where was he? Sitting up and putting a hand on his head as he tried to overcome the confusion of the situation, Ren suddenly remembered. And with the magic that the Monster had bestowed on him, knowledge and wisdom of the current realm and universe came along with it.
    "Jackie... Scevidinia... Alice... Ecc..ia..." he mumbled, attempting to collect his thoughts and figure out what to do next.
    If it's a game you want, Alice, I'll give you a good one... where will I start? Right where you want me... Fairy Tail.

    Location;; For the last paragraph, directly outside/near FT guildhall.
    Muse;; 9/10
    Word Count;; 1600
    OOC;; Yes, please join the thread... Ren needs to officially join FT lol.


    GAME OF LIFE • open, intro VIxeskm

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    Public Re: GAME OF LIFE • open, intro

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 22nd February 2016, 11:52 pm

    For once, Sorano was relaxed. Now, the sensation of relaxation wasn't something too rare for most people, but for this girl...this girl of merely thirteen years of age, relaxation was something rare, and precious. Her mental childhood had ended years ago, and she was constantly haunted by her past. Though she was youthful physically, mentally, she had already matured to adulthood a long time ago. After moving to Magnolia, Sorano and Hoshi, her exceed companion had slowly begun to pick their lives up again in the career of a guild mage. At first, the two had been unaccustomed, and unfure about every step. After time went on, things smoothed out, and they realized that they had found a home within the guild of Fairy Tail.

    A light breeze whirled through the streets, ushering Sorano onwards towards the guild hall. She hadn't gone on as many jobs lately, partially because she had needed to settle herself down more in the small cabin she and Hoshi shared. Money had been their first necessity, so the two had frantically worked jobs. Now that they had a steady supply of jewel from jobs, Sorano had decided to truly make the rundown forest cabin home. Today, however, she had resolved to pick a job, no matter how small just to make sure she hadn't gone rusty in her short hiatus of sorts.

    As the duo approached the guild doors, Sorano's aura vision caught somebody...somebody intruiging. Hm, now, what an odd mixture of emotions and colors in an aura... Her sharp eyes ran the figure over, then realized that he was an unfamiliar figure. When tourists or visitors came to Magnolia, the Fairy Tail guild hall was a popular place to go to. She knew she should probably show things around to the person, point some things out.

    Walking up, Sorano said, "Hello, sir, I am Sorano Granon, a member of this guild, Fairy Tail. Is there anything you need?"


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    Public Re: GAME OF LIFE • open, intro

    Post by Haru-senpai on 27th February 2016, 11:06 pm

    Heero for some reason, while sitting on the stage of the Guild that was practically packed today with people trying to get the Fairy Tail wizards to go on Jobs. People sometimes traveled from all around the world, it was worse than working at a hotel.

    On any given morning that the guilds doors opened, there was literally no telling who'd be approaching them waving around a Job Request, or with some emergency situation that required magical fixings.

    Heero nodded to a member of the Guild, conversing with them that there was...something he had to handle in Minstrel, and tat he'd be back shortly. Rose, a red colored Exceed, wearing a white dress would hop onto his shoulders as the camera would pan all about the Guild Hall, showing wizards inspecting Job Sheets as regular humans eagerly awaited responses from some Fairy Tail wizards, while others enjoyed steaks, food, games, and beer all around. Couples were fully engaged with one another all over the place as Spring was fast approaching.

    "We shouldn't be too long." Heero said to the member as Rose chimed in.

    "That is if you can keep your hands off those Minstrel damsels this time around...what is it about French women that drive guys nuts anyways." Heero would get a sweatdrop at this comment, not even wanting to go into detail about the incident with the Wine Maker's wife. Shaking his head, Heero would step outside the Guild doors with Rose riding on his shoulder, scarf blowing in the wind as this sun bathed day with blue skies and white cotton candy clouds would not be blown. But it would be interesting.

    As he left, he noticed that within Fairy Tail's gate there was a young man sleeping under one of the trees on the perfectly cut lawn of the Guild. He could've just been some teenager from Magnolia who wanted to see what the Guild of wizards in town was like up close---and just fell asleep. On her way back in, he saw Sorano; the genius child wizard of Fairy Tail walking over to him.

    He heard the young man mumble a few names as he came too. He must've been hanging out with friends or something. His superhuman slayer hearing served him well as he heard Sorano talking to him even from the main walkway into the Guild where he stood just watching them near the tree.

    Walking up with his arms crossed, Heero would watch as Rose hopped off of his shoulder. Looking up at the young man, Rose got a psychic vision of him and a group of people his age of both sexes, it seemed they were arguing about something---as the vision abruptly ended; Rose would look worried at him, but swish her tail with her arms crossed.

    "Well...there's no need to sleep out here...do you have a house or apartment in Magnolia? At least come in for some steak and mashed potatoes or something......don't worry it's free, the Guild's not a restaurant.....although the do have some of the finest food I've ever tasted in there.....it is Fairy Tail after all." she snuck that in at the end, incase the young man was dazed or had no idea how he'd wound up here.

    "Yeah the French women can wait." Heero shrugged, deciding his trip to Minstrel to speak with some of their leaders there would have to wait. In the end he was only going to force vacation terms for Fairy Tail wizards visiting the wealthiest nation in Earthland anyway. "However, introductions probably shouldn't." he would extend a hand and pat the young man on the shoulder. "Heero, 5th Master of Fairy Tail. I see you've already met Sorano, she's a pretty tough wizard in her own regard....." Heero sensed enormous magic power potential sleep within this young man.

    As the legendary blue hair wizard would remove his hand from Ren's shoulder, he would cross his arms and escort him inside. As Fairy Tail would pan out in front of him. Beautiful women, introspective wizards, people of all different personalities, all around. Telling those around them that his trip would have to wait, he would motion for Ren to follow him and Sorano to a more private table where they wouldn't be to disturbed by anyone.

    When they got there, eventually Ren was brought a ton of food.

    "So....any family?" Heero would ask immediately. If the young man was here to join, Heero would state. "Besides us of course!" right after, giving him a brotherly smile, who knew how long it had been since he had seen a friendly face. He would listen for awhile, and then if Ren did wish it, he would stamp him with the crest of Fairy Tail, the ink would glitter magically; and to Heero's surprise would accept Ren as a wizard of the Guild. This meant more than one thing, as Heero would let Ren figure out the rest during his own adventures as a wizard. The ink and the stylish Fairy Tail crest would switch hue to the color that Ren's soul desired as it would stop sparkling and settle on his skin.

    A couple of girls from the Guild got curious about Ren and got near where Heero was sitting with him, Sorano, and Rose. After Heero moved the stamp box away with the Guild crest resting in white magical ink; he would stand up and cross his arms.

    "So, ever traveled out of the country? If not...you're about to start....Fairy Tail is employed by more nations than most Guilds....that's right, not just Fiore. Heh. You seem like you'd do well on the road though." Heero put a hand to his chin, raising an eyebrow as he inspected Ren.

    "He just got here don't go sending him off to a bus ripping Orge's Den just yet! Jesus let him breath!" Heero would get an irritated mark over his head as Rose said this.

    "Hey I wasn't gonna send him into the clutches of danger for at least a week or two!" Heero would bounce his eyebrows at Ren to signal that he was only joking. He did hope that Ren realized how in demand wizards from Fairy Tail were, and that he might in fact be traveling to other nations soon. He hoped he had his passport. He would be an official wizard as soon as Sorano or Rose finished the registration. Heero hated paperwork, unless it involved ordering new food for the Guild.


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