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    Jardín de Rosas || Open

    Karin Sørensen
    Karin Sørensen

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    Public Jardín de Rosas || Open

    Post by Karin Sørensen 18th February 2016, 5:19 pm

    Dressed in black jeans and a white top, Kistiñe walked down the streets of Rose Garden with a curious gleam in her eyes and a more than a few dollars to burn in her pocket; given that she lived in the Black Rose guild hall, her living expenses were usually a non issue, as the Guild covered almost all of them, barring food, drink, and accommodations while members were outside Lavanitir, and even then nothing outside the guild hall was entirely free. Still, since she had started going on jobs more regularly now that she had human form, she had a bit of cash on hand to spend on herself or her guildmates...the only problem was, she had no clue what she wanted to buy. She could have bought clothes, or a couple pieces of jewlery, or even a knife or other small weapon if she chose to do so, but her brain was absolutely stumped as to what she actually wanted.

    With a sigh, she sighed and leaned on a nearby wall. Today was supposed to be a day for her to relax and enjoy herself, and she was getting fed up over not being able to decide on something to buy. She knew it was ridiculous--she was mentally scolding herself for it--but the small nag in the back of her mind would not go away. Maybe it was best to forget that she even had money with her and just enjoy the rest of the day. For the moment, however, she decided to take a moment to clear her head and ducked into the nearby alley to get away from the crowds...

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