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    Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Decayuss on 26th February 2016, 5:11 pm

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    "A wanderer isn't always lost."
    It seemed as though he wasn't really that late after all. One way the Nephalem was capable of accommodating this verdict was the fact that there were many more guests to arrive after him, some even long after them. A few of them hadn't even been invited. As far as he could tell, this was a meeting for legal Guild Masters, but in spite of it all...Independent Guilds showed up. Ready to discuss business, it seemed; he didn't know what they had to do with any of the topics to be discussed today, but perhaps sure enough they would find out. He figured that not even having their seats would be a sure enough sign that it wasn't for them...but what was he to say? He wasn't even a part of a Guild here. Though in spite of that he had been invited by one of them, maybe even another if Infinity Hydra had not done so initially. Thus far no one aside from Ardere had bothered to address him, to which he only respectfully nodded without a word. At the moment, he seemed to not be in much of a talkative mood, or even a mood to take any initiative or enticement. Unless he was called upon or he found it completely necessary, he figured it was best for him to sit back and merely observe the events that transpired rather than create them.

    At least that was his intention.

    With the rest of the guests at long last arriving--at least what he hoped to be the last of the guests--Ardere, Heero, and a stranger with he recognized by face but not by name at long last agreed that the meeting should be underway. Naturally, the very first objective had been met with a moment, a minute actually, of silence for Eclipse Soul. His previous Guild....gone. The memories of it had almost fully escaped him, though he thought it to be impossible, up until now. And all of it flashed inside of his head through the entire minute. Joining...D Rank...Jobs...C Rank...B Rank...A Rank...his mother and father...Guild Master...resigning. It was astonishing for him to think how fast and how much he went through the ranks. It seemed surreal for one to imagine, that a lowly D rank mage became the Guild Master. Unfortunate that he resigned, however, and worse yet the guild blew up not too long afterwards. What's worse is he knew the source. He noticed he had been looking down at the ground from the minute of silence, and was caught by surprise upon it ending.

    And then the next matter of business was something that Deniel, sadly, was almost completely unaware of. He knew not what Fiore's relationships were with foreign countries, and the interviewers seemed to be quite concerned about it and the safety of people. This had never come to the Nephalem's mind...literally. He knew the existence of other countries, though in spite of it all...he didn't know his own country's relationship with them. Pathetic to say the least, but Heero seemed to handle it well....at least for some time. Very soon it seemed like a roar of questions was bombarded to the Guild Masters concerning safety, standings, war, and all of that rot that people were so scared of.

    As if he had been unable to contain himself, Deniel suddenly sprung out from beside Ardere's throne to the center of attention. His red eyes glared to his surroundings, and he lifted his hand up to a call for silence. Though it took a few seconds, eventually the surrounding crowd had obeyed, and all eyes were on him. With his black cloak covering up much of his body, and his red eyes looking quite menacing...he opened his mouth to speak. Most likely surprising to some people, what came out of it was quite a gentle voice, calm, and certainly not commanding. "I'm Deniel Thormun...the Third Wizard Saint. Previous Guild Master of Eclipse Soul. And...well...I don't speak on behalf of the Council. I don't speak for all of the Guilds and their intentions. And I don't even speak for Infinity Hydra. Though I do speak for what I hope to be the goal for all in Fiore, and what should be so." Folding his hands behind his back, his cloak opening up in the process and revealing the clothes underneath, he began what his true speech would be with a few steps to his right. "Right now Fiore's goal is to not expand or seek war. Our wishes are not to hate other nations, but I cannot say the same for them. I'm certain your king and others are doing whatever they can to prevent war. Regardless...if war does come, we will know. And we will protect you." He looked back at the Guild Masters, namely the ones of Legal Guilds--as he knew not what Independent Guilds wished--and then back to the crowd. "If they will not, I will. And if I cannot, somebody will. There will be someone out there to make sure you, Fiore, and its citizens are safe regardless of the foe. Thank you."

    With that, and a small bow, he closed back up his cloak and made his way back to standing at Ardere's side at his seat.
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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Alye on 28th February 2016, 4:50 am

    for you...

    The view behind Ardere's throne was a stoic one. Blue eyes watched passively as more of the incumbent wizards made their way into the hallowed hall. At least, until the Master of Lamia Scale arrived. Alye noticed the little boy immediately from the way he carried himself and how power gleaned off him like starlight. As he got closer and spoke Alye also noticed how absolutely adorable he was. He was only a child it seemed but Alye found that it took a surprising amount of her resolve to not go hug and play with him. The white-haired woman always had a soft spot for children. This one was no exception.

    The Windrider also noticed when several independent guilds arrived to watch over the discussions. She welcomed their presence silently. While this was technically for just the legal guilds, their attendance here marked their willingness to actually work with the forces of Fiore and not just rabble about on their own.

    Score one for unity.

    When her Master began speaking, Alye listened intently, thinking it had some kind of importance, but when she saw it was only about his armor, her attention trailed off again. This room was secure as far as she was concerned. If anything wanted to get in and cause harm then there would at least be a modicum of forewarning. Still, Alye let her senses fall into the atmosphere above the building, letting her mind lull on the caressing wind patterns overhead.

    Until the talking stopped.

    Something was wrong. Blue eyes narrowed when the crowd ceased their murmuring and looked back towards the door. A magical pressure followed. One that was undoubtedly familiar. Alye's memories lapsed back to a battle. It felt like ages ago. The dark guild known as Savage Skull had descended on Magnolia Town like a plague. Thankfully, Alye had been there visiting her brother so she was able to meet their vanguard with him before she stayed at Fairy Tail to heal and protect the wounded. That sorrow had been inflicted by the very man walking down the red carpet now. She heard about the maleficent Lord Frederik in reports and stories, but seeing him up close put it all to shame. She had heard that he'd suddenly had a change in alignment but she could still feel a palpable darkness rising from his very essence. He needed to be watched.


    As the man shrouded in darkness took the seat of Lady Hikari, Alye took a step closer to Ardere. This was certainly become an interesting Master's Conference. The white-haired woman honed in on her brother's voice now. She was very pleased with his demeanor so far. He was taking this seriously and she was proud of him for it. She could only wonder what their parents would be thinking right now if they could see their two children at the highest echelons of power. Would they be proud as well? It was something she could only hope for.

    The Meeting was officially starting now.

    Alye pushed those lingering thoughts aside and focused once more. They were opening...with Eclipse Soul. Alye bit her lower lip slightly as she felt a shiver run down her spine. With her head tilted in silent remembrance for her fallen guild, Alye was suddenly thankful for these oversized robes. It hid the fact that her hands were shaking.

    If everyone in this room was as magically inclined as they said they were, they would feel the temperature drop a few degrees during this moment of silence. It was an accident, really. Alye couldn't help how losing her guild made her feel. She glanced over at her brother and then to Leonard for comfort. Seeing them anchored her anger a bit. As the moment of silent respect ended, Alye pushed the temperature back to normal with a solemn promise. She was going to find the one that razed her guild to the ground...

    And she will annihilate him or her. Slowly.

    Pushing those dark thoughts away, Alye listened to the ensuing discussion of Fiore's Legal Guilds' relations with the foreign states of Earthland. Alye had a good knowledge of the world and its inhabitants but it occurred to her that she'd barely left Fiore in her lifetime. She'd gone to the border several times but never crossed... The matters shifted a bit to the Rune Knights and their seemingly diminished presence. The Windrider had been wondering the same thing herself, but she couldn't really say for sure. She didn't keep tabs on the organization like that.

    When Deniel chose to step from Ardere's side and speak his mind, Alye listened intently. After all, he was her former Guildmaster and a valued colleague. She enjoyed the sentiment to his words but didn't have the choice to dwell on them long. She sensed something disturbing. A gift of Alye's magic was that her dominion of the atmosphere gave her sensory range a major boost over most people. While she had been focusing on the talks at hand, she'd also been keeping a tab on the air outside the building. She could barely feel it at first. There were so many magical presences in this one place that it was hard to identify single essences unless they were close to her. The white-haired woman closed her bright blue eyes and focused. She dismissed the thousands of energies around her and honed in for the darkest one. For a split second she thought it was Frederik pulling something but she could only sense a tired feeling echoing from him. No, the thing she felt was even darker. It moved a bit closer and seemed to probe the room, taking a account of the attendance. It was like an astral projection often used for scouting. Alye used the same technique herself. Something dark and evil was watching them. Once Deniel returned to Ardere's side, she leaned in a bit and murmured in her guild master's ear just loud enough that Deniel could hear as well.

    "Be on guard. We're being watched."
    ...my rain falls.
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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Sir Leonard on 29th February 2016, 10:48 am

    After a couple more seconds of patiently standing still, and probably for the rest of this meeting, they awaited the arrival of the rest masters. But who arrived first was the representative of the Rune Knights. A simple man from what Leonard had deduced. His magic sinks when placed besides all this power around them, yet he posed authority with his demeanor which he would admit was impressive. So much so that his gaze followed the man to better understand and remember him for future reference. After a while he turned his back and took a brief glimpse and found out that the chairs for the masters of Lamia Scale and Sabertooth were not yet filled. He would then remember the experiences he had with the members of these guilds in the past. One most notable was Zenshin. A close ally of Fairy Tail and Leonard personally. He would look down deep in thought as he processed all this, wondering what has happened all those 10 years he was gone. He had secretly hoped there was still more good news to come. For all he has seen thus far were all signs of good news. The legal guilds are strong and productive. Blue Pegasus has been rebuilt although with a new master. The Rune Knights have an active presence in the magical world. But what he was most happy about, one that made him forget the burdens his carry and bring about the light of his old days was seeing a certain beautiful mage. A mage named Alye, has returned once more. Strong as ever before. While the thought crossed him, aided by the thoughts of his times with her ever since they met again, serenity was evident in the rugged man's face.

    This however was thwarted by the arrival of Lamia Scale representatives. And it was only thanks to the elevated platform that he was able to see the boy, wearing a very simple yet stylish suit with the emblem of his guild on it. It would appear he was the Guild Master as it was he who took the seat. However, he wasn't surprised at all. The concept of a younger man leading a guild wasn't new to him. He did return just in time to see Simon be the bread-winner of their family after all. He simply thought it had already been 10 years and perhaps the old master, Zuo had finally retired. Watching the demeanor of the young lad was impressive as well. He may look like a child but he certainly acted older. Perhaps it will be a day of good news...

    Unfortunately, it wasn't... With the silence that befell the entire meeting place, Leonard knew someone had showed up that... Gave a negative impression on the people, especially the media. And as he looked on, searching for who had come to cause such a dramatic turn of emotions, he paused a little as well. For what he saw was something... Puzzling...

    With a ghastly figure that he always wore even in the times of old, Fred had arrived at the scene, slowly walking towards the platform. In curiosity, Leonard searched on, looking for whoever it was that was accompanying the mage. But he found no one. This could only mean one thing as Leonard processed things in his mind. He had stayed long enough to witness the turn of Fred to the legal guild of Sabertooth that many, of not all, disagreed with. Fiore's worst criminal and he gets a second chance like that. And if he is the only Sabertooth here then that would mean... Yes... It happened. He sat on the throne of Sabertooth.

    He couldn't believe it as he looked down. His eyes swinging from left to right as if looking through his options. It was even worse when Shuhei who stood near the Blue Pegasus throne didn't even move an inch. As if he didn't know that man at all. Something was suspicious about this and it was further proven when Heero had the same feeling as he warned Leonard to which he replied with a stern nod. It was at that point that Leonard took it upon himself that he should keep a close watch at both of them. He knew that he should trust a Slayer's instincts.

    Still, with all masters present, the meeting officially began that started out with paying respects to one of Fiore's legendary guild, Eclipse Soul. It was all where Lady Alye came from, and he understood that this moment of silence must bring back painful memories. And he didn't have to be a mage to know that she is doing something to the air with all these emotions running through her. He wanted to comfort her, to give her strength. And so, with a slow turn and kind eyes, he let out a soft warm smile to the Lady. As if telling her that everything is ok. That there is nothing to worry about.

    Afterwards, with the respects given and out of the way, the reporters unleashed their most powerful spell that would wear down any mage regardless of rank, the "Question Barrage". And he was glad he was only their to survey and protect. He wouldn't want any piece of the action currently taking place.

    It would appear that the first order of business was international relations. Something that was very intriguing and important for all of Fiore, but to Leonard for personal reasons as well. And he was glad, although it did not show, that Fiore was in good relations with Ca-Ellum because he considers Ca-Ellum to be a second home. This is where his adoptive parents, the Gray-Manes were originally from. And he also heard that all in all, Fiore has generally good relations with some of the nations surrounding it. He was happy and content with the report. Yes. He was happy with it. He never really expected Pengrade to like Fiore, even Bellum. The magic at work at the country is something they never liked. And he was content with it. Even at the fact that he might go on a war with them, because their paranoia and ignorance is... nonredeemable. And as the topic was further expanded by some of the people standing and sitting on the platform, Leonard simply looked down with his eyes closed, focusing on the words escaping the mouths of the representatives of each guild, nodding from time to time to things he agrees on. The vital information might prove useful in dealing with diplomatic issues as well as those involving the locals and the government.

    The barrage continued on, but Leonard desired a low-profile and dared not to step in the center of things and voice out his opinions and concerns regarding the matter. He was content with piercing through the most suspicious veil with his eyes as they looked up, down, left and right for whatever it is that may come. He may not feel any danger and only suspicion, it was best to keep your guard up...


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Kakuma Blackflower on 1st March 2016, 4:03 am

    Kakuma didn't really care for any of the going's on in the room, she had attended simply as a show that Black Rose was a guild that was not going to just vanish. She yawned as the Fairy tail Guild Master called for people to bow their head, Kakuma didn't care. Kakuma sighed and pulled her knife out and started fiddling with it, she had just spent the past two months on the road, she had lost 4 of her best men and friends. Now she had to deal with people that she didn't care to get to know nor wish to know. Kakuma sighed as she heard on of the press call out something about her troopers. *well i guess its my turn...* Kakuma stood up and suppressing a laugh about the Rune Knight providing protection. 

    "Those troops are from the Island Nation of Silvermoon... Which is run by Black Rose, In short they are Soldiers of Fiore just like the Rune Knights... I brought them cause i lack faith in the Rune Knight ability to protect my people that decided to come here today."

    Kakuma sighed and put her knife away and continued.

    "As for Bosco their tech is not that far ahead of us as you think, Black Rose Prides itself on its usage of Magitech." Kakuma hit the transmit button on her radio. "Send in the Class 2 please and Cassie... So in a moment a Black Rose Special Tactics Trooper well be here wearing what a Orion, Class 2 Combat exosuit... which allow a mage vastly weaker in magic power then myself to match me in physical Strength and speed for a moderate amount of time..." Kakuma paused as the trooper entered the room, followed closely by Cassie.

    Orion, Class 2 Combat Exosuit:
    Guildmaster's Annual Assembly! - Page 2 10063410

    Kakuma pulled two small orbs from her belt and depressed a button and then tossed them in the air. The two orbs divided in half and made a holographic screen, which Kakuma then access with a Magitech Armchive. She put up the stats of the Exo, as they popped up she continued speaking. 

    "This Exo suit allows the user to run at speeds of up to 40 mile per hour which out using the operators strength and stamina. It also triples the amount of strength they can draw upon, making tasks any normal soldier struggles with possible to a person with little to no training. It also has a HUD or Heads up Display that projects real time date based on information the exo gathers on the fly."

    Kakuma motioned to the large machine standing behind the man.

    Guildmaster's Annual Assembly! - Page 2 Whiteg10

    "Behind him is Black Rose's Artificial intelligence, C.A.S.S.I.E which is a acronym for Criminal Apprehension & Site Security Integrated Exo. She was designed to apprehend criminal and deal with hostage situations, her main function is supporting a Black Rose Team. Her combat abilitys are on par with most soldiers. She does not require out side matinence and has the capablity to maintain her systems on her own."

    Kakuma tapped her Armchive, the balls came back together and she caught them as they fell. She was done talking, she knew this would open up a slew of question, none of which she would answer. She simply put the balls away and sat back down, she would talk with the Rune Knight's at a later time about getting them some.


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Eris on 29th March 2016, 3:00 pm

    This is a post long in the waiting.  Given the inactivity of this topic,  I am rushing it ahead under the assumption that the council has continued for a bit longer at least.    The actions here have been anticipated for some time.

    This is an RP post,  and is not an attack against anyone (Well, it's literally an attack IC).  This is a plot.  A story.  An event.    Actions are taken in good spirit with the intention to provide, well, all the guilds present with some theme to carry out from here.  Questions, doubt,  even hostility.   A spark is struck,  but it's up to you guys to take it as you will.

    Things in here have been discussed with some individuals,  but not all,  with the hopes of keeping the event a surprise.  Perhaps the execution was weak,  but here it is.

    Lady Red

    The council carried on with its session while Eris made her way through the crowds.  Very real, very present, but hidden.  As mundane as the mortals around her,  as the dirt on the ground.  Her body of smoke was well dispersed as to not be seen,  even as she continued to twirl and twist her way around in the shadow of the alleged thousands of attendees waiting outside.   Not knowing the potential disaster that made its way past their feet.

    She could see everything as she went in explicit detail, eyes blind to the natural order she saw the world as though it were fire.  Flames that danced for her imparting understanding, processing information in a way foreign to most.  But this was her reality, fire.   The crowd, though large,  painted in her mind as individuals.  The council as plain as though she were standing beside them.   It was no trick or projection,  but the reality of a world on fire seen through sightless eyes.

    An idea formed in Eris's mind as the assembled council of guild masters carried on,  and she set out immediately.   Like a plague Eris touched the souls around her,  each of the flames being snuffed out like a breeze through a field of candles.  Blue fires as seen by her burning eyes smothered and rekindled anew.  

    Lights died in their eyes,  a minor confusion taking those effected.  A new life already dawned, death come and gone.  A quiet stillness taking them.  There was no expression of magic to be seen,  no beacon of warning to be felt.  There was only the stillness,  a hushed silence.   Within a minute there was chatter no longer.  No small talk, or restlessness.   Every soul was stilled.   Every man, woman, and child standing still.  Staring at the assembly hall.   Guards turned their backs to the crowd,  one with them.   Soldiers of the guild Black Rose were not spared the conversion, their show of force feeding into her plans as Eris neared the assembly hall at last,  having passed over the crowed and now in circling the building brought all the common man under her guidance. All at once dying within their armors and being reborn in a second life. Their will was no longer their own, their lives had passed.

    With the guards seized,  the crowed pushed forward.  Not a word spoken out or shouted, neither any emotion-driven rush.  But by command.  Surrounding the assembly hall,  closed in.   As they did so,  the Black Rose soldiers rushed in ahead of the others as the last lives yet untouched were snuffed out within the guild hall itself.   Reporters,  guests,  guardsmen.   The only spared were the few who could resist her influence, those of indomitable spirits,  those fate or some cosmic influence shielded from her touch.   The guildmasters themselves.  The partners they had brought with them.  The few who were lost and confused among the crowds that eerily behaved as one all around them.  

    And then there was the chaos,  as armored and rune knights alike soldiers quietly without aggression entered the main chamber,  weapons still lowered until ready,  raised their arms and opened fire.  Their targets clear with the first rounds,  a hail of bullets (Or lasers...?) rained down on the seat of Blue Pegasus.  Targeting the guildmaster, Zack,  and his comrades.  Those who could not get a shot off targeting others. Lamia Scale,  the Rune Knight representative,  Infinity Hydra,   More outside the room firing as best they could through walls or from the stands among the crowd.   Rune Knights among them stood ready until then, and attacked the others first, a coordinated attack directed with care.

    Amusement boiling inside of her.  Her commands were given,  her orders being carried out.  A gift lay in waiting in the hands of one of the soldiers she had sent to die at the hands of the guilds.  A red herring,  a distraction.  A forged contract,  baring the mark of Sabertooth addressed to Black Rose, vague and cryptic but a message clear.  Assassinate Blue Pegasus, and then the others.  With a Rune Knight,  a similar message.  Requesting Sabertooth be dealt with,  proclaiming the guilds out of line and a liability to be eliminated by decree.

    All at once the undead crowd outside would chant,  a thousand voices as one.

    "There is no salvation but in blood."

    And with that,  bodies exploded.  A shower of blood throughout the vicinity,  limbs flying,   organs ruptured and scattered on crimson ground as more soldiers who did not fit in the assembly hall opened fire on remaining crowd members.  Some fell to their weapons,  others simply fell as though dead regardless as others were struck nearby.   It was a show.   None of them truly dead.  What is dead may never truly die.  The souls of the many bound beyond this mortal realm,  the flesh still living on.  Better than they were.  But for now,  these masses had served their purpose.  The gift of unlife clung to their flesh, but their purpose fulfilled.  Each body now in a death-sleep,  alive but dead.  Still.  Unmoving.  Left for nature to take its course and rot them away,  like a mass grave here in the town center. 

    A woman appeared in the flat center of the crowd where so many had been slain,  covered in blood and dripping from those who had ruptured she looked straight towards a broadcasting lacrima and smiled.   A sinister smile,  knowing.  Tinged with her amusement,  but serious and foreboding.   The red lady disappeared as quickly as she came as though stepping around a corner that could not be seen,  leaving the carnage behind.  Leaving soldiers to fire upon guild leadership and wipe away what remained of the crowd before turning their guns on themselves.

    The camera that witnessed the red lady panned out revealing the horror as it unfolded.  A vivid red hand print, the red woman appearing and vanishing within the palm,  seemed to stamp the ground painted from the blood of hundreds that died together,  a mark that must have bared some meaning.


    Note:  NPCs are effected,  any PCs that might have been in the crowds or those present in the assembly itself are not effected by what is happening to the NPCs.   Any important NPCs such as "Joshua McJohnson the Mayor of Doofinfloof town" or "Teressa Mickies the Relative of (Insert PC Here)"  Can be entirely unaffected at the discretion of the relevant parties.    Generic NPCs that as a group are named,  are not given special treatment.  They are still normal NPCs,  Rune Knight or otherwise.

    Some people are godly and best-at-everything,  some people are masters of the sword and/or have a counter to anything.    I'm built to mess with NPCs.


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Ardere Kasai on 4th April 2016, 1:59 pm

    (Apologies if I controlled anyone's character, and I didn't want to be the hero here, but this needed an ending, so I took the initiative, especially since my muse is coming back. Anyways the gm's are safe and I saved some npc's, but people still died and Eris' point was made) 

    It was all quite interesting, really. But Ardere wanted to get to a more important matter at hand, the darkness lying in wait. The dark guilds, aside from Basilisk Fang, had gone all too quiet as of late. Even if they had gone ghost so to speak, there would be a power gap, one that would be filled as quickly as it was opened. While Black Rose's technology was impressive, he needed a different solution to this problem. He had no doubt in his mind that the light guilds in Fiore could handle themselves, but that did not stop him from worrying. Regardless, he listened to what they had to say. But before he could say much himself, his senses went off the charts. What was that in the room? Rune Knights had entered, but they had not been called in. For what reason could they be here for? Using his increased reaction time, the Fire King only had enough time to push Alye and Deniel to the ground to avoid the bullet fire. It was an odd situation, but the voice that echoed throughout the hall confirmed something dark was in their presence. It all happened so fast, the explosions, the blood. The majority of the hall was safe, but many had been attacked. How had they gotten past their defenses? Shards of wood stuck through his fire body, but it seemed like the council and most of their companions were unharmed, at least from what he could tell so far. 

    For a mere moment, he had spotted a woman, at least what he thought was a woman. Her presence was unlike any other, but the way she made her disappearance sent a chill down his spine. The last time he saw someone with this much power disappear in smoke, was in Minstrel. Ardere for a moment felt fear, but this quickly turned into a blood boiling rage. The what he presumed were possessed or turncoat soldiers continued their attack, but he could not allow this to continue. Bursting forward with an intense speed, utilizing all of his boosts and magic enhancing equipment, he appeared in front of the soldiers. He was a bit of a ways away from the knights, but he had closed the distance towards the center of the hall within a matter of just a second. Using his sword, he swept a line of black flame between them and the crowd. Creating a wall of black flames, he was able to limit the casualties. Using his pyrokinesis, he would bend and form this wall to stop even the knights on the sides of the roof, if they were there. Many people had still been shot during his movement, but at least he could save as many as possible. Manipulating his own flames, he pushed the pitch black, corrupt wall across the hall, scorching the soldiers. Then, once they were set ablaze and sent back, he manipulated the flames into one ball, before dispersing it, thus preventing the hall from being set ablaze. His wounds had closed in flames, but as he stood there, the world seemed hotter than usual. The hall was in chaos.  Many had died, but he had saved as many as he could. During this commotion and destruction, he had managed to take action. The guild master was shaken, but the pure adrenaline and rage had kept him going, pushing. This fight was far from over, and he had to take the initiative.


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Haru-senpai on 5th April 2016, 1:43 pm

    Just after Kakuma had finished explaining her troops, and how their armor worked; not to mention her possession of an actual A.I, which was incredible. Heero nodded to her; smiling to his left a half smile as he usually did.

    "Heh, not bad....an A.I huh?" he'd heard about them, and wondered if one could actually exist or not. Apparently they could. Nodding to Kakuma, he would speak once more. "Just be sure to take care of C.A.S.S.I.E, A.I's have feelings too ya know." he said, his hands still folded in front of him. Perhaps he'd been wrong about Black Rose, but perhaps not. Only time would tell.

    Before anyone could bring anything else up however, Heero seemed to notice everyone in the crowd doze off for a moment. Leaning down their heads as if they were all sleep at the very same time.

    "Uh....what the fu....." as a loud BANG! came from the front of the Guildmasters Assembly Hall, Heero would get pissed off; slamming a hand onto his throne as he did so, splintering the wood on it. "What is the meaning of this!?" Heero shouted as Rune Knights marched in alongside what seemed to be Black Rose's SWAT brigade. "Kakuma...call them off...now." he could tell by their posture that something bad was about to happen.

    And it did.

    The Rune Knights raised their Rune Staffs and began absolutely baraging the place; energy blasts from their Rune Staffs absolutely shredding through Blue Pegasus' throne, as Ardere to his left made a dive for Alye and Deniel. Heero's Exceed Rose, would look at Heero and nod. As he nodded back to her, he remained seated.


    As Heero slipped his eyes shut, letting his hearing do the work. His Slayer hearing carried outside of the Hall itself. Hearing the groaning of the thousands outside of the hall, he began to understand the situation more.

    In slow-motion, Ardere leapt forward; headband trailing behind him in the air as black flames began to build upon Clarent. With a battle yell above him, Rose also ReQuipped a weapon from Edolas, her white Aera Wings appearing on her back.

    As people were hit and tossed around in slow-mo by the Exceed and his fellow Guildmaster; Heero still hadn't opened his eyes. This feeling....it was familiar. Wounds that he thought closed from his battle in Pergrande began to irritate. Not re-open, but he felt each spot he'd been struck by that Witch's beast begin to get hot. Could it be? Her? Eris?

    Heero would stand to his feet just as Ardere pushed a wall of black fire through the hall, and then dispelled it in spherical fashion; and finally only once he was standing open his eyes.


    The sound of Heero's footprints walking over dead bodies, some still a light with small pieces of black fire that were still going out. A sideways shot was shown of Heero walking through the hall. As he walked past Ardere, who he could tell had adrenaline and rage pumping through him, Heero would put a hand on his shoulder.

    The camera would show the two fell known visages up close in a panel, as Heero spoke from the side of Ardere.

    "............................" after that moment in which no words were spoken between them, he would take his hand off his shoulder and continue moving through the hall, until he opened the front doors with a grand push.

    Blood....bodies. Blood....bodies.

    Stretching all the way around the hall in a circular loop, seemed to be people. Or what was left of them. Bodies sat lifeless even against the walls of the Hall.

    As Heero stood in the doorways off the Guildmaster's Hall, he looked around. Spotting a "Heero is #1" sign in the hands of a dead young lady with her little brother not too far away.

    Tears begin to fill his eyes, and not the bawling kind. As they steamed down his cheeks, he remained emotionless in the face as he fell to his knees amongst the piles of bodies stretching out before and around him. His hands touching blood stained grass.

    Slowly...but surely. Magic Power began to build. Everyone could feel it. The ground...no Clover itself began to shake. As Heero's muscles tensed up and his fingers gripped the grass tightly. He would raise a fist, and punch the ground so hard, a crater the size of the Guildmaster's Hall itself appeared. Knocking smoke hundreds of feet into the sky.

    As the dead civilians and guards lay all around him, signs of the Guilds they supported were scattered and sprawled everywhere.

    Street Lights and Lamps began to shake as Lightning began to strike randomly. Heero would look up from the ground, overcome with Dragon Rage his eyes were pitch red, glowing slightly. Leaning back onto his knees, Heero would let out an un earthly wail. As tears streamed even more down his face. The wail itself caused the waters of Clover Lake to actually shake a bit, as a roar like a Dragon was heard from Clover.

    Surrounded by those who adored him, he would wipe his eyes with finality, and stand up slowly. His eyes settling once again on the "Heero is #1" sign laying not feet from the lifeless hands of a young lady.

    "I'm sorry............I'm sorry." Heero said as he stared at her lifeless body, that happened to be missing both legs. "I didn't see it coming.....I didn't see it coming....."

    Turning into a train sized bolt of Lightning randomly sent energy and lightning everywhere for a moment, before the giant bolt of lightning shot off into the heavens above with authority.

    Nothing but a smoking spot on the ground remained where Heero had been, as Rose came running out of the Guildmaster's Hall.

    "Oh no......he's gone. To do God knows what." Rose would sweatdrop a bit as she cursed herself for being late. "Ardere!!! Alyia!!! Deniel!!! Alye!!! Zack!!! We need to stop Heero now! I'm pretty sure he's on his way to destroy the Magic Council! And who knows what else!!!" Rose knew that he was emotional to a fault, and would not be able to see that the Rune Knights who had attacked were possessed or not under their own control. All he would see was red.

    - End -


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    Private Re: Guildmaster's Annual Assembly!

    Post by Rohma on 19th April 2016, 12:07 am

    Sitting there, Faeral couldn’t help but enjoy the oddities as they continued, noting the floating throne sitting next to the single plain chair amongst the bunch. ’Hmm…interesting, and here I thought this would be for the recognized guilds only. A show of good faith perhaps?’ Pondering over their presence he only belatedly realized someone stared intensely, eyes flashing for all of a moment at the Fairy Tail guild master as his attention shifted away…’What’s he so interested in? Unless…oh dear…hopefully not that. I’d hate to break a heart today.’ It’d be for his better interest after all, the last lady to hit on him not meeting a fine end unfortunately, though the poor trollop had the misfortune to try for his money in front of Erika. She’d brought it upon herself.

    Nothing amounted to the quiet of the room upon the final seat’s filling, the person’s mere presence jacking up the tension levels in a few – heavens knows he could feel it emanating in waves off the gentleman at his side. Luckily the man sat two chairs away, but it left him wondering what kind of questions would be fired off at him and if perhaps a comment or two might not attempt to jab him from Faeral’s left. He found it interesting as the man kicked things off…but truth be told better him or any of the others over the musician as he lead the group into the first item on the agenda: a moment of silence.

    It offered him a respite as the room finally quieted from all the chatter between the reporters and even those on stage. Whose idea had it been to hold a press conference instead of an actual meeting? ’We could’ve had a secretary take notes on the minutes and answer questions to the press…but I suppose this will work, just doesn’t seem to allow anybody to properly talk amongst one another.’ Not that he expected full truths or anything of the like in a group setting, sure that people would meet in private for their actual concerns rather than in front of any sort of audience.

    With the respite gone questions fired at them like an army of arrows, things little more than a garble of words as each person competed with the next to be heard. ’Then again, they’re not much better than some I’ve worked with…’ It was funny how big businessmen could be similar to reporters, though their inspiration stemmed from the belief they were more important than the others trying to talk…no, this probably wasn’t all that different just a little more desperate. Things continued, interesting points made and he silently noted that at some point perhaps the Rune Knights should talk to Black Rose about their…connections, the technology tantalizing since they needed to make up for lacking numbers. ’Not that I can blame the guilds, a more free lifestyle holds allure and temptations…’

    An eerie sensation creeped in and it took a moment to realize: the background hum vanished. One attuned to sound the sudden silence sent chills down his spine before those before them ceased their murmured chatter – polite enough to let the guild masters speak without interruption, but unable to entirely quell their audible excitement and curiosity. When those doors opened and he glimpsed the lifeless faces of the crowd – soldiers at the front – flashbacks hit him of that hellhole of a laboratory and the virus it held before the inevitable explosion. Was this a public occurrence of it? Except as the once proud soldiers raced their staves alongside the guns of the Black Rose troops the logical side of his mind whispered that this, this was something else. ”Shit,” was all he managed to exclaim, ditching his hat and coat in favor of grabbing the cane and ducking behind the stage as the shots rang out, the spray incredible. Pain exploded in his right arm, a more minor one blossoming on his side as he landed and rolled, now behind a column as the chaos ran into full swing.

    The hell was this?

    ’If it’s an actual coup from the council I wish they’d chosen a different scapegoat…but…’ No, they wanted…needed the guilds to remain positive for the sake of the people and the country. There was no way he could imagine them actually plotting to off the guild masters, especially so openly and with the public backing them like…zombies. Another shiver ran through him at the recollection, despising the way his imagination decreed how they’d evolve into monstrosities…he didn’t exactly plan to find out if that’d be the case however.

    ”Are you okay?” a frightened voice pierced his cloud of paranoia, the sound of some sense shocking the man as he turned the bewildered expression to the same woman he’d saved from falling to the floor earlier. Glasses sat askew on her frightened yet determined face. Again she repeated the question, a hand reaching out and almost ghosting over the hand clamped around the injury on his dominant arm. There’d be no playing his way out of this mess right now, not like this, but with her here…yes. This could work.

    He could sense a mark placed upon her not unlike what he’d gifted Morphine all those lives ago.

    ”No, but I will be. We need to hurry, we can escape this way,” he waited for a lull in firing before they disappeared behind a curtain, the woman supporting him as they went. The pain caused him to grit his teeth, but adrenaline spurred him to keep going. By the time they made it outside everything had calmed aside for the roar that’d take place in a few moments, the sound causing him to wince even as the reporter covered her ears. Bodies lay strewn about, plenty exploded and bits and pieces everywhere, others merely pumped full of holes from stray shots. ’Quite the mess someone’s left behind…I suppose I shouldn’t feel satisfaction in being right.’ His expression showed anything but satisfaction, glaring at the field of corpses and the newly painted town. Screw the fanfare, next time anyone wanted to hold a meeting like this they could take this as a reason to keep it to a private meeting and simply have a secretary relay relevant parts of the discussion to reporters. ’However the backlash from this…”event” will need a bit of curbing too…the initial hysteria will not be pleasant.’ Eyes turned towards the woman as she took in the sight of the bodies and despite the fear, couldn’t seem to faint like she normally would. He couldn’t honestly recall the last time he’d turned a human into a familiar, finding better resources in beasts…but even now the dark haired man could see some use in this one.

    ”Come m’lady…we need to see to a few wounds and perhaps…a career starting story.”

    (Apologies, couldn't help wanting to use the post I started and properly leave, sorry I didn't contribute more to the intrigue)


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