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    The Ghost Biker (Job|Solo)


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    The Ghost Biker (Job|Solo) Empty The Ghost Biker (Job|Solo)

    Post by Crimzon 13th February 2016, 6:58 am

    Aether sighed as he approached the store of the man who put out the request to take care of Ghost Biker, opting to leave his briefcase within his pocket dimension along with the rest of his weapons, deciding that they wouldn’t be that effective on a theoretically incorporeal being, but he hardly considered the request to be real given that there has been no actual damage towards his store or anything of the sort the only customers that could back him up were blackout drunk. But regardless he forged on to complete the endeavour and get his money so he could leave the drunk motor heads behind and explore the city of gas and axel grease.

    It hadn’t been Aether’s first encounter with an ethereal being, but he doubt that this would be his last throughout his time at Black Rose. His first encounter with a ghastly creature had been within a small village in the cursed lands when he was following a lead towards his childhood friend. Shaking the thought from his mind he continued forward towards the shop, spotting what appeared to be a man wearing a sheet over his body with two slits for his eyes sat atop a black sports bike, seemingly antagonizing people that approached a particular shop, the shop that he had been contracted towards to protect them against a ghost biker. Sighing to himself he approached the shop, keeping out of the biker’s view which from what he could smell was blatantly drunk, even with all the oil and grease masking the scent it was so thickly soaked in to the sheet he had strung over himself he marvelled at how the man hadn’t fallen ill to alcohol poisoning. Peeking out behind the man he held up a sign he had pulled out of his pocket dimension with a quickly drawn ‘Is this the guy?’ on it asking if this was the ghost to the manager of the store with an arrow pointing to the man on the sheet, who nodded towards him and drawing the attention of the man under the sheet’s gaze behind him, only to be met with the sight of a masked man with white hair swinging a sign into his face, instantly knocking him out.

    Using the sheet he had drawn over his target, Aether wrapped up and restrained the ghost rider and drags him over to the shopkeep, obtaining his money before leaving the scene to explore the rest of the city.

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