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    Road Fighter [Kanix Laspor]


    Road Fighter [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest on 11th February 2016, 10:26 am

    Kanix had never been to Talonia before; it was all entirely new to the young woman as she crossed the streets and made her way to the arena. The travel here hadn't been hard, all she had to do was ask if someone knew how to get to Talonia, and they had taken her there. She had been grateful for that, but now, she was out on the streets, trying to find her way through the crowds of people. Nor was she able to stop and ask for directions because she was constantly being pushed back and around, and to every direction. It was frustrating, and she eventually gave up, just letting the crowd push her along, toward the place the arena was at. Before long, cheering could be heard in the air, and an announcer speaking overhead off in the distance. Finally, she was here at the arena, now all she had to do was get inside and get herself ready for the battling.

    Pausing at the gates to the arena, she would slide up a card to the person in control of who was to enter and who wasn't. The person would look the card over and nod their head, telling her that she was allowed to entire into the arena. Kanix sidestepped people who were passing by her to get in, and headed through the crowds until she came across the resting area for fighters. Battles were preset, so she would take a seat among the others already there, and wait until her name and her opponent's names were called. She was fidgeting though, anxious about what would happen out there when the real battling started and she was involved.

    "That was a great battle, everyone, don't you think? Lots going on there; hopefully, nothing too serious. Anyway, our next contestants are to come out, so get yourselves ready to rumble! Kanix Laspor vs our one and only wave maker, Wyvern!" the announcer called out soon after.

    Standing to her feet, the shamaness would enter the arena alongside Wyvern, feeling the eyes of the man boggling at her. Was this his first time fighting against a woman? Or was he boggling at the fact that she was barely wearing anything? Silently, the Fairy Tail mage would sidle away from Wyvern and across the arena from where he had been standing. She turned to face him, her staff gripped tightly in her hand as the announcer started blabbering incoherent information. A sound signaled, and she supposed that was the start of the battle, so she would raise up her staff and call out, "Call of the Wild: Spirit of Lightning!" Electricity sparked at the edge of her staff and she pointed it in the direction she believed the young man to be. The staff would let loose a strong bolt of lightning, shooting straight at the mage, who started rushing at her with his fists pulled back.

    Unfortunately, the bolt of lightning would strike the man in the chest, stunning him into dropping the spell he had been charging. Kanix would not hesitate in launching herself at him, rushing toward Wyvern with quick speed, thanks to her signature spell: Spirit of Wolf. When she was near enough, the woman would cast another spell on Wyvern, shouting out, "Call of the Wild: Guardian of Nature!" In which a large beast would rise up from the ground, it's body made entirely of the pure earth it had come from. It attack Wyvern while he was stunned, its stone teeth chomping down onto one of the limbs of the man. As soon as its teeth connected with a part of Wyvern's body, it would pull him to the ground and swing him before letting go. He would go flying into the air and crash land on the dirt just inches from where Kanix had previously been standing.

    Though he would quickly regain his composure and charge at Kanix, slamming his fist into the chin of the shamaness. She was sent flying sky high, tumbling to the ground next to her guardian, who, angered by what Wyvern had done, rushed the man. It would latch onto his leg and yank at him, once again pulling the mage to the ground and dragging him along. The beast pranced around with its catch, and after showing off a second longer, would toss Wyvern into the air. Soon after, its forelegs shifted into a long sword, and it would impale the man with rock-hard damage.

    Kanix laughed at the folly of Wyvern, though she, herself, had been damaged pretty good by the uppercut. She stood there, rubbing her chin some from where Wyvern had connected with her face, glaring blindly at his general direction. The Guardian of Nature would quickly finish her opponent off though, dealing several more times of damage until he had passed out.

    "Victory to the beautiful woman down below! Kanix Laspor!" the announcer would shout out excitedly.

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