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    Clearing the Path [Job:Get Rid Of The Pesky Blockade!] (Itori/Izayoi Burakkurõzu)


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    Clearing the Path [Job:Get Rid Of The Pesky Blockade!] (Itori/Izayoi Burakkurõzu) Empty Clearing the Path [Job:Get Rid Of The Pesky Blockade!] (Itori/Izayoi Burakkurõzu)

    Post by Itori on 9th February 2016, 5:17 pm

    Job Description:

    Job: Get Rid Of That Pesky Blockade!
    Job Location:Train Station, Clover Town
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least 15 posts long. Posts must be 200 words minimum.
    Job Requirements: C-rank mage or two D-rank mages minimum, maximum four mages on this job. To remove the blockade and fight off the goblin and the vulcan.
    Job Description: "We been having some trouble by these pair of annoying whipper-snappers, a goblin and a vulcan who keep terrosing and being a general nuiscence at our train tracks, but now they just went ahead and blocked the tracks with a great old tree! They say we give 'em 100 pies and 100 tubs of sherbert or they'll never move the tree! Those rascals are holding up the trains and closed our station! Go over there and teach 'em a lesson, so we can get things moving again!"- Station Controller Albert.
    Weak: Goblin
    Medium: Vulcan
    Reward: 1,500 jewels

    Itori looked around at her sister. She was very happy that she had managed to get the opportunity to go on a job together with Izayoi. She didn't get to be with her sisters nearly as often as she wanted. If she had her way they would spend most of their day together. Unfortunately all three of them were actually quite busy, each with their own reasons. Itori constantly had to take care of all the minor stuff that the other mages at the guild most likely never even thought about: cooking, cleaning, gathering information about everything, occasionally filling out paperwork and organizing everything as well. She had become so used to keeping everything in perfect position and condition that these days it was impossible for her not to do this. She wasn't sure what kind of things were keeping her sisters busy, but since it was enough that they most of the time didn't see each other except when they were passing each other she assumed it was all important.

    However that didn't make her any sadder. She had travelled for thousands of years with as only goal to find her sisters. She never wanted to be separated from them again. It might be childish, but for Itori her sisters were simply the most important things in existence. They were her reason for living, or at least the biggest one besides 'I don't want to die'. To be able to go on a job together with Izayoi, working together and being together, was one of the greatest joys Itori could imagine ever experiencing. The only thing that might compete was if she could actually find a proper mate and bear his children. Since she had never had the pleasure of experiencing that she couldn't really say, which meant that here and now being able to be together with her sisters was her greatest joy.

    She smiled at Izayoi, then turned around to look ahead once again. Their job was fairly simple: a goblin and a vulcan had decided to upset a lot of people by barricading the train station in Clover Town, demanding food in exchange for getting out of the way. Since giving them what they wanted would set a bad example the people had instead asked some mages to get rid of them instead, and Itori and Izayoi had ended up being the ones who would end up taking care of the problem. This didn't sound like a very difficult job at all: neither goblins nor vulcans were particularly smart or powerful. For the two Kumiho such opponents could never be considered a proper challenge. The only question that remained was how they would get rid of the nuisances, not if. There were two possibilities that Itori could think of: she could just scare them off with some simple illusions, or Izayoi could forcibly remove them with her legions. Either way should do the trick.

    Itori frowned slightly at the fact that her fox traits were fully exposed in public, however. She had become so used to hiding her true self that the idea of just revealing herself like this was closely akin to stripping down in public. Embarrassing. More importantly, it meant that she would be easily recognized later on. She knew that she was now part of a legal guild, which meant that she shouldn't have to worry about being found. She knew that there was no longer reason to hide and deceive others all the time, since she had already found her sisters and no longer had to resort to criminal means to find them. She knew all that, but after you've been so careful and secretive for so long suddenly just revealing your true self to the world was easier said than done. She would have tried hiding regardless, but she didn't think that Izayoi would have agreed, and if her sister was going to reveal herself like that she had no choice but to do the same.

    At least they could also use that nature to scare the two creatures holding up the trains. Goblins were small and weak, so seeing a human-sized fox should be enough to scare it aplenty. As for the vulcan, she wasn't so sure about that one, but maybe they could unnerve it as well. Just show their sharp teeth and that should already have an effect. She didn't have anything to back that theory up, but honestly it didn't matter. Even if the goblin and the vulcan turned out to be immune to fear they still were too weak to actually be anything but a nuisance, which would be gotten rid of as soon as Izayoi and she arrived at the location of the blockade.


    Clearing the Path [Job:Get Rid Of The Pesky Blockade!] (Itori/Izayoi Burakkurõzu) HdAc9DB

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