Be A Model! [Job | Solo | Evia]


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    Be A Model! [Job | Solo | Evia]

    Post by Mysie on 9th February 2016, 1:58 pm

    Job Info:
    Job: Be A Model!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Up to 2 members only, D-Rank or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player
    Requirements: Only female wizards can take this quest.
    Location: East Forest, Magnolia.
    Description: Sorcerer Weekly is looking for female mages who can model for them in a photo shoot, with beautiful face and body structure of course. The theme is about being eco-friendly. The model will be wearing creations of Chanelle, the famous designer in Fiore. And one more thing, the photo shoot will be held in the East Forest of Magnolia.
    Prize: 750 jewels each.
    Pink hair fluttered in the breeze here she was taking in middle of a forest. Who had ever decided that this was a good place to hold photo shoot. They were idiots. She didn't care how famous their clothing was they were idiots. She had the job poster in her hands as he crossed her arms and looked at were her photos would be taken. Evia never remembered taking her picture before, this was new to her, yet it wasn't' she knew that she had done this before. Sometime before she lost her memory and was thrown out into the world. With a huff the girl glared at the people that were running around, little ants in a mine field with the queen looking over them and bossing them around. The pinkette shook her head before slowly approaching the site. This, she knew was going to be painful. She had a feeling that it would start with a shower to get all the dirt off that she had collected on her way to the photo shoot and then pruning of her body. Not that it needed it, she was physically perfect. Perfect sized chest perfect sized hips, she was literally the image of perfection. Her hair was in soft waves that held not a single tangle.

    Yet as she approached the young woman knew that people were starting to look at her and murmur to each other. This was normal. Something that she had gotten used to. She knew that her body was perfect. Her height was something that was wanted and her assets made other females jealous. Yet she had no intention to use them. She had always wondered why men would swoon over a single movement. She was stupid when it came to the opposite gender.

    Only steps in the girl was surrounded by people. Looking her over. Bees. Now they were bees. Busy bees that had nothing else to do with their lives other than be in other people's business. Evia couldn't say that she hated bugs, but she could say that they irritated her and she usually wanted to kill them. These insects were no acceptation even if they were people who simply just acted like them. But soon enough they dispersed an the Queen came strutting over. It was evident as all of the workers fluttered away and tried to make themselves busy and non-noticeable. Evia merely scoffed and rolled her eyes. She hated them already. She could hear a few words that the Queen was saying to here, but the pinkette didn't' really listen. She was simply just another bug. One that she would squash and make everyone else stop if she wanted to be left alone and leave everything.

    Evia was right. She was quickly pushed into a shower. How they had transported a shower into the middle of no where she would always wonder. But people who were rich did stupid things and with their money, she supposed that this Queen was not acceptation. The shower took only minutes and she was quickly pulled out before being pushed into a room with clothes and make-up scattered all around. She hated the stuff. Both make-up and clothing. If the mage had her way she wouldn't wear any of it. Walk around naked, her birthday suit. But that was not accepted in society and the mage quickly learned that this was how things worked you follow society and you are not exiled nor are you ostracized.

    She was dressed quickly and her hair was put up into a high piney tail. She hated it. Her hair was not meant to be up, but down around her hips. Evia didn't know why she felt that way, but she knew that there was a reason for it that the people around her would not understand so she just followed what they wanted from her. Listening to their stupid requests, Scoffing sometimes at what they wanted her to do before sighing and doing it. They swarmed around her like the bugs that they were after every image. Checking her breath and the clothes that she was wearing. Had she ripped them? Were they still good on her? They touched all over her making sure that everything that was not perfect was perfect.

    FINALLY everything was over and the girl was free to go. But there came a catch. She was to come back in two weeks to take another shoot. How she hated that agreement. but none-the-less she agreed. It was money and it was experience.

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