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    A Kingdom of Fire (Solo)

    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

    The Fire King

    The Fire King

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    A Kingdom of Fire (Solo)  Empty A Kingdom of Fire (Solo)

    Post by Ardere Kasai 7th February 2016, 5:17 pm

    I am the fire
    I am burning brighter
    Roaring like a storm
    And I am the one I've been waiting for
    Screaming like a siren
    Alive and burning brighter

    Sitting atop the grand tiled roof of Infinity Hydra, Ardere found himself peering down into the city below, with his lower legs dangling nonchalantly off the top of the castle. It was a rather large city down below, full of life and wonder. It was quite strange to build a city around is guild, but some of the inhabitants of Mountain Village felt safer moving closer to the hall. While he could still see the neighboring town in the distance, it was not as intense as before. Terra Ignis was the name his guild members came up with, meaning Land of Fire in a language long forgotten. It meant a lot to him that his own guild members had picked a name as such, but it meant even more to him that this city would be governed and looked after by his members. Alye would hold domain over most of it, while the city council would make the decisions the people in the town needed to get done. Exhaling deeply, his mind was riddled with thoughts of the town. Fortunately he did not have to make all of the decisions himself, and even more fortunately not all of the construction was required. The guild hall had been quite large already, with several branching buildings connected to it. Now the vast city before him lied, with quite the amount of structures in place. A market place, restaurants, and many more lied in wait. It was an actual city, a city surrounding Infinity Hydra. The guild stood for justice and vengeance for the weak, a guild built to fight the darkness. It only made sense that their city was atop the mountains surrounded in fog, a true base of operations for both the guild and it's alliances. Dark mages would have quite the time finding this place, and when they did it would not be in their best interest to stir up trouble. Taking a sip of the sake he kept around quite often, the city was entering it's first dusk, meaning it's second dawn was coming. 



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