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    The Hot Sands (Job)


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    Completed The Hot Sands (Job)

    Post by Mitsuo on 5th February 2016, 5:26 am

    The hall was busy as per usual as Mitsuo stood in front of the job board scanning over it to find a simple job that he thought he could accomplish fairly easily. As he was looking through the requests, one that seemed fairly straightforward caught his eye. It didn’t seem like it would be super dangerous, though it would lead him to the desert, which he knew had its own treacherous terrain and heat that Mitsuo would have to deal with. He read over the details a few times and took the sheet down, walking to tell whoever was at the bar that he was taking the job before making his way towards his home. The place that he had settled into was a nice enough place. He tried to keep it fairly clean and, besides books being scattered everywhere, he did a fairly good job of that. When he got inside he removed his jacket and picked up a travelling cloak made of linen, a nice light material that wouldn’t get too hot in the desert, and tied the black cloak over his shoulders. He also grabbed a pair of travelling goggles to keep the sand out of his eyes, putting them around his forehead after taking a hair tie and tying his hair back in place so that he wouldn’t obstruct his vision. He kept the black pants and black mesh sleeveless shirt that he generally wore, not seeing the need to change those, and after grabbing a small pack with some travelling supplies, and a canteen of water, he made his way out the door and towards the Magnolia town train station.

    this is it...a chance to prove myself to the guild!

    He walked through the doors of the trainz handing his ticket to the conductor who inspected it and handed it back, noticing the tattoo on the back of his hand. "Fairy Tail eh? Off on a mission then?"

    Mitsuo normally would have been nervous to speak with the stranger, not saying a word or at least stuttering, but today all of those nerves were gone. "Yeah, I'm off to save a small town." The conductor chuckled and nodded him past as Mitsuo walked onto the train and took his seat, ready to take on the trip to the desert village and help the people there, and full of pride in what he was doing.


    As the train rolled down the line, Mitsuo looked around to see if there was anyone he recognized. He was, unfortunately, rather alone. There were a handful of people he had never met but other than that the train was fairly empty. He pulled out one of the books that his mother had given him on forgotten magic. He was trying to learn new magics that he could memorize and use in the future, committing all of the words to his memory as he attempted to learn the complex spell. It wasn't easy to do, his own form of magic having taken him several years to master. His mother had been adamant about teaching him her Memory Make magic, making sure that she could pass on her knowledge of the ancient "forgotten" magic type.

    The ride went rather smoothly, getting into the village at a decent time. When he stepped off of the bus his black cloak with the Fairy Tail symbol in gold on the back flowed in the warm breeze, his hands moving up to his forehead and pulling the goggles over his eyes so that the sand wouldn't blow into them.  He made his way into the station and asked someone where he could find the Elder of the village, getting pointed in the right direction and making his way out so that he could get on with finding this caravan and bringing hope back to the village. As he walked up to the small weathered stone building he did so with determination in his heart, knocking on the door and hearing; "Enter" from inside before he walked in to meet the elder.

    As he walked into the building, he noticed that there were three people inside of the room. The first two he saw, a young man and woman, seemed to be distressed as the spoke to the second, an older man who Mitsuo had to assume was the village elder. He had heard a little of their conversation from outside, his excellent hearing attributing to this. They were shop owners in town and they had been suffering due to the caravan being missing. Mitsuo heard the elder assure them that help was on its way and that was when he had knocked. The three of them all looked towards the door, where the saw the young Fairy Tail wizard walk through when his guild cloak sweeping behind him. The elder greeted him with a smile and motioned towards him with his hand as he spoke. "Speak of the devil, here is our help." The couple looked a bit surprised and they thanked Mitsuo and urged him to hurry as the walked out the door. When they were gone the elder offered him a seat.

    "Thank you for getting here so quickly. I'm afraid this is a very time sensative issue and I really need you to work as fast as you can." Mitsuo sat down and looked around the room nervously. The pressure would be on and that made him feel a little anxious, but he tried not to show it. "The caravan that went missing was carrying supplies that we need to survive. They carry food and water which are hard to come across in the desert. Not only are our shop keepers hurting, but everyone else suffers as well every second we don't have those supplies."

    "I kn-know sir.. This is important.." Mitsuo's voice was a little soft and broken, the weight of the situation seeming a little heavier now that he was in the village.

    "Don't worry child, I'm sure you'll be fine. You Faries have quite the reputation." The elder chuckled and Mitsuo smiled, looking at the mark on his hand again. "They were on their way back from Rose Garden, but they never made it back. We sensed them last in the Forgotten Desert, which is where I need you to go. Please find them, bring them back to us." Mitsuo had a determined look on his face, even though he was nervous.

    "Don't worry about it, sir...I will bring them back!" His voice was no longer shaky, though it was still soft. The elder nodded and Mitsuo pt the goggles back over his eyes and took his leave, making his way towards the desert to bring aid to the caravan.

    All eyes were on the Fairy Tail wizard as he walked through the small desert town towards the outskirts and the forgotten desert, the entire village turning out to see the kid who was supposed to be their hero and bring their supplies back to them. His nerves were building up and he could feel his heart racing with everyone watching him, something that he really hated. He almost said something, but he decided that he should not speak his mine, since even if he did his voice would most likely break and he would appear weak, and nobody would hear him anyway. He kept up a quick pace and made his way out of the village so that he wouldn't have to feel their judgmental stares and made his way into the forgotten desert, determined to find his target and complete his first mission.

    He ran out into the desert, glad he was wearing the goggles as he could feel the sand getting into his everything, from his boots to his hair and mouth and nose. He brought the cloak over his head and the thin scarf he was wearing to cover his mouth and nose, breathing through it like a filter to keep the sand out. He wandered into the desert, trying to use his enhanced hearing to catch anything that sounded out of the ordinary, though all he could hear was wind and sand. He committed everywhere that he had been to memory, making sure that he would be able to find his way home, and lead the caravan there when he eventually stumbled across them...


    It took him a little while, but after several hours of searching through the endless desert he finally caught trail of where he was going. He had never been in such a desolate place so devoid of life and the sounds and memories were odd to him. When he finally heard the movement of people, the steady, though slow, beating of hearts in the background, he rushed towards them as quickly as he could. He reached the caravan, the people accompanying it looking exhausted and like they were about to pass out. The storm was picking up and Mitsuo knew that things were about to get worse. He was being buffed from all sides by the sandstorm, looking towards the people of the caravan as he walked towards the leader. They stopped walking as he caught up, all taking a chance to sit. Mitsuo handed each of them a canteen, which the village elder had given him, before speaking. "Are you guys alright? Everyone has been really worried about you."

    "We're just tired. We should have been home days ago but we haven't been able to find our way back yet." One of them, a young male with black hair and brown eyes, said to Mitsuo. He had expected, and came to realize it to be true, that they had gotten lost on their way back. It was hard to cross a desert and if you made any mistakes in your navigation you could be wandering for days, and even wind up dead. There were four people with the caravan in total, the one who had spoken to Mitsuo, two more males who appeared to be a little older, one with sandy blonde hair and the other with dark brown and a unkempt beard, though they were all somewhat beardly right now, which is something Mitsuo didn't imagine was intentional for the most part. The fourth one was a woman with long red hair and weathered skin. She had clearly ran her fair share or caravans in her day. Mitsuo imagined it would be upsetting for her that they had gotten lost, and he made sure not to press the issue.

    "Well you'll be alright, my name is Mitsuo and I was sent here by the village elder to help you guys back. Fortunately I have a fantastic memory, and I'll easily be able to get you back to the village." He offered a warm and comforting smile as he looked towards them, trying to make them feel better. They all looked pretty worn down, and like they had no energy left to move. Mitsuo sighed as he looked around and decided he might know a way to help them. He put his finger to his temple and whispered "stream" under his breath, his eyes glowing as golden chains surrounded him and the caravan, playing the memory of him leaving the town, all of the villagers watching him with a glimmer of hope in their eyes knowing that this was the man who would bring their loved ones back to them. At the time it had just amped up his anxiety having them all watch him, but now he realized that it was quite a touching memory. Mitsuo saw tears work through caked on sand on the caravan workers' cheeks as he smiled once more, the ability getting its desired effect. When the memory came to a close, they all looked more determined to get back to town by a long shot, and Mitsuo started to lead them back.

    They followed him closely, him using his memory to guide them back to town without and hitch. While they followed they managed to keep pace with him rather easily, something that he wasn't exactly expecting to happen. They were all determined to get back and he found that the way back was a lot easier than the way out there, the storm slowing down and the winds moving in their favour this time. When Mitsuo saw the gates to the village the caravan people moved faster than they had yet, other villagers standing near the gates rushing out to meet them and help them bring the caravan into the village, telling everyone how they were worried and they missed them, and thanking Mitsuo for bringing their friends and families back. He led them towards the village elder, who thanked him as well before embracing his lost friends and giving Mitsuo the money he had promised him.

    When he was standing at the train station back to Magnolia he looked back towards the town. He smiled, the memory of the villagers gratefulness fresh in his mind as his first job had come to a close. He was happy, and on his train ride home he was extremely calm the entire time.

    My first job...it felt so good. I'm looking forward to helping more people like that...

    (WC 2206/2000 mission Complete~)

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