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    for a good corse


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    for a good corse Empty for a good corse

    Post by Saria 4th February 2016, 2:06 pm

    As Saria was traveling from town to town these days to get familiar with the country's wide rage of towns and villages, she currently was in a town called Hargeon. It was nice a peaceful here perhaps she'd move here soon but still being new to a guild it was important to get her name around as much as she could. As she passed through the busy street there seemed to be some type of event going on, walking over she went to check into it see perhaps what was going and and maybe even enjoy what they were doing. As she got closer she saw street performs lined up and filling the streets, magic shows, palm readers, human statues you now the run of the mill things. They were all doing this to bring in donations for a good cause. Once he had seen everything he noticed that not that many people were really staying around looking at only a few performers and walking off.

    She then seen a older gentleman who seemed to be talking with a group of others, her saiyan hearing caught the end of their conversation about how they weren't getting enough donations to help the sick children in the towns hospital. They were aiming to upgrade to better equipment for the kids care. This sounded like something he could help with after all not only was it a good thing to do but it was the Justice thing to do. Walking over to the Man after the group walked away KNux approached her with a large smile. "Hello, I'm Saria I'm a mage from Lamia scale. i work alongside the Rune Knights and Magic Counsel a lot but aren't trapped by the same rules. I noticed you were having a bit of performers to draw in crowds, perhaps I can help with my magic?" Saria placed her hands in her pocket as she awaited the answer.

    The old man agreed which allowed the saiyan-jin to take her place near some other mages. There was mages of all sorts of magic, wood make to make things for homes such as tables, fire magic where a mage would juggle balls, but Saria use hers to lift incredible amounts of weights. She was able to borrow large containers and jugs of water. Her Idea was more of a game then a performance, someone from the crowd would come over and try to lift these objects. If they could lift them and Saria couldn't she'd cover the amount they were going to donate. If they lost then they of course had to donate to the hospital for the children's equipment. It seemed like a fair deal to him, and it wasn't really scamming, it wasn't like other mages couldn't come and try, but only those with inner connections to their life energy would be able to accomplish this feat or massive buff guys.

    Once she set up hs both she began to hold her sign up and challenge smaller sized men, trying to bait the bigger guys in. One by one she got them and sometimes even groups of 5 or more. Those with their ladies were the easiest, Saria only had to enter her Power upped state to ensure she could lift it while others could not. By simply allowing her ki to flow from his core into her body she would walked over to the jug filled with water and lifted them over his head, however to make it look like a struggle she pretended that it was a lot harder than it was. Pretty soon larger groups of people were surrounding him and people were cheering. When that seemed to die down and the crowd started to fade away, he forged a ki blast with in his right palm and set it hurling in the air, He was able to control it with his hand zooming past others.

    This went on for another few minutes, then he decided to show them the power of his armor. Borrowing a lighter from someone in the crowd he held it to his chest plate. seconds later the armor began to glow red as a light roar of flames began to cover his armor. It was quite the spectacle and the crowd was sure Saria was a magician and nothing short of it. After nearly a whole day spent raising money it was time for Saria to head out and keep on with her journey. She brought her ernning to the old man she met earlier and shook his hand again, Saria felt great for being able to help the kids of this town get better treatment. Perhaps when she would come back through here she would stop at the hospital and go play with the kids to give them some fun.

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