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    Mischievous Imps [Kanix Laspor]


    Mischievous Imps [Kanix Laspor] Empty Mischievous Imps [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest on 3rd February 2016, 9:45 pm

    Mischievous Imps [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    The ground was soft, almost padded, underneath Kanix's bare feet as she entered the grounds of the Mysterious Canyon. She would breathe in a deep breath, closing her eyes for a better effect, taking in all of the natural smells around her. Leaning up onto her toes, her weight supported by her staff, before she slumped back to the soles of her feet. Her acidic-burned eyes opened again, their opalescent color brightened by the effects of the sunlight shining down on her.

    Being out in the natural world was more invigorating to Kanix than anything else in the world happened to be. Nothing else compared to how happy and relaxed she felt when surrounded by what Mother Nature had created. However, she couldn't dwell in the beauty of the world right now; she had other, more important, things to handle.

    With a heavy sigh, the woman would continue on her way, heading down into the depths of the Mysterious Canyon.

    She had been tasked with dealing with mischievous imps, as they had infested a trading route commonly used by the people of the Canyon. So, they were no longer able to use that route in order to get their trades and wares to other places. Kanix didn't mind so much in having to do this task, but it meant going up against one of Mother Nature's children. As much as they were nuisances, they were still part of the living world, and they were animals she was certain she couldn't hurt. Being a shaman meant she was connected to this world, the world of the dead, and the world of the gods above. One wrong thing could unbalance the entire system, and killing off an animal in cold blood would definitely do that.

    Around her, the Canyon was silent, but it wasn't silent in the sense that nothing was heard because she could still feel the wild presence in the air. She could still tell that there were creatures roaming the plains and waiting for the right moment to come out. Eventually, they would learn she wasn't one to be afraid of, and they would come out to see who she was. Kanix walked slowly along the trade route located in Mysterious Canyon, her staff the one thing leading her way. All that could truly be heard by the ears was the crunch of stones, pebbles, and dirt underneath the woman's bare feet. The tap of her staff as it hit the ground with each step that she took, guiding her way like that of a seeing-eye dog. Not long after, a cricket chirped close by, and a few more followed in sequence, but silenced themselves when she passed by.

    Another step deeper into the canyon and a cackle sounded near where Kanix was going to, footsteps thumping toward her. The Fairy Tail mage would stop and listen to the movements, tilting her head as if that would allow for her to hear better. An imp's laugh resounded through the air, carried to her ears, where she would turn around to the direction it came from. When she did this, a small imp would come out from the shadows and fold its hands together, looking at her mischievously. With its long, sharp claws, it looked to be intimidating, but if its claws were removed, it would look nothing more than a cute creature. Kanix would stare at it for a really long time, then raise her staff up and point it at the creature without saying anything. A light coursed into the emerald gems of the ram's eye sockets, making them glow with a brilliant essence as her eyes did.

    Lightning would spark around the ram head's horns, zapping and zipping together as it built up in strength. She would then jab her staff forward, in which a bolt of lightning would extend from the tips of the horns and out to the imp. With as quick as she had reacted, the chibi imp had no chance of being able to dodge her attack, and was hit with it. Its body went rigid when the lightning coursed through it, burning first its skin, then burning the insides of it. The creature would become as stiff as a board and fall to the ground dead, ashen smoke rising up from its crisped body. Kanix would smirk at the deceased imp before spinning on her heels and continuing down the dirt-based trade route. This was going to be a lot easier than she had thought it was going to be; she had expected the imps to be harder to handle.

    However, her little trek and victory didn't last long, as the presence of another imp would cause Kanix to shiver a little. She would stop in her tracks again and look around, wondering in which direction that this imp would be coming from. No sound, this time, came as the chibi imp surrendered its hiding place and stepped out from the shadows the canyon. Not knowing where it was, it had kept the Fairy Tail mage from quickly zapping it away with a lightning bolt or two. So, the woman would keep still and listen for any sort of movement that would give the creature away to her. Nothing, but then there was a crunch of a rock against the sand and she would turn to face the chibi imp. Kanix quickly slammed the sharp edge of her staff into the ground and the emerald gems would light up with her eyes.

    A door would rise up from the grounds of the canyon, dust falling away from the top of it as it settled down. The actual doors to the gateway would swing open, flames emitting from the innards of what was the gate to Hell. Screaming could be heard within its depths, but a particular screeching became louder and louder until a demon came out. As the demon came charging from the guts of Hell, it would go straight for the little imp that had came running to Kanix. Its little claws would scratch and attack the shaman, but she would only sidestep it as it ran around in circles. Her own demon would slid down to its level and snatch it up in its own demonic claws, biting down onto it. Shaking it around and clawing at its skin, tearing away at the flesh until the little imp hung loose in its jaws.

    Her demon would let the dead creature drop to its grave, and stand to its feet, where Kanix would lightly pat it on the head. She, herself, would take the demon's hand and let it guide her along, listening intently to her surroundings as they walked. Silence would follow after them, though the occasional chirp of a frog or a cricket would sound out in the open. Kanix's companion would growl every once in a while, but the woman didn't mind the odd sound in her ears. It was only when the demon let her arm go and went running off in front of her that she stopped walking and looked confused. Standing there, she would hear the demon ripping a creature limb from limb, but she wasn't entirely sure what it was. Luckily for her, it had happened to be one of those chibi imps that kept popping up along their little path.

    Unfortunately, her demon would be chained and dragged back down into the depths of Hell; its services over. The shaman would solemnly listen to it screaming as it was dragged back into its eternal torture, but soon continued on. There was no point in dawdling around when she had to face a few more creatures in order to encounter the one she needed. As luck wouldn't be on her side at the time, the mage ended up being encountered with two more of the chibi imps. Where she would have to summon up her Nature Guardian, who would attack one of the imps while she battered the other one. Kanix would ram the sharp edge of her staff into the heart of the imp, blood splattering to the ground as she ripped it back out. She would wipe the blood off her legs that had splashed onto her, then beckon her guardian to follow after her.

    Bounding after her, leaving the other imp on the ground, dead with its companion, the buck would follow after Kanix. It trotted along side her, fire blazing from its rack, then charge in front of her to slam its rack into a regular imp. The imp would squeal in pain, which alerted Kanix to where it was located, and she would rush in to help her guardian. Together, the duo would ram, slash, and parry the attacks of the regular imp, slowly injuring it without much injury to themselves. Before long, the regular imp was dead on the ground, and the duo would continue on their task of clearing the route. It couldn't be long before she would encounter the boss of these imps though, and Kanix was dreading that a bit. She didn't know how strong that imp would be or what it would look like, and she didn't want to waste her spells.

    Cackling echoed in the valley of the canyon, causing Kanix and her companion to pause and listen to it. It echoed around and around, confusing the two of them as to where or who that cackling belonged to. For one, Kanix recognized it as a cackle of an imp, but she wasn't certain if it was a chibi imp or a regular imp. Well, she had gotten her answer when a very large imp exited the shadows of the canyon and came rushing at her. The creature would lash out its claws and attack Kanix, hooking its nails into the skin of her stomach and tearing a large scar there. She would let out a terrible cry from the pain and back away, holding the place where blood pooled from the wound. Shakily, she would look back up to her guard and order for it to attack the imp, in which it would obey her.

    Before long, the guardian would dissipate into sparkles and shine away, and Kanix would have to fight on her own. She would summon up the large gavel over the head of the imp and slam it down upon it, giving it a good whack. Then she would run at it and impale it through the chest with the sharp end of her staff once, then twirl around to deal a blow again. Kanix would dance away from the creature in a series of swirls and twirls, dodging its claws just barely before landing her own blow. Attack after attack and she would end up with the imp on the ground and her staff through the heart of it. Grabbing her staff with both hands, she would tear it from its chest, blood coming up and out of its body as she did so. Giving it a good kick, the shaman would turn away and run off down the trade route, hoping for the better.

    Two more times regular imps would appear and Kanix would deal with them each both, though quite difficultly on her own. She would slash, stab, and run her staff through the bodies of the imps, all the while trying to dodge their own attacks. Parrying their claws, though on a occasion they would scratch her skin and leave her bleeding on her legs and hips. With one of the imps, she would stab it through the head, killing it within a matter of seconds and face the other one next. Where she would dance a battle with the imp, dodging its attacks, while it dodged her attacks, and so on and so forth. Long after, the mage would ram the sharp edge of her staff into the back of the imp and smash it into a nearby boulder. Evilly, the woman would laugh and shake the body off her weapon, then turn on her way and continue her task.

    Kanix hummed to herself and walked along the pathway, listening as the sounds of nature returned to normal. That meant she was doing her job, that these creatures could tell there was a shift of good and bad in the air. More good there would be here than there would be bad, so that meant the imps were dwindling in number! However, a final regular imp would appear in front of Kanix, and though she would have loved to ignore it, she just couldn't. So, the duo would advance in battle for a while, each dancing to their own beat of the combat, parrying and attacking. She would land in a few blows here and a few blows there, while the imp would manage to do the same to her. It would take a while, but after several minutes of battling it out with each other, the Fairy Tail mage would come out victorious.

    This was the last of the imps, and so all that remained was the boss imp that she was bound to run across soon. The woman advanced in her adventure, walking along the path, letting her bloodied staff guide her way and her feet feel everything. Not long after she had been enjoying her adventure that a horrendous screeching would sound and scare her. She would falter in her step and look around, confused, and her cloudy gaze would land upon the one she needed to fight. Its skin matched the shadows, but it wasn't like Kanix could see that; her senses were solely focused on its movements. Where the beast would lunge at her, Kanix would swiftly move out of the way and summon up a noxious, green gas. It would breathe in this gas and grab at its throat as it suffocated from the intoxicating substance, eyes bulging.

    After which, Kanix would summon a curse to inflict pain upon it, while it was also busy trying to get out of the gas. This would continue on for a while, where Kanix would stand by and let the magic do its work, but also avoiding the imp. In fact, she only had to deal a few more bits of physical damage and the creature would fall dead to the ground. At which point, the aura of the canyon began to feel a lot more pure and clearer to the mage than it had been before. Where it had felt dark and foreboding, the woman felt that it was more welcoming and easier to get through. The animals and insects were more talkative and a smile was on her face as she kicked the limp body of the black imp. She would turn on her way though and proceed to leave the canyon, now that her task was done and over with.

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