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    Ember, The Chibicorn!


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    Ember, The Chibicorn!

    Post by Raina on Sat 30 Jan 2016 - 2:07

    Name: Ember
    Rank: Legendary
    Species: Chibi Unicorn
    Type:Combat Pet

    Embers is an adorable, sassy, and feisty Chibicorn. Often sassing Raina's enemies, but very protective of the Princess Raina.

    Abilities:(What can it do?)


    Name: Bubble Boom
    Rank: A
    Description: Ember blasts a beam of bubbles at the target. The bubbles are extremely cute and look non threatening. When hit by these bubbles, they explode with the strength and fire power of a bomb. Only hits about 5 meters all ways when exploded. Can only be used every 3 posts.
    Strengths:Explosive damage, Looks Harmless
    Weaknesses:Small Area of Effect, Cant be easily destroyed by ranged attacks of same rank or higher


    Name: Twinkle Yell
    Rank: B
    Description: Ember lets out an adorable growl as his horn shines brightly with rainbow lights. One ally is targeted and enshrouded in these lights and has a 50% buff to their next attack or spell.  This ability is only use able every 5 posts.
    Strengths:Buffs one allies next attack.
    Only affects one ally.
    Must be used before two posts.


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