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    Private CONCRETE JUNGLE ♦ job

    Post by Guest 22nd January 2016, 10:23 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ B Rank

    Perhaps it was predatory instincts that drove keen pink eyes to the challenge at hand, or maybe it was something else. Either way, the canine felt as if there was a longing to chase, which was not too rare for any carnivore who was not much of an ambush hunter. While this task would do no feeding, surely it would satisfy her own instincts for a bit of time. Taking the flier off of the job board, Izayuki read the letter in great detail. It was from a man known as the 'hunter'. However, he did not seem to be one to truly hunt or kill other animals. All he wanted to do was gaze upon the masterpiece of creation with his own eyes, and to the tanuki girl, that all seemed fair and plausible. The hard part would actually be capturing such a beast and taking her back. Then again, with the right tools and transformations, it should not be too difficult of a problem.

    Folding the job paper neatly and tucking it into the pocket on the inside flap of her white, short sleeved over-jacket, Izayuki made her way outside of the guild hall. She had managed to stay in her own dorm room overnight, however, she did not really 'sleep'. Such a thing was uncommon for her now, and as tired as she was, the nightmares disturbed her and stopped her from getting any rest. Terror too great, she hid the evidence of insomnia through skillful covering of it with her Bakedanuki abilities and shapeshifting. Unfortunately, she had also noticed her capacity to stay in a human form also decreasing. By the time she made her way to her teammate and friend's mansion, she was already out of energy for the time being, and thus, in the form of a small silver raccoon dog. Seeing Izayuki up so early, an hour or two after dawn, was rare. Nevertheless, the fluffy canine sneaked her way into Elyx's room in attempts to surprise him and then force and drag him along with her on this unique job. Assuming the boy was asleep, she leaped up onto his bed and made her way over, attempting to jump on top of the sleeping human. "Morning~!"

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    Private Re: CONCRETE JUNGLE ♦ job

    Post by King Elyx 23rd January 2016, 7:25 am

    She got onto his stomach, enough for him to casually wake up, and not so much in an abrupt manor. The reason for this was just simply him being hit so many times plus how his body was designed to take devastating hits now, it was casual for him to feel a moderate weight on his stomach. He would blink open his blurry eyes until eventually, he would see the Tanuki on his body. What do you want now, I was trying to get sleep.... He would explain, suffering from the "I just woke up, so screw off" disease. It takes more sleep to cure, and makes someone rather grumpy when they just woke up. Ignite on the other side would still be sleeping, their job with Zack yesterday being quite an adventure. He still had to do research on the Celestial Spirits like the Wizard Saints had asked. On the top part of his body was a White Undershirt that was heavily wrinkled due to the sleep he had. On the bottom part of his body was a pair of blue jeans from his last job. The next thing he wanted to do was take a shower, but not while Iza was in his room. Make it quick, I want to take a shower. I had a busy day yesterday... The boy would explain before yawning sleepily. Iza had a talent for catching him while he was the most tired, maybe that was something she did on purpose. Otherwise, maybe back at the guild hall, he could have just pushed her off. He was not thinking so clearly back then, but it did not matter. What happened, happened. Now he was going to have to solve this new puzzle, how to get Iza to leave him alone. And to do that, he needed to know what she wanted.

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