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    Where is the Love? Alyia and Ebony


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    In Progress Where is the Love? Alyia and Ebony

    Post by Leapflight 21st January 2016, 11:41 pm

    Job Title: Where is the Love?

    Rank: S
    Player Requirements: S-Ranked Wizard(s) or Two A-Ranked Wizards. A-Ranked Wizards and above, ONLY.
    Job Requirements: Thread Must Be 40 Posts. 350 Words per Post. Must Roll the Monster Dice at Least Four times.
    Job Location: Earthland (Bellum), Crystal Town
    Job Description: In Bellum, Magic is everything. If you're not born with it, you're treated like a second class citizen; probably a Waiter at the top of your career. The same is very much true for our client, who has recently lost his friend in a bad case of bullying. Several young Magi (wizards in Bellum); harassed his friend with Magic too the point where they accidentally killed him. The Archmages in Crystal Town, didn't bother too take too this crime and ignored it. His friend was one of the unlucky 20% in Bellum born without Magic; as he is. Knowing that it's only a matter of time before something happens to him; his family are all wizards, and treat him like worse than piss around his house. He has written an International Job too Fiore; choosing between Seven and Fiore, since those two nations are said to have Magi as skilled as the ones from Bellum. Eventually, he receives a reply from you and your entourage from Fiore.  

    He wishes you to escort him to the border of Pergrande, but you must make it past Bellum Border Magi, who aren't going too just let you on by. However, there may be room for negotiation. As wizards, or "Magi" in their nation, they will be friendly towards you, and might think that your client is just one of your slaves or servants.

    Although they will grow VERY suspicious, as Pergrande is THE most dangerous nation for wizards; eventually, they will deny you passage even if you try to smooth talk them "Magi to Magi". Best to find a way to sneak your client by, or use force.

    The mountainous border is FILLED with gigantic magical barriers, and several floating outpost towers; with magnetic lacrima pushing the guard tower up off the ground. The mountain range is totally jam packed with S-Ranked Magical Barriers; and Patrols everywhere. Even if you make it past the initial group at the Border undetected; once in the mountain range, getting to Pergrande will be a task suited only for wizards born once a generation. The color of a Bellum Magi's hooded, assassin like uniform is bright red.


    Weak - Magi Border Patrol Agent x10 - When you start getting near Bellum's borders into Pergrande; you will begin to see Magi Patrols walking around everywhere near the gigantic magical barriers Bellum has erected in the mountain ranges near Pergrande. These magi wear Assassin esque clothing; each of them having a hood raised; and donning a rather large magical staff with wings; and a lacrima crystal in it's center.

    Lacrima Staffs and Magi Border Patrol Agents:

    These Lacrima staffs can use the elements of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth with ease. Creating huge A-Ranked spell effects with merely a wave of their staff. Roll a "Normal Dice" if it's above 3, you will be hit by whatever element they choose to assail their opponent with. Once they see what you use against them; they will use the element best suited to taking you down. Wizard to Wizard. They roll around in packs of at least 10 or more; be careful. That many A-Ranked wizards together is extremely dangerous. They go down in 3 hits of A-Ranked damage, or one hit of S-Ranked damage each.

    Normal - Magi Border Sergeant x3 - These guys wear similar assassin like gear; except theirs is flecked with silver rivets and designs. They also wield the same Lacrima Staffs as their subordinate Agents.  They are extremely skilled however, at tactical fighting and also at melee hand to hand combat or using their Lacrima Staffs, as bo staff weapons. These Magi are amazing to behold on the field of battle.

    The Sergeants:

    They are identical in every way to the Agents, except they are immune to Illusion and Mind altering  effects, and take 3 hits of S-Ranked damage to go down.

    Strong - The Magi Border Captain - The Captain of the borders of Bellum. This older Magi has seen more than most will ever forget. From old wars with Pergrande; to journies into Sin; he has done it all. He is no joke; and will end the job and mission right then and there; sending you clamped in Bellum's finest magical chains right back to the Magic Council's doorstep, back to Fiore where you came from. The Archmages of Bellum does not believe in killing fellow Magi (wizards), only regular humans, and monsters. So you will be safe after defeated if the Captain does manage to take you down; as the Magi serve the Archmages will without a second thought.

    He has an Elvis like hairstyle, dark hair, and a thick beard. With piercing blue eyes.

    The Captain is an extremely powerful Magi, wielding the extremely rare, and dangerous. Titan Magic. He can grow to the size of Godzilla, and attempt to crush you with ease. Although he will never do this unless an opponent uses a technique of huge magnitude (S or Above).

    The Captain:

    The Captain has four attacks. 'Endless Fist', 'Skyride', 'Crush', and 'True Titan Form'.

    Endless Fist - Is when the Captain chooses a target at random; and stretches his arm like Makarov or Mister Fantastic. His fist will slam into an opponent, dealing S-Ranked damage and sending them sailing through the air. No matter where you run; the fist will chase you as far as he can see you or until he's interrupted by a teammate or something else. It has range only limited by what the Captain can see. He can do this with any limb.

    Skylift Bomb - Roll a "Normal Dice" if it is above 3; the Captain will grab onto you by surprise. The Captain grabs onto you in a massive S-Ranked bear hug; and takes you on a lift into the skies, by stretching his legs from the ground upward endlessly. He goes so high; that the clouds begin to rush by you. If you are not S-Ranked with a spell effect active, or ready to cast that "Boosts Strength" you will not be able to out muscle him.

    This will result in him retracting his legs; rapidly, bringing you above his head for a massive powerbomb. On the way down; wind begins to rip off of you in a vortex from speed. He powerbombs you back down into the mountain range for SS Ranked damage.

    Crush - The Captain merely increases both of his fists to the size of school buses and stretches his arms like whips; swinging them everywhere wildly in a massive AOE barrage of giant, whipping hammer fists. Each hit will deal S-Ranked damage if struck. If you are below S-Rank, this will deal H-Ranked damage to you.

    True Titan Form - The Captain is fed up. He grows to the size of half of Tenroujima Island, towering over everything. His attacks naturally become S-Ranked in this form; and his attacks deal Crushing damage equivalent to getting stepped on by King Kong. When you get the captain within 10 hits of defeat; he will use this mode.

    The Captain takes 20 hits of A-Ranked damage, or 15 hits of S-Ranked damage to defeat.

    Boss - Alerted Magi Border Captain - The Captain was somehow alerted to your presence early! He finds you in Bellum's enchanted border mountain range, and (Oh no!) he arrives with 10 Magi Border Patrol Agents to put you Fiore wizards in your place!

    Reward: Extremely grateful for helping him escape from Bellum, he sends you a hefty reward from his new home in Pergrande. 100k Jewels.


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