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    Lost. (Private) Empty Lost. (Private)

    Post by Chaotic Rumble on Wed 20 Jan 2016 - 5:48

    (Key note to anyone reading : This is not a canon thread, meaning my character doesn't actually do any of this.  I just need a way to ease my unhappiness by expressing it...  Somewhere...)

    There she was.  On the edge.  Looking at the sunset.  She was crying already, feeling hopeless.  All she needed was just that single opportunity to take destiny herself, yet...  That opportunity constantly avoids Seru.  She got up, screaming at the sky.  "WHY CAN'T I JUST GET THIS SINGLE OPPORTUNITY?!", she slowly sank to her knees, "...why...?"  She knew that if she could get a single opportunity, that she could then at the very least reclaim her freedom, even if it didn't plan out the way she wanted it to.

    Right now, she was trapped.  Alone.  Hurting.  She had some friends she went to, and while they helped at first, they couldn't help her with the crushing feeling of having that destiny never allowing you to take hold of it to even try to solve the problem.  That feeling of emptiness could never escape her, causing her to fall to the grassy terrain that was the top of the Serene Cliff on her back, looking at the now night sky.

    Looking at it didn't help, either.  All she could think about was that person.  The one she desired most, more than anything, and by doing so, more tears fell.  If only they would give her the single chance to speak to them once...  Not to reclaim them, but to say what she needed to in order to truly have no regrets...  Then she could live her life normally, easily.  The fact of the matter is, if she couldn't tell them this, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

    She didn't know what she could do, though.  She desperately wanted to get their attention, and yet, she failed.  Something done so easily before appeared before her as the most difficult task in existence, and the worst part about all of it was that she could get up to the point where she needed to, and knowing what to do while in and after that point...  But she couldn't get IN that point.  It drove her crazy.  She had been spending the last week, ever since it happened, not sleeping much, or eating much, and overall, not taking care of herself much.  It was difficult to when the first thing you feel when you wake up is dread.

    The empty hole; void.  She felt like she was becoming a shell...  Just like she had all those years ago.  It was only because of this person that she ever came back as a human, and yet, it was already going away.  The emptiness in her heart just kept on growing and growing, and she was only getting crazier and crazier.  She didn't know what to do...  And that was the worst part, because nothing she did would ever even make them consider listening to her...  Nothing at all.

    Oh...  How much she wished for just this final opportunity to talk about everything...

    So she could be free...


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