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    A Tale of Fire, Water, Lightning, and Shadows

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    A Tale of Fire, Water, Lightning, and Shadows Empty A Tale of Fire, Water, Lightning, and Shadows

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 19th January 2016, 6:10 pm


    nly a couple weeks after leaving Black Rose had the now homeless mage been confronted by members from that guild. The confrontation likely made it so she would never be able to return, placing Lexa in a rather... shitty disposition. Now, a week after that, Lexa found herself in the port town of Hargeon. She had stowed away on a boat leaving from around Serene Cliff after the confrontation. After that Lexa had slipped in amongst the crowed that filed out of it, suppressing her magic to the point where it actually hurt. Unfortunately, if she didn't do it she was likely to accidentally kill them all since her magic was still hard for her to control.

    All things went smooth while moving through the crowd. Lexa was able to not touch a single person, not even poor Lillian who hadn't had a Lexa hug in three weeks. She followed closely behind, making sure not to touch the live wire known as Lexa Grimoire. Upon entering the middle of the street, her nose had a tickle on the inside. Soon, the tickle got worse and turned into a full on sneeze. The momentary loss of focus had caused Lexa to let her magical presence go up for only a second, and after that the citizens of Hargeon found their hair floating. With that one sneeze, she accidentally released enough static electricity to effect people all the way down the street. Lexa tried focusing more, but soon, a single spec of dust had entered her nose and set off a flurry of sneezing. The only people not effected by Lexa's magical presence were Lillian, and Lexa herself. Why Lillian was unaffected by it was most likely because she was exposed to the presence so long that her own was similar. That or because reasons. A woman had walked over, her hair standing tall and proud above her head saying "Would you mind controlling yourself? I don't think this is the right place to show off your magic..." with a voice that let Lexa know she was holding back excess irritation. "I- I'm so sorry. I..." she looked at the ground, ready to fall apart. Three weeks of being unable to hold her sister, who had gone and declared herself Lexa's daughter. Three weeks of being at risk of killing people with a single touch... three weeks of being hated by every town between here and bosco.

    Lillian tugged at the woman's clothes and then gently touched her hand while pulling down. She got on one knee and Lillian said "Mommy can't control her magic... we're only passing through on our way to somewhere she can learn. Can you tell us how to get here?" Lillian's soft, sweet sounding voice caused the woman's heart to almost literally melt. It was high pitched, and gentle... so soft that the wind was loud by comparison. The woman looked at the map Lillian was holding and told her the best way to go to avoid causing more people complications, and was nice enough to apologize to Lexa for being so forward with her. Lexa was clenching her fists while trying to resist the urge to collapse. Small drops of water fell from her face, fizzling before hitting the ground from the amount of electricity in the water literally ripping the molecules apart. Lillian looked at Lexa with tears forming... She personally hated how this had become their normal life. Lillian grit her teeth and threw herself at Lexa, ignoring the severe pain as her six year old body was filled with lightning. "Wh-what are you doing!?" Lexa exclaimed, the astonishment mixed with concern only served to make her crying worse. "Y-you'll die like that!" she shouted while trying to push Lillian off. "I DON'T CARE!" she shouted in defiance. "I HATE THAT I CAN'T HOLD YOU! I HATE THAT WE HAVE TO KEEP RUNNING! I HATE THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME USE THE BLANKET WHILE YOU FREEZE! I HATE THAT YOU KEEP STARVING YOURSELF SO I CAN EAT! I... I... I just wanna go home." Lillian shouted, collapsing to the ground. "I wanna go back to our old life... before you had your circuits changed, before we went to thunder island. I want things the way they were." she said while crying. Atracrema, the fallen fire god had walked over and placed himself in Lillian's lap. It was the best he could do since Lexa touching her anymore was liable to dry out all the blood in her body.

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