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    Time to scout [Ariel | Percival]

    Ariel Nêreus
    Ariel Nêreus

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    Time to scout [Ariel | Percival] Empty Time to scout [Ariel | Percival]

    Post by Ariel Nêreus 17th January 2016, 11:25 pm

    The red head looked around. This is what they were to attack? How pittiful. Her lips pulled up into a sneer and she scanned the horizon. The only good thing about this place had to be the sea. There was no one here rich not powerful. No one here worth her time. The oceans daughter played with the limiters that she had placed on her wrists. How she hated them. They mingled with every step that she took allowing for everyone to hear her as she walked. It was horendious.

    Ariel looked around and smiled cutely as she spotted a man at one of the many shops that covered the edges of the streets. She skipped over and fluttered her eyes. "Excuse me? Is there anything good or fun to do in this town?" she fluttered her eyes again and the man smiled at her with lecherous eyes. Men were so easy to tease. She listened to what the booth man said and winked at him as she skipped away. She was right though there was nothing good in this town. There was going to be nothing missed if she and her brother were to destroy it.


    Time to scout [Ariel | Percival] LXNzREY

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